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  1. O'Reilly's will report. I e-mailed their corporate office and got them to report.
  2. I have a bank reporting on Chex for NSF, but there is no amount and Chex says I need to contact them to find out if a debt is owed. (huh?) I'm not really sure what's up with this acct. I think they paid off a payday loan place that was holding a check when I got hurt at work 31/2 years ago. The bank turned it over to a CA (some attorneys) They called me 3 or 4 times a few years ago and said they were going to sue me. I said go ahead,stand in line. I've cleared up pretty much everything (almost) except for this. It was listed on 2 of my credit reports as a collection, I disputed to find out what the heck it was and it was deleted from both reports. The acct is listed on chex as International Bank of Commerece (OC) .After 2ND letter to chex (MOV) The phone # provided by chex belongs to the CA. I sent a letter to OC just to see if I got a response but I didn't. Sent 3rd letter to chex demanding they report accurate info on acct and send me name and # of contact person at OC since that's whose on my file (no mention of CA,just their #) or remove the acct. Haven't heard back but I bet they don't delete. I know something is wrong with this acct. because it was easily removed from other reports, and the CA barely made an attempt at collecting. Any Ideas? mca, anybody
  3. I don't know if Lowe's has any say over what GEMB does, but I used to work for Lowe's and I do know that they are real sensitive to customer complaint's at the corporate level. I would be very surprised if you didn't hear back from them. They might even offer you a commercial acct. IIRC they carry them in-house. Things might have changed in last 3 or 4 years but I doubt it
  4. I looked at all the exemptions. There are quite a few, active duty military wasn't on the list but deployed overseas was. It would be a simple solution for the member in question to simply state the exemption instead of making us try to guess. those exemptions didnt exist in the 80s.. although some people tried to state if you were stationed overseas you were part of the overseas exemption for 80k which the DOD stated several times that active duty and reserve were NOT exempt. That's what I thought. I'm no tax expert though, I just had to fork over a wad of cash to the CPA again for my 2008 returns. I remember it from my dad being overseas most of the 80s .. the exemptions from what I remember didnt start till desert storm in 1990 or 91 Damn, you're making me feel old
  5. I may be wrong but I don't remember filing any tax returns when I was in the Navy (early 80's)
  6. I have had goodluck disputing by fax w/TU
  7. It would come complete with the whole new set of problems that such an action would create... Perhaps. Maybe a better alternative is for Congress to step in and mandate yearly FICO scores from all 3. Again, more problems than solutions...which model of Fair Isaac scoring would you want? Most people have no clue about the various algorithms and models... lol think of the solution not the problem. We wouldn't be deciding which model...experts (that know more than you or I) before congressional subcommittees would. Throw an idea out there man Except that the model that they might deign was the best for me may not really be the one I give a damn about...and I am sick of them cramming credit-related legislation down our collective throats that is not in my best interests... Only the short-sighted fail to recognize that multiple models are the best for competent underwriting practices... So if they gave you a free score...your saying thats not in your best interest? I dunno, it sounds like a win-win for us. If you don't like the score congress mandates to be given out, you can simply just not use it and buy your own. And who knows, maybe it will be based on multiple models. The experts just may agree with you A three-digit number is useless unless it directly pertains to a pending purchase or credit-based decision. Anything non-pertinent is overpriced, even if it is free. For MY purposes, the three-digit number shilled at myFICO generally does me no good. As such, the decision being complained of does not impact me. It also does not serve as impetus to want Congress to screw up something else... And the masses wouldn't know what to do if you offered them a choice...the sheep simply don't want to take the time to learn about different models or the proprietary tweaks made for some lenders. But by god, tell them they cannot waste $12 and you would think the world was ending... Amen brother, AMEN I just say thank you EX for saving me $12 I would think that most people could gauge close enough, what their EX score is by comparing EX report to the other two (unless big differences) Besides it's looking like credit based mostly on scores is dwindling fast
  8. I see more long , dumb threads over this stupid subject than almost any other. It's usually started by people like me that start applying for credit to soon into the process and end up with a bunch of rejection letters and inquiries. It seems pretty simple to me, maybe cause I'm simple (1) credit inquiries hurt thin files, (like mine) quite a bit more than thick files. (2) B* seems to work on TU (knocked off 5 in last month & half) and on EQ hopefully (from others reporting) I'm up to about 120 softs should start happening haven't been c* ( I think cause not trying to do it to fast) maybe wrong. (3) disputing them online with EQ works ( I tried 2 yesterday just for the heck of it) and they took them off within a few hours. I only disputed inq's not related to an acct. (That seems to make sense) no sense taking to many risky chances. You might get away with it, you might not If they remove the TL then you have a hidden TL, that will come into use later. Seems to pretty well cover it, BYE BYE
  9. mca Are you saying that if I (he,she,them) pay a delinquent acct, reporting on chex that they can reage the acct, and keep it on another 5 years. If so what incentive would any1 have to pay off the acct. I was getting ready to pay off some NSF charges. I am hoping to work out a PFD since it's a small CU, but if they don't agree to that then I should just say, me so sorry, can no pay. Understand you that? Sorry it's late lesdexia setting in
  10. ON my dad's D&B report for his biz, it shows: Biz started in 1960 Biz incorporated in 1972 Now that I have my personal credit reports looking pretty good, I am going to start building some biz credit on my sole prop., then later this year I will incorporate ($300 in Texas, I have 3 to do) They should show my biz the same way , the fact that I have TL's reporting months b4 incorporating is proof of biz exsisting. One has been exsisting for almost 2 years I have sole prop. filings with the county plus biz bank acct. and have been getting 1099's for last 2 years. Hopefully that will be enough for that one
  11. I have spent several months debating (with myself) this topic. I have 3 related but seperate sole prop. that I will be incorparating this year. I couldn't see spending $50 a month x 3 for each to have a phone #. I ordered a magic jack yesterday. I am going to get a foreign listing for each biz, with all 3 going to the MJ #. That way they will all 3 get listed in white pages and 411 for about the same price of one biz phone # I have a legitimate biz addy that I run 1 biz from and I'll just make it ---123 street suite A, B, C The only thing that won't happen is the biz name showing up on caller ID. That should only affect a small % of creditors, if everything else is in place. After you have several accts. it shouldn't even affect them. If it does then I don't need them. I'll let you know how it goes
  12. it was an offer I received in the mail today with my existing RBS credit card. but it looks like they have a zero percent/12 month offer (no cap) for new accounts. HMMm I musta missed it , ck'ed out rbsnbdotcom and didn't c anything. Will go look again thanks
  13. SOL may not help with removal, which is what OP wants. That would be correct, It's the only bad(die) on my reports left and I would like to get it removed. If not then K sarah sarah Thanks for the response though, I'll ck out the link for future reference.
  14. Was that a personal offer, or something they are offering to the general public. If General public, could you be so kind as to provide a link Thanks Tim
  15. Thankya, Thankya Veddy Much When I started this back in Nov., I didn't ask for much help. I decided I wanted to learn how to do it so I read and read and read and read etc. Now I'm down to the Last one and I'm tiiiirrred. Plus I'm in the midst of starting 2 biz's and need to get it done. THANKS Tim

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