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  1. I'm not sure if this is an everyone problem or I just got "lucky". I logged into EQ and tried a dispute. According to the dispute pages, my entire file is empty. I'm not sure if this is more faux security to "protect" me, "during this trying and disappointing time" or a result of my freezing my reports. I wouldn't think freezing my reports would block my ability to dispute, but I'll defer to the folks here with more knowledge on the topic. Just an FYI, that at least 1 person got a completely blank report when trying to look, via dispute. Good luck all! Edit: I am able to view/dispute normally, w/ TransUnion. Experien simply states that I have to send in physical verification before I can dispute. All 3 are Frozen, making me think this is more of Equifax's faux security/labyrinthian BS for consumers, then again, all of my immutable information was stolen recently, because EQ felt that profits were more important than Pen Testing, so I could be a little bitter..
  2. I'm curious what creditors and others that depend on access to your creditvtepidts will do if everybody freezes. It will likely be a major pain in the azz for them when more often they run up against frozen credit reports that hinders them from promptly processing your request. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The equal/opposite action here should be torches and pitchforks in Atlanta, at the EQ headquarters.
  3. I'd rather have the credit monitoring and identity theft coverage than a $0.13 settlement. The class action is more important. The point of a class action isn't for the enrichment of the class members. Generally their actual damages are pretty small. But a company damaging or defrauding millions of people for a small amount each adds up to big money. The class action suit would, in theory, act as a deterrent for the future. At $1 per class member, that would hit Equifax for about 5% of their yearly revenue. Not a small amount to them. Unfortunately, it's still the company's money. I want the knuckle dragging salamander that thought they could skip pen testing for one of the largest depositories of immutable information ever, to go to jail. This is criminally negligent. It's not like we had an option to not have a credit report at Equifax. The moron responsible for security should pay, with personal funds and jail time. If I, as the guardian of your healthcare data, mis-managed my data like this, you can bet there would be company and personal penalties.
  4. I'd rather have the credit monitoring and identity theft coverage than a $0.13 settlement. You only get the coverage for 12 months. After that, their negligence, is your problem, forever.
  5. This is correct, based on the info I've found. Best of all, the free monitoring is for 12 months, when they just caused a lifetime problem with their negligence. Even better, in 13 months, when the free time expires, millions will renew the service, meaning, in essence, they will profit from this, hugely, since they own TRUSTID. *RAGE*
  6. To further answer the question, they offered the incorrect social security number. I stated that it was incorrect. They then stated my correct Social.
  7. Provide whom? The loan was from 1988 and I'm fairly sure I didn't plan to defraud 20 years later by listing incorrect info. They contacted me last year and I asked them for a copy of the documentation. Nothing arrived. They waited their 12 month period, then sent a final letter. I spoke to them RE: the letter and again asked for documentation. 5 days later, garnishment paperwork arrived. The loan paperwork was filled out by the financial aid advisor. I signed it. (all those years ago). To my knowledge, all student loans I've ever applied for (all 2 of them) contained accurate info, but I can't say that I remember verifying every detail. These loans are from many years ago. The CA knows this loan has been paid. They did a soft pull on my CRs in Dec/2012 and the entries related to this loan are clearly displayed. Faxing prove today, which I'm sure will be ignored. Next step is counsel, I guess. Edit: Attempting to pull NSLDS today, but a pin (which I do not have) is required.
  8. Positive it's the same loan. Same amount, sam origination date. They contacted me 12 months ago. I asked them to send me docs and nothing ever arrived. I explained then that this loan was paid in full. Got a letter a week ago. Called them to re-explain it. They had the wrong social and a few other errors in my contact into. I asked them again for docs, stating that I had proof of it being paid. Saturday, garnishment papers arrived..lol The entries from the PAID IN FULL collections are already on my credit report.They fall off in about 18 months. How stupid can they get?
  9. Student loan for $2625, paid in full on 02/2008 after going to collections. Received a letter today from GC stating that they were about to garnish my wages for this same loan. I have paperwork from the previous collector showing the loan paid in full. My first question is "What's the next best step?" While my blood rages for vengence on this scum, I'd honestly prefer to go on with my life, so I'm guessing sending in the previous paperwork showing the loan paid would suffice, but then again, this is collections scum. My second question is. "What are my remedies if they ignore the paperwork and garnish my anyway for a loan that's been paid off for 5+ years?"
  10. I have a question about how the Age fields work. The easiest way to explain is a short example: Account-1 opened on 01-01-10 and closed it 01-01-11 (12 months open) Account-2 opened on 01-01-10 and still open (32 months open and counting) The actual AoA would be: 22 months [32 mos + 12 mos = 44 mos/2 cards = 22 months] The sheet calculates it on today's date, rather than the open/close dates. So using the same example: Account-1 opened on 01-01-10 and closed it 01-01-11 (12 months open) (Spreadsheet shows 32 months and counting) Account-2 opened on 01-01-10 and still open (32 months open and counting) The sheet calculates the AoA incorrectly, as: 32 months [32 mos + 32 mos = 64 mos/2 cards = 32 months) Am I reading the sheet wrong? or is there a Macro that's disabled (Macros are enabled on my Excel) Thoughts?
  11. Checking your account from multiple places would also mitigate this Trojan's Hide functions. I check my balances throughout the day with Mint.com on my Phone, on my work PC and my home PC. That being said, this is a nasty piece of work..
  12. Amex Green - Keeps me honest... Discover More - Rewards (Fuel Q1/2012) PSECU - Large limit emergency card I rotate 2-3 of the rest of the cards thru every couple months to show activity.
  13. I'm in the high 5-figures... IT Director for a 125 hospital.. No degree whatsoever, but lots of certifications and 20+ years of experience in IT, 10+ in mgmt thereof.
  14. I completely understand about the debt being paid and us having no leverage. That's one of the reasons I'm so pissed about this moron's actions. Not only did he wreck someone else's credit, but he then "laminated" it to the credit report by Paying it in Full. I wonder if a bribe of 25% of the debt paid would be any incentive for them to remove the entry? I think I'll start with a goodwill. Probably a waste of time, but I dont think it would hurt to try. After that, I can start disputing it, but without leverage or inaccuracies, its going to be uphill. The silverlining in this is we caught the 2 other bills he failed to pay and while it sucked to pay them ourselves, neither ended up on her report as collections, PAID or not, so its only the single entry we have to get lucky on. Thanks for the insights. While it simply confirmed what I already suspected, I appreciate your time in clarifying things and at least putting brain power towards options. As always, CB has proven its willingness to help and advise and the fact that I went from 0 credit in Sept/08 to $50K in open lines and another $18K in low APR car loans attests to the quality of this place.
  15. He already paid the collection agency in full, so its already a PAID collection. Sorry I didnt mention that. The reason most of the utils were in my wife's name is he moved into her place. When she moved out, he remained another 3 weeks to finish his move out and assured her he would pay out the accts. They typically split the utils and she'd already paid out her portion. The remaining bills would have been his sole usage. I do not exaggerate about his fiscal situation. Thats part of the reason I'm so disgusted with it. Her carelessness in leaving accts in her name up to someone else to pay is another issue.
  16. My wife was living with a roommate last year. Some of the utils were in her name. Her roommate makes $90K+ per year, has mountains of credit, a 6-figure savings account and a FICO nearing 800. My wife had a 780 FICO, that dropped to just under 700 when a collections account hit. Apparently, this braintrust didnt pay *2* bills that were in my wife's name when she left that house to move in with me. Now she has 1 collections showing on her report and another coming down the pipe, unless we cough up $300 of our own money and hope to get reimbursed by this moron. We will likely pay this debt just to avoid the collections. However, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to approach the existing collections on her report? So far, the best option I can think of is to send a goodwill letter, along with a notarized letter from Capt. Dumb*** stating that the debt is actually his, then relying on the typically non-existant goodwill of collections scum. Does anyone else have a better approach?
  17. I got a green Amex just a couple months ago. I also signed up for the "Email me offers" as I'm looking to eventually also pick up an Amex with a more traditional style credit offering (Set limit, etc). So far, I've gotten 3 emails inviting me to get a Green Card....just like the one I already have..
  18. Something else to be wary of once your reports get clean enough to get approvals. Toy Limit Hell. This is when you have a bunch of credit cards, but all of them are tiny limits ($300, $500, etc). This is an easy trap to fall into. Once your credit is better, you'll want to apply for credit and that's ok, but its easy to go overboard. When youre establishing your credit, consider 2-3 cards max. and at least 1 of them being a secured card that you can add to. Higher limits beget higher limits. Often, creditors will assign your limit on your new card, based on the limits of your current cards. If you have 4 $500 cards, guess what your new limit is likely to be... With a Secured card (preferably from a CU), you can raise the limit as high as you want. When it graduates, it will likely be kept near the limit it unsecured at.
  19. If you're happy with your current financial institutions, then you're "doing it right".
  20. You really only need to use a card once a quarter, just to keep it active. It makes little/no difference to most lenders how much you use the card. Just that the payments are on time and that you arent carrying most of the limit as a balance, month to month on their card or anyone elses. Use it for a small purchase, pay it off in full and ignore it for 3 months. If you have to use the card, strive to pay it off every month leaving a zero balance. If you must carry a balance, try not to carry more than 50% of the limit as balance owed. FICO likes to see less than 10% total credit available, utilized for best score bump.
  21. I apped for a CLI earlier this week and the underwriter I spoke to at the magic number stated that they normally only pull TU, BUT if they arent getting enough info from TU to make the decision or if you are borderline, they will pull the other bureaus.
  22. Always.. When he asked permission to pull, I stated, "Trans Union, correct?" He replied that yes, they normally only pull TU, *BUT* if your borderline, they sometimes pull other bureaus as well. So, when you are asking for a CLI from them, make sure you are aware that you could end up with a triple-pull, if you're on the line. VK, I like the rewards on the priceline card. My Wife and I travel a good bit and I get 2X points on anything booked thru Priceline.com. Since that's who I use most of the time, the rewards have been racking up. In just 6 months, I'm almost up to $50 back in rewards.
  23. Woot.. Just called for a CLI and was bumped from $2500 to $5000.. Oddly, this was the 1st time the Underwriter asked me detailed questions about how I use my credit. Normally, its just the typical income, length of employment, etc.
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