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  1. i just spoke with hsbc and they said legally they have to report the payment history on both credit lines...the old/lost one and the new one so it makes TWO baddies. sucks. i'm just gonna start disputing the old cl and see what happens.
  2. awhile back i had lost my orchard bank card and recieved a new one, complete with a new account #. i had been 30 days late on my old card at one point and now both accounts are showing the 30 days late remark thus doubling the neg imapact on my report what is the best way to go about trying to get this removed? write a letter to the cb's or contact orchard directly? is this even legal?
  3. I'm working on getting an emergency fund saved up...if you aren't good at putting money aside (it just slips through my fingers) maybe open a savings and then have your job direct deposit a certain % into it that way you never see the money...
  4. wow...it's like you know me and stuff!!!
  5. yes, you will find that the original creditor...or Direct Loans in this case will report as well as the collection agency they gave your account too. the listings that have $0 balance...that would be the original loan and the listings that have a balance should be the collection accounts. you could try disputing things, see if anything falls off but i don't know about striking a deal for account deletion with an agency that has your student loan account...prol wouldn't happen anyone else have a sl go into collections? luckily i've stayed on top of mine..phew.
  6. the power of bart was with you i remember reading your older posts and was glad to read this!
  7. I've got a date with a spreadsheet tonight!
  8. He's like a young Michael Jackson... maybe the vibe...too bad no talent i <3 Michael Jackson...yeah yeah, too bad he's so messed up these days, but daaaamn he could break it down in the 80's!
  9. I'm no fan but I have a 9 year old daughter who SQUEALS when he's on. It's gotta be the 7-13 yr old girls voting for him...It's unbelievable. I actually like him being on just so I can watch her get all excited! But lord help us if he wins
  10. I would say just use that money you usually use for your SL payment and put it towards debt instead but...looks like you're good by your scores!
  11. you think he'll get back to me in time? my account is 130days past due and at 150 they'll send it to collections and close it. i don't care about getting the whole tl deleted...it's a pos open tl as long as the lates are removed.
  12. Okay, I was doing real good with my credit, paying things off but I fell behind this summer due to personal financial situation. Right now I am in the position (got tax return money) to pay off a couple things. My CCB card had a limit of $700 and now has a balance of $1265 with late fees. My options after talking to a rep: a) Pay $1265 and get ALL deg remarks removed from my credit report (it's currently 120+ days late). She says they can't issue a unique letter saying that everything was removed after the payoff...I asked so that I would have some ammo in case they didn't fall off. Now, I DO have a letter from the orig offer in the mail that is dated January 6, 2006 , account number and statement about clearing my credit history. I would think that having that letter, reps name/id, and a copy of the check would be enough to make a case if I had to. Or I could pay only $950, which is what I thought it was going to be and they will remark it as "settled for below balance" or something and the lates would stay. I was not budgeting/nor did I realize that the balance was even over $1000 (my bad). I guess I could do the payoff...OUCH. Has anyone went through this?Were CCB true to their word?
  13. skdigi

    Credit Approved

    name of institution: Providian Paypal Visa approved/denied: Approved score: 620 credit limit: $1,000 cra(s) pulled: EX state: WI High utilization, no baddies.
  14. thanks for the reply marv. they said that they would finance 80% of the the book value. do you think it's worth asking for consideration for 90%? i guess we got so excited because they car we have now was financed at 22% with our junk scores before I started repairing, and now we have some of our scores up and out of school working full time...sigh. our second car's transmission died 2 months ago and we really need another car (hard to cart the little girl to school and get us both to our jobs by 8:00). i'll wait another few weeks, try with patelco and if that doesn't work out i'll have to shamefully go to a "bad credit" lot and hope that maybe we'll get below 20% financing...geez.
  15. So my fiance got approved for a $10,000 auto loan (his faco is 671, no baddies). We come to find out after calling DCU that they will only finance 80% of the purchase price...so if we find a newer used car for $9,000 we have to come up with $1,800!? What is that? We were prepared for a down payment of maybe $500 tops. Is this normal? Should we ask for reconsideration for 90%? His income is $22,000 I bet that's what the problem is? We didn't apply jointly because my EQ is screwed...3 collections. I might just pay down some balances and pay off my Patelco card and apply through them on my own, wonder if I'd get the same results with them...grr.

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