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  1. It was a hard, shows it on the reports. I did not make it in writing since i called in. I do have a case number though they opened, which proves they knew about it.
  2. Hi All, Looking for feedback. Back on 2/23, Paypal pulled by credit as someone (not me) applied for a credit account. I actually already one, so no need to apply again. I notified SYNC that morning and they clsoed the account nd promised to have the inquiry removed. Fast forward to today, the damn inquiry is still their. While i would not normally care about an inquiry, it simply is not mine and it bugs the hell out of me. If i recall, can't i hold SYNC liable for the $1000 for the inquiry if i take them to court? Don't need the money but it is the principal that they promised to remove it and did not remove it.
  3. For myself, I am focusing on hoarding the cash and building up savings. I want to target to have one year of expenses in a savings before i think about moving back into investments. I am of course not sold that wall street is the best and only form of investments to have. I mean yea i got some invested still, but I also have Crypto and nice solid silver and good bullion for diversity. Actually metals have been performing very nicely with all of this going on. I personally do not have huge confidence in the stock market, because I do predict a second Covid-19 reoccurance and i think it will completely devastate the economy more than it did the last time. Things have been semi-stable as the Govt keeps printing more cash and pumping it out, but that is a gravy train that cannot end well. While other countries have slowed/stopped, we are only hurting the value of the $ and sinking further beyond on currency valuation. We also just ended the $600 stimulus for unemployment, and I suspect tit will take probably 3-4 months to see how that is going to unfold. What i mean by that is for spending to slow, defaults to raise and subsequently the stock market to reverse. As Munsy said, we are all in different spots so have to evaluate our own perspective risks. I also and working towards a house purchase next, so sticking it all in wall street and seeing it all keel over and die when the stock falls would surely put a damper on my down payment. I am at-least diversifying to take advantage of the most APY i can for the cash while i stock up my reserves and down payment funds.
  4. Never heard of this before. what is it for?
  5. I am not sure why it is so late kind of odd
  6. my local CUs are too old school. DCU aleast gives fico and preapprovals!
  7. It is a 4 hour drive for me 😞
  8. Is DCU HQ local/commutable to you?
  9. EvilMan


  10. EvilMan

    Navy FCU

  11. I guess in a way i technically just did this "no-no" last week. I put the Extended warranty on the Amex. But instead of taking the cash with 0% rewards out of the bank in a form of cash check or money order, I convinced the dealer to let me put it on the AMEX so i can pay it off in full before the statement cuts. Free reward points and a little extra usage, interest fee. Cash is king but only when it gives me cashback
  12. @shifter Frankly that is true. On one hand my income makes it hard (in my eyes) to afford a house in the housing market I live in right now, But i could take my salary and move to some countries and live like the 1% does in the US. But on the other hand I do can also see how on paper the ones who "made" 200k in 2018, 2019, etc does not need it in the eys of the govt, but yet their sources of income of come to a halt like many others. I know plenty of business owners who spent like more was coming tomorrow, covid happened, and now the Out Of Business sign is out front next to where the soon to be foreclosure sign will be. I guess my underlining problem is they used lat year snapshots when the world was great to judge rather or not you need that helping had your taxes paid for all those years based on current events. Seemed half @## backwards to me.
  13. Yup I think I got to AOD to late myself. They also have now taken a very liberal DTI stance against student loans according to other forums.
  14. I wanted to diversify a little. AOD had the 3% no cap, NASA had Star Trek (and i love star trek!). My problem is i have all the big players that are not Geo Locked. Amex @ 32.5 and 23k, Discover @ 45, Boa @ 60, Navy @ 70, Wells @ 12.5, Penfed @ 50k, Barclays at $20k and $15k, Citi @ 19k, US Bank @ $25k, FNBO @ $15k, and PPMC @ $25k. Then i have some odd and ends LOC's. So all in all just around $500k. I wanted to diversify as i am more bank heavy and felt if i could add a credit union or two more, i could round things out, especially when bank seem to want to get tighter (hasn't impacted be yet). Places like BBVA are outside of my area, Amex just doesn't want to give me anymore despite the fact i been with them for 10 years. I am actually debating closing my AMEX gold card because the annual fee went up a few years ago and i just do not get the benefits out of it. FNBO CLD me a few years ago for not enough usage of the credit line and never want to give me anything without a HP.
  15. It looks like i hit my ceiling on revolving credit. I have tried Nasa, SECUMD and AOD FCU. They all come back with the same thing "too much available credit". I guess 500k is my ceiling folks!

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