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  1. rayangel

    Cap one rebuilder card

    I have 3 rebuilder cards 1 being a capital one . I put 1k down on it as it's a secured card . I've tried to get it unsecured but apparently I'm not quite there . No problem . However I've asked if once I am I can change it to an unsecured as I've done before so I can get my money returned to me and use it as a regular card . They said they don't do that . I don't know if I didn't hear them right or what's going on . Did they change things ? I'm not going to keep 1k just sitting there but on the other hand I don't wish to close it either , it's my oldest card . I also asked if once I was credit worthy they could change it to a different card so I didn't have to close it and I could get my deposit back . They said they don't do that either . Am I missing something here ? Should I just wait until my credit is better and try again , with someone who may know better ? This doesn't sound right .
  2. rayangel

    Help me find a letter please ?

    Thanks for all the replies - kat58 that wasn't it . I remember I used it to get a student loan riddled with 120 90 60 and 30 day lates turned into a clean trade line . I sent it to the oc . I was planning on using it again for my reports. I just remember it being lengthy and demanding so much info that there was no choice but to either clean the trade line or delete a bad one . It was also worded in quite a litigious manner. Again thanks for any help .
  3. rayangel

    Help me find a letter please ?

    Hi everybody it's been a while ! I found a letter on here about 4-5 months ago, it helped me a lot . I saved it but I had my phone stolen and I lost it . It was basically a lengthy litigious letter to the extent of please show me where the bills for this debt were sent to please show me the dates the bills were sent . Please show me basically every tiny little detail about the account and how it was handled broken down . It was pure perfection. I fell in love . However I tried to find it to no avail I'm so sad . If anybody knows where this money ding-a-ling of a letter is please send me a link I know it's on this site somewhere . It's not like the others in that it is greatly detailed . Any help is greatly appreciated . Thank you for you time .
  4. rayangel

    first time long time rebuilding questions

    Thanks for the advice . I'll stick with the 4 secured cards I have . My fico scores are all right around 560 right now and yes they are fico . I have 6 baddies on all reports . 3 co's all charged off on June 2012. 1 car loan which will be marked paid off soon but has multiple lates. An old car loan with one 30 day late . And a collection with gulf coast
  5. its been so long, I have to refamiliarize myself with everything all over again. Im trying to buy a house I'm looking at 1.5 year hopeful time frame . i need an approximate 150 score jump. praying this is not too much to ask for. what I've done so far... opened 3 secured cards approx 1 year ago although one sucks and I'd really like to drop it. opensky-300 this is the one i want to close approx 1.5 years old secured capone 1000 1.5 years old secured bofa-500 1.5 years old secured i just opened a discover it secured for 1k and am planning to make it 2k i also just traded in a car and bought a new one. old car loan had multiple lates so i know its good its paid. and the new one is hooked up to auto pay. trying to figure out what else to do for my score things ive thought about: refi my car after a few payments for an extra "good "car loan getting a secured personal loan against my own money although bofa doesnt do that. i am a member of penfed so im not sure if i can utilize them . any suggestions? other than time? I am working on my credit as well and all the baddies seem to time off 8/19 i also dont wish to ask others to add me as au either.
  6. not sure if i posted in the right section but... long story short, posting for friend. was overpaid for unemployment. debt went into collection by state of florida. taxes were garnished by irs to pay this debt to the oc(state of fl) which had not been paid yet by my friend to the ca. however he is wondering can they do that? they no longer own the debt it had been sold to the ca (pioneer) . i know i heard that an oc can buy back a debt if they choose to so if the irs mistankenly garnished his taxes wont they just go ahead and buy his debt back since they got his money anyway? thank you in advance for your time.
  7. I have nfcu rewards with a 23k line. But I want a chase Disney card. We go 3 times a year. I would also love a penfed card.
  8. rayangel


    I was going to app for Amex but I have 2 dogs. Well I think not. I wonder what they do if u screw up on the black card
  9. rayangel

    NFCU car loan experience

    I love nfcu . I had an auto loan through the dealership at 16% went to navy and re fied at 5.99 and went from 6 years to 4
  10. rayangel

    I wanted to share a dispute method which worked for me

    Would love to hear some input on this. I'm all ears. Just want to get this straight.. U sent a regular dv to verizon and their Cas with this extra line buried and when they sent you back a canned dv response you sent a letter to the cras stating they never responded to this buried dispute? And they all deleted?
  11. rayangel

    What is the Moby Dick on your credit reports?

    If you can't beat em. Wait their a$&es out. That's still beating them just the hard way.
  12. rayangel

    What is the Moby Dick on your credit reports?

    Midland!!! At least it's paid but doesn't go away until 2014
  13. rayangel

    Qwerty4's PM Info

    Qwerty-heard. Understood.
  14. rayangel

    Bofa class action

    I'm sure there are zillions of people on this suit who qualify. So what are we getting? Like .50$ Cant wait to see.
  15. rayangel

    Credit Repair Business

    I thought about this very low key. But exactly what was said it's such a pita to work on my own it's not worth the money to do it for someone else. So I just meet my friends at Starbucks and we go over their reports and give them advice. My fee... A large coffee with toffee nut . I'm cheap.

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