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  1. Typically when SOL approaches is when many creditors finally take it to court. They know it's the last real chance they have at collecting the debt.
  2. Decided to just apply. Chase has been extremely liberal with me without even asking for anything. I have been away from this card thing for a long time - closed a few, others slashed my limits. I use only a chase card for expenses every month and usually pay in full. Without asking they bumped me from about $5k to $18k in increments. Lately I've charged more in a house build and carried a balance - about 50% when I applied for Sapphire Reserve. That's my only card balance on about $50k or so limits. I got an instant approval for $34k.
  3. CRA: haven't looked yet FICO: All scores are 775-825 UTIL: 11% - only owe on the Chase card I have. Over 5/24: not exactly sure what this means but haven't applied for anything new in a few years - except auto and house refinance which were both within last 2 months. Chase Banking: No, just Freedom credit card Chase P Client: No Outcome: Instant approval for $34k
  4. Must mean I'd be a denial if they didn't offer me the card in the pre-qualified application?
  5. I have the Chase Freedom card. I haven't paid much attention to credit lines, cards, and much of that stuff for several years. I have clean reports and scores from 790 to 820. I charge about $2500 a month and try to pay in full. Once in a while I won't pay the full amount but rarely get the balance over $5k before I pay it off. I think I started at a $5000 limit about 3 years ago but they have auto bumped me to $17,700 in about 3 jumps. I haven't asked once. This is the only card I use for the most part but at times I've had overall utilization nearing 30% and scores around 680-700 and they
  6. Update: lending club hasn't reported anywhere, yet. No big deal either way. Now, for the credit score effect...I only have one source to get a credit score except end of month credit cards. Unfortunately it's not a real score but I can tell you the impact to credit karma. In going from about 60% (I think) utilization to 22% (not all payments have reported) my score went from 707 to 768.
  7. I can tell from experience that Chase will give you a CLI on a freedom card if you utilize the card every month and pay in full. Personally, I charged 1500-2000 a month and about a year later received an automatic increase. In your situation, do you need an increase? Unless you are buying something else on credit where your score matters, who cares if you are at 40% over 3 months? It will bounce right back when paid off.
  8. Update on lending club: applied on Tuesday, funds in the bank on Thursday. I'll see this thread through until the end and post my credit score as installment loan reports and new credit card balances report.
  9. I guess that's the way I saw it, too. I'm about to find out exactly what will happen as my $20k was funded and approved through lending club in less than 2 days. Money should be in account tomorrow.
  10. I've read example after example of a lending club loan being funded only to fall through and often for some cheap bs reasons. Honestly, I don't care either way but time will tell.
  11. Yes, conventional loan. I'm confused by much information on this thread/site, though. It's seems unanimous that utilization is a score killer and that revolving loans don't do much to hurt or help (at least on the positive side) either way. Based on the fact that I'm between 40 & 50% utilization, logic dictates that trading one item that can increase score for another that won't change much seems like a slam dunk. That said, seems like it's not necessarily the thought of all to it working out that way, which makes no sense to me.
  12. Your signature bothers me more because of the errant capitalization than anything else. I don't see the problem. If that's 'bothersome' I can only imagine how irritating this site is to you. There is no problem. The ultimate irony is that the total derailment/hijacking of this thread is something these same people would decry as bad behavior elsewhere. "Office politics". Haha....I certainly felt like I was going out on a limb with the off-topic post but decided to risk it anyway. No harm anywhere as I see it - all in good fun.
  13. Wow....I was hoping for much more and seeing that, it's possible I'll see less.
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