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  1. He plays high limit slots. He does end up breaking even a lot. I've seen him lose over $3000 in less than a week. It could be difficult for him to prove where the money comes from because the state he wins the most doesn't take out federal taxes so he gets a "Hand Pay" of cash all at once when he wins and then won't report it when tax time comes. This way he avoids federal taxes. I don't know how he hasn't been audited with all of his large deposits from winning. I also thought he would at least be reported by the casino to the feds at the end of the year for what they paid him? UW still has
  2. I forgot to mention he is going through a very small credit union for the mortgage.
  3. I have a friend who has a gambling hobby(problem) who is looking to buy a second home.($210k) All ficos are above 800. Income is 150-200k. Currently has a $ 340 k mortgage, 22K car loan, 20k boat loan, and less than 20% utilization on credit cards. Here is the issue though, he visits multiple casinos per month and gets his cash withdrawals from the front desk so they all show on his bank statements every month. All of the withdrawals come from his checking and savings accounts and not credit cards. The withdrawals though range from $3000 to $4500 per month. He recently won $30,000 and deposite
  4. I just read the sticky. I don't believe there are any skeletons in the closet. My BK7 was discharged in July 09. I pulled all 3 CRA's after the discharge and found all of my accounts were zero balance and charged off. I have since apped for 4 cc's, a car loan, and 2 personal loans over the past 3.5 years without any issues. All of my debts were unsecured cc debt except for a boat loan which I reaffirmed and continue to pay today. I have also updated my information on all CRA's so if there are any CA's or JDB's looking for me they would have all my contact information needed. I have yet to hea
  5. Just reporting my progress. I paid off one card and now have less than 5% reporting on the other two cards. I pulled my scores this morning and saw an increase of 14 points on TU and 5 points on EQ from MyFico. I'm still shy of my 700 goal for my mortgage but the advice helped quite a bit! I always thought just keeping the cards under 15% was the sweet spot. I guess I'll tackle the personal loan next and see what happens. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for your input! I'll get the cards to 5% and/or zero and watch my scores from there. It will be cheaper to pay my cards down than the auto loan so it's better for the bank account too!
  7. I am looking at a condo to buy and my fico scores are all around the 680 area right now. I need to be at 700 for my financing to work out. I have all 3 of my credit cards at 15% util, a small 1.7k unsecured personal loan, and my 11k car loan. I am in the position to pay down my car loan to 5.5k. Does anyone think this action would help my scores increase to my goal of 700? I really don't know what else to do. I have tried to pay down my credit cards more but that had no results for my scores. The auto loan is just over two years old right now if that matters. No recent baddies. I did have a B
  8. I called DCU yesterday and found out I was approved on the 28th for my visa with a $4000 cl. The csr said I should have been contacted once I was approved and apologized for the mishap. She then told me to head to the local branch to open my account. I went today and filled out the necessary paperwork with the service rep. The visa has no AF and my rate is like 15% with my EQ score of 668. I was told I can reapply for better rates and cli's as my credit improves over time. I also opened up a credit builder loan for another TL to report while I was there. Basically you pay on the loan for a yea
  9. 21 days. Still no response. Should I call tomorrow with my app number and check my status and risk another hard pull? I am close to bumping my two current INQ's anyways off EQ. I really want to move forward with adding a new account so I can cancel my Public Savings card and still have 3 accounts reporting. I currently have a Lockheed unsecured visa, Hooters MC, and Public Savings Visa reporting along with a car loan with Nissan. Thanks.
  10. I applied for a DCU CC last Tuesday online and have not heard back from them yet. They pulled my EQ the same day I applied and gave me a confirmation number. I opted to be contacted by e-mail. Does anyone know the average waiting time for a response? I have heard if you call in they pull a second hard inq? I apped USAA a few weeks back and was denied in about 10 seconds. Is this a good sign taking this long? EQ score was 675 with a BK7 26 months post discharge.Only 1 inq showing.No baddies since. Thanks in advance.
  11. I just got mine today too! I'll be cancelling my account in the morning. Sucks!
  12. Well, I applied today and was approved for $3000 unsecured with a 667 EX score. I was told to apply in about 8 months for cli. They're not automatic. 12.25% and no AF. I'm happy with that.
  13. I am approaching my one year mark with my secured Lockheed visa and I am getting ready to apply to unsecure it. I have all 3 of my cards under 15% util. and no lates for over two years. My BK7 is 25 months past discharge date. When they pulled my EX last year the rep told me it was 654. Since then I have added a tradeline with Nissan Motor credit and have had perfect payment history with all acounts. I have only 2 INQ's on my EX which are both from Lockheed when I first applied and the second from when I wanted to increase my secured limit. My current secured limit is $3000.00 now. Anyone have
  14. My USAA Fakos are within 10 points of MY Fico scores across the board. I was spending too much money pulling My Ficos twice a month. Now I will only pull them if I see a good jump in my USAA Fako scores.
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