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  1. I am glad i never bought into the IPO, I was close and decided at the last moment to stay out. I have never had much luck with LC on investments side and was wondering how there stock would perform. The stock price of LC has performed just like notes on the platform, ultra disappointing.
  2. I never even got an auto-cli from them and the soft pull phone calls never work. So i really do not know what is up with them. The only real reason why I have kept the card is the 9.99% fixed APR. It is nice to float stuff with, but with slashing the limit. eh ya lost its value completely to me. I just feel they are not worth another hard pull, and then they might try and snatch it back again
  3. Hello, Does anyone have any experience with FNBO lowering credit limits due to the Fico Triad reports? I got an alert that my account got slashed in half from 30k to 15k, and there is apparently no appeals process. I do not have the letter in hand yet since they did this on the 15th and immediately reported it. I am tempted to just close the account as I do not use the product as much as I did in the past, and they never provided soft CLI's, always hard for me. So I do not feel like I should have to take a hard to get it back, plus seems unlikely if they love these new triad reports.
  4. All 3, yep. And the card sits at $50k limit. I guess I am not installment loan worthy.
  5. I checked my account and neither my cash+ or business card has a cli option.
  6. 805 fico 9 here and just turbo tax offer. Never had a penfed offer in my entire 8 years of membership and never expect one.
  7. I put in about $1000 and loss over 50% too. The number of defaults on the platform is unbelievable. The best rate of return I had since It started was about 1.5%. Many years were simply just loss after loss, and me attempting to readjust and balance the portfolio. Out of 61 loans I made, 11 are charged off. today 20 are current, 5 are 30-60PD (will enter default soon), and 25 are paid in full. But as i go through the current loans, about 20% of them have been 90 days late. One loan is 16-30 days late every month (just paid up at the moment). Maybe the figures are reasonable for some, but I should be bringing in a much higher rate of return. Even Alliant savings pays a better return than LC.
  8. X24 means you have not used it, so the system has reduced you.
  9. Did you join PenFed with any derogatory marks on your reports? Low credit score due to high revolving debt, which has since been fixed. Other than that no derogs, lates, collections, etc.
  10. Sometimes I wonder if I never Opted back in correctly, even though I have submitted the request to opt-in almost monthly for 6 months. anyone know for sure how to figure it out on Equifax? I do get offers in the mail for Citi bank. I have gods with everyone else ... so they do not have much interest in me !
  11. Yea but it seems every credible news outlet picked up the story. bad PR for best buy
  12. Everyone is right. Never pay personal expenses from a business account as it opens you up to liability of being sued. You pierce the corporate veil and now even if your a corporation, You personally and the corporation are one in the same. If the company is paying for stuff like a mortgage, then the house is up for grabs even if not in the companies name during a lawsuit. On that side, many banks expect to review personal bank statements, so this should not have been unexpected. Many lenders do this in an automated way even. In terms of Marcus point of view, anyone with a printer and some photoshop can easily make a W2. You could always suggest them reviewing your tax transcripts.
  13. I have as well been looking to see if CITI has any cards i want. Hilton was my only Citi card so my portfolio is $0 as well. Nothing on their card portfolio jumps out at me.

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