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  1. One problem would be if you are still working. They will see where you work and call there. The people I know that did that had just retired.
  2. I know several people that claim to have just stopped paying all of their credit card accounts. They say that the creditors try to call (phone number changed to ppd cell and they can't call) Then, after about 3 months the debt goes to collection agencies and they send letters and try to call. Then the debt gets resold to another, then another collection agency. Finally, the statue of limitations runs out. The calls and letters keep coming but nothing else happened. No court or judgements etc. Some of these people had 5 or 6 credit cards equaling 30k or more in total. Have other people found this to be true? Or have you had to appear in court, or get a judgement against you? If they are telling the truth, some c.c. companies must lose quite a bit on some people.
  3. Just wanted to report that I received a loan mod from Citimortgage. It was 3 years ago but was approved without undue hassle. My only income at the time was s.s. and military retirement but they were provable with statements and deposits.
  4. To give an accurate answer we would probably need to know: Is this a 2010 car that $1000 is owed on or a 1978 car that $1000 is owed on for instance. The amount of equity in the car and the value of the car would be the deciding factors in this case.

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