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  1. Previously a foreclosure analyst, MI claims analyst, and loss mitigation underwriter. (Many years in mortgage servicing) Now completing my social work degree and will be a child protection worker.
  2. Bank of America is one of the worst to deal with. You do have options to save your home. I would suggest you go to http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/fc/ and find a HUD certified housing counseling agency in your area. A housing counselor will assist you with your needs and will not charge you. Do NOT pay fees to a third party for foreclosure assistance.
  3. Do ya'll have any idea how long email from the domain (@yoursite.com) should be down in the event of a transfer? Homestead is telling me 2-3 days, but I read from another source that it can take two to three weeks?! We could not be without email for that long.
  4. Aw Tigz! That would be awesome! Do you have adobe pro that would enable you to make them fillable? Very nice of you to offer that.... I am going to check with our admin first and see if she can do it.
  5. We have various applications that probably consist of a total of 20 pages. We would love to be able to receive them electronically, but I am thinking that is beyond my skillset. The simplest way is to create a series of Fillable PDF forms and put them on a page for download. The user will have to download them and fill them out, then either print & fax them back to you, or attach them to an email, or print & drop them in the mail. That takes most of the security concerns out of your hands since they never enter their data directly on your site. Both of my CU's handle their forms that way, for that reason. Yeah security is a good point and one that I think will make the director drop this issue of electronic forms. I think getting them fully electronic is beyond the skillset of myself and everyone in the office. It would also probably be expensive to hire someone for this.
  6. We have various applications that probably consist of a total of 20 pages. We would love to be able to receive them electronically, but I am thinking that is beyond my skillset.
  7. Uh oh - the reviews put homestead in less than a shining light. I used Homestead years ago for a small hobby site and I thought it was very easy to use. Perhaps I will look at some other options. Any idea how to create fillable PDF documents? I really do not want to spend a lot of money for adobe pro or whatever. Getting any money out of the director is like getting blood from a turnip. I paid $4.99 to setup my own homestead page just so I could get a feel of it. It'd be almost impossible to design all of the forms we use using their "from creator" tool.
  8. I have not -- I will look into that. Thanks Ahh it looks like GoogleSite is not a hosting service. We could not have www.oursite.com - it would have to be https://sites.google.com/site/oursite.
  9. No, there is not a specific reason why it has to be a PDF. I am thinking that I may be able to use the generic "e-forms" to create the applications that clients need to fill out. My only concern is how they would be received by staff. Would the completed form/application be delivered in a text format in email? Each line of text would include the heading that it relates to? For example, we would receive Name of Applicant: Jane Doe, as opposed to just Jane Doe.
  10. I work for a nonprofit and our website is in dire need of a renovation. The editing software and hosting we currently use is expensive. Apparently homestead can host our own domain name and offers their template website design for only $19.99 a month. I have some questions though. We would like to incorporate fillable PDF forms on the website. Does anyone know if this is possible? When we received the form electronically would it be in the PDF format or just in text? We do charge for some of our services and would like to be able to accept payments online. I think that can be accomplished using paypal for a nominal fee. So does anyone know about the PDFs and if Homestead is a pretty good hosting/building service?
  11. best cookin' show on TV ... Bitchin' Kitchen... its on the cooking channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Oy8sIN3oow
  12. Do you have a hardship? Your negative equity is not a hardship. Have you lost your job or you simply want to move away? Most lenders will not accept a deed in lieu unless you are delinquent on your mortgage and the property has been marketed at fair market value for 90-180 days.
  13. Awhile back my Iphone 3g DIED for no apparent reason. I was furious, and I paid $80 to term my contract with AT&T and went to Tmobile. All was well in the world until about 5 weeks ago. I suddenly could not use my phone in my home. I had to go outside to use the phone and then I was lucky to get 2 bars. Long story short.... I called Tmobile and they waived the $200 term fee for each line ($400 total). It was relatively EASY. I could not believe how willing they were to waive the fee. I had to go into the Tmobile store and show my ID to prove my address, and bam! Of course they tried telling me at first that I would need to buy a wifi capable phone and use wifi in home to boost my signal. I was really polite with them and told them that was not acceptable. So I went back to ATT and am now loving the new Iphone4. I was sure to buy applecare this time in case it decides to die 3 weeks outside of the warranty period like the old 3G. On another note, I sold my old iphone on ebay for $150. $150 for a broken phone!? Who knew!

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