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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a re-newbie...I haven't been on the board in ages. I'm back with bad credit due to layoffs, issues with my mortgage. I almost lost my house, but working on a re-mod plan with lender. Still shows as deadzone on my credit reports. My credit is at the bottom of the bottom it seems with the new collection issues. Each CC I have dropped me down to lowest limit, although they didn't cancel me. I forgot all the old rules I learned and paid off my collections w/o getting anything in return. So now I have new paid collections that if I remember correctly are worse than old unpaid collections . Good news is...I have a new job and renewed effort to fix the last 2 year's problems. So going to go back to the beginning and start from scratch. Just glad I re-found this forum. Here's to new and improved credit..
  2. I cancelled today. Got the message and the rep said yes, its only 3x a month now. She tried the 1/2 discount as well, but if its not a daily puller, whats the point.
  3. I received a Balance Transfer offer from Cap One. I want to use it to transfer balances from HSBC or First Premier cards? Those are my lower balance cards and highest interest. Can doing this effect my credit adversely? From what I understand its a way to get rid of those 2 cards and increase my balance on Cap One, which is a slightly better card. Any advice would be great.
  4. I will try something similar. Its for an old CO and the OC cannot find my information. I am so not going to help them do so!
  5. When does Cap One report to the bureaus?
  6. I just received the same type of response from an OC. Did you send off the response to their request yet?
  7. Congrats! This website is a life changer.
  8. The best part of this all is teaching my son all I am learning. He is 16 and will enter the credit world in a few years. I talked to him about my mistakes and he is cheering me on with my successes. He will hopefully not repeat my mistakes and stay on the right track.
  9. Thanks Everyone I am doing my happy dance right now
  10. thank you CB!!! OMG I was just approved for a Cap One card! CB I love you!! I was able to buy my first home this year, I am getting approved for cc's, in with PenFed...I am stunned. 2 years ago, I was renting a crappy house, no credit and now I am a homeowner on the way to 700 club Thank you thank you thank you... My credit is no where near perfect - I still have 3 baddies that are refusing to give in to the power of CB! I at least got the CAs off my report, now dealing with the OCs. I will not give up! This has given me sooo much confidence in the power of persistence and all the methods I have/am learning.
  11. I would suggest a higher deposit on 1-2 secured cards than spreading out smaller deposits on several secured cards. If you can swing a 1k secured card, then when you apply for unsecured cards later they will fall in that 1k range. Low credit limits beget more low credit limits...
  12. I have heard this statement from CSRs from a few companies..I think they are trying to get consumers to want to dump the new reform laws..
  13. I cannot get the address removed, because there are good accounts tied to it. I will try sending the 623 letters. I guess if that doesnt work, then I wait for 2012..
  14. I have 2 credit card chargeoffs with 2005 SOL. They will fall off my reports 2/2012 and 5/2012. I sent dispute letters to the CRAs (hoping they wouldn't be able to verify) and both updated the last date of reporting. Is there anything I can do further or just be patient? One CO is showing a balance b/c I dv'd the CA they sold it to. The other has a zero balance.
  15. This happened to me at Home Depot. I was having keys made to my new house (thanks CB!! ) and started convo with the girl making the keys. One thing led to another and there were a few people asking me questions about credit repair. I was so proud of all the advice I retained from this site and saddened by how many people need help.

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