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  1. It wasn't that long ago that if your credit score was less than 680ish when you joined, you were punished even further. Long hold times, cannot open checking accounts, money markets, etc. They completely locked you down and put you down in 9th class membership. You then had to ask for a review which was a hard pull just to get the restrictions lifted!
  2. Think of it this way. They willing to get you some credit love, but then they want tog et to know you better before they let you go hog wild.
  3. Once your going for six month, these problems will go away. they are a cautious bunch.
  4. The ten day hold does go away after awhile. I know new members for like 3 months have BS holds.
  5. Penfed is penfed They really want to target the state-side military only.
  6. Yes CLI are hard UNLESS you get a pre-approved offer for a card online. you can then call in and ask for it to be added to your existing CC.
  7. The penfed cards are not special. I have an old watered down card with $50k limit. If i want a newer card with slightly less turd value i have to apply for a new account and move my limit. Big F* No. I have never received pre-approvals from them. I would likely have a heart attack if i ever saw one in my account. I am good for a $50k CC but not even a $5k car loan pre-approval 😕
  8. About a year ago they changed underwritting and getting to $50k is extremely tough especially on one card. Rumor had it, you need pretty much a 3 star generals income.
  9. Hi, So i am at a lost what to do next. When i applied for BECU, one of the reasons listed for a low score missed the cutoff by like 50 points) was due to "total number of on-derogatory records". besides some excess inquiries, there is nothing else on chex, no negatives anywhere EXCEPT for the LN risk solutions section. I have since then gone off my LN report with a fine tooth comb, disputed a bunch of like insurance stuff, and even been on the phone with an investigator at LN (they sat on my dispute for 30+ days and did nothing, win win for me!). My LN report has nothing one coul
  10. Business as usual. Another QTR goes by and another QTR with no offers. Never seen one for my entire penfed membership.
  11. It was a hard, shows it on the reports. I did not make it in writing since i called in. I do have a case number though they opened, which proves they knew about it.
  12. Hi All, Looking for feedback. Back on 2/23, Paypal pulled by credit as someone (not me) applied for a credit account. I actually already one, so no need to apply again. I notified SYNC that morning and they clsoed the account nd promised to have the inquiry removed. Fast forward to today, the damn inquiry is still their. While i would not normally care about an inquiry, it simply is not mine and it bugs the hell out of me. If i recall, can't i hold SYNC liable for the $1000 for the inquiry if i take them to court? Don't need the money but it is the principal that they promised to
  13. For myself, I am focusing on hoarding the cash and building up savings. I want to target to have one year of expenses in a savings before i think about moving back into investments. I am of course not sold that wall street is the best and only form of investments to have. I mean yea i got some invested still, but I also have Crypto and nice solid silver and good bullion for diversity. Actually metals have been performing very nicely with all of this going on. I personally do not have huge confidence in the stock market, because I do predict a second Covid-19 reoccurance and i thin
  14. Never heard of this before. what is it for?
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