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  1. Thank you for the reply. I will definitely try disputing it with them and hopefully they will just go away. Just wasn't sure if it would be wise to wake the sleeping bear. It appears it's going to be 'removed' in March 2019 anyways according to one of my cr. The link you gave for AZ sol doesn't mention SOL being 3 years....or am I just missing it. I thought medical collections are considered written contracts? Jen
  2. Hello...this is my situation and would love to hear any advice from all of you great people out there. I have one unpaid medical collection account from Grant & Weber. Here is the information that shows on my credit karma account: Opened Sep 25, 2012 (6 yrs, 2 mos) Balance $2,897 Highest Balance $1,764 Original Creditor Name CHANDLER REGIONAL MEDICAL CT These guys update EVERY single month on my credit report and of course the balance increases each time. I believe the SOL for medical bills in AZ is 6 years so I believe I'm good there, but of course it's still on my report until Sept 2019. I don't even know the DOFD as it's not really listed, the only thing that shows is Opened date so is it safe to assume that the actual DOFD is actually earlier? What would you do? Try for Early Exclusion when I am within the 6 month period? Try disputing it? This is my last baddie. I am not going to be purchasing anything major in the next few years but it sure would be nice to get over that 700 mark. Thanks for any advice. Jen
  3. Just curious....what kind of rate did you get for the auto loan and with what company? Thanks much.
  4. Yes..they are for real. My sister ( a part time real estate agent) just put a bid on a home that last sold for $600k...her bid was $287k. They are waiting to hear if it was accepted or not.
  5. You know, the more I think about it..the more I agree with you.
  6. Ours is not quite that bad...it's around 10k a year with the league fees and of course the travel. But he's only 11! The good news is that he's old enough to start travelling with the team and/or coaches or other players. It's not in our 'budget' to all go as a family any longer. On a bad note, Chase just called and she informed me that they would have to pull my credit to see if they can reinstate my CL. Gee..thanks.
  7. Actually...I'm pretty close to the 9k but it's still WAAAAAYYY too much, especially when we have debt and crazy interest rates and I have a son that plays travel hockey. Now that's the REAL money sucker there. I like your plan. What got me was all the LITTLE credit cards. $200 here...$400 there..it doesn't seem like a lot until you put it all in Excel and get blown away by the total.
  8. Thanks! Along with the others, I like to read other people's opinions even if I don't fully agreee. This will be great. Thanks again.
  9. Our starbucks was almost $300 one month...my kids discovered that they love their frappachinos at about $5 also..plus their breakfast items. So yes..we have definitely changed our life style for the better.
  10. Well I will say this...it was a good thing for more than one reason. Like I said...it was a REAL eye opener to my credit situation. I have completely changed my ways this past 5 weeks. No more daily starbucks, not NEARLY as much eating out. I am still at 'war' with them...only because I don't want to be in debt any longer. I hate it. I hate owing anyone money. I am a single Mom. If something happens to me, I would not have another income to rely on. I make good income, there is NO reason I should be in debt. I hate it.
  11. Well technically they didn't steal the money, I did NSF them on a $3.77 balance (long story). So they were within their rights to charge me late fees, nsf, etc even though I think those fees are completely ridiculous.
  12. But at least they didn't just dismiss it and say..oh well...we don't need her anyways. You are correct...I did call in December and asked for the fees to be waived and for my CL to be restored. They said no and that I needed to call back when my debt to income ratio was lower. Which it NOW is since I've paid down almost $5,000 of debt.
  13. My problem is..I'm too nice. I was just so in shock by the call that I wasn't thinking straight. I have always stayed very low balance on this card. I hope they do the right thing.
  14. The just sent me a red card so I figured they downgraded me from last year since I haven't sued the card as much. However, when I just logged in...tthey have me as a Platinum member. Yeah.

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