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  1. Interesting. Do you ever get close to the 25k? Issuers seem to be getting itchy trigger fingers these days. Never! The most I've ever charged on the card was about $2500 and that was about a year ago. Which was about a year after to first got the card. The charges that occurred prior to this FR totaled a little over $700. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The review is complete. He imposed a $25k limit for 1 year.
  3. I rented a car at Hertz and. Ought zip line tickets while on vacation (About $700). I hadn't used this particular card in over 6 months and I added my mom as an AU in the beginning of April. Plus I recently opened a Platinum Card in January. I've had BCE for years and use that daily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So I was away on vacation in California and I rented a car and bought a ticket with my old Gold Rewards Premium card (recently opened a Platinum Card) and on April 18... BOOM! Shut down all 3 of my cards for the Financial Review. My first notification wasn't a phone call, email, or letter, it was my devices on Apple Pay all saying that my cards were deactivated by my issuer and to remove the cards. That freaked me out because I thought that my cards were actually cancelled. However, after signing in, I realized that they were just suspended and to context 1-800-678-0738. Which I'm.l not sure which number that is, but it's a different number than the one left on my VM 2 days later (800) 230-1289. The latter number actually says it's the Financial Review department, while the first number just asks me to enter my card number and transfers me to a nameless department. I finally got in touch with my account specialist on the 24th and answered all of his questions. He asked my income and as of 1/1/2017 I'm making a little over $80k so I said my income is $80k. However, last year my income was slightly lower. About $72k. I sent over my 4506-T on the 25th and still no word. I'm a daily user of the AMEX card and PIF monthly so all of my auto-pay bill have been calling and emailing. It's a pain as I have to switch them all to my chase card until this is resolved. Then switch them back. I'm not annoyed at this process as I was expecting it to happen at some point. I wanted to know if my income being almost $8k lower last year will affect me and what is the average time? He gave me until May 10 to submit my documents and after speaking with him yesterday, he said he received the transcripts back from the IRS but couldn't guarantee a turn around time as his "caseload is high and he looks at thousands of accounts per day". I understood and agreed that he is quite busy. (He didn't seem happy about that). I then told him I was only inquiring because it's the beginning of the month and most of my utilities and subscriptions hit my card around this time. He said "He doesn't understand that, as he doesn't have any credit cards, let alone an American Express". Makes me wonder whether this review is outsourced and if not, how come so many AMEX employees not have an AMEX card. I remember when we I worked for J.P. Morgan, we had an employee card that was basically 1.9% interest and no annual fee, plus many perks. Waiting patiently but any advice and criticism (gotta expect that) is greatly appreciated!
  5. I have a question. How soon after did they financial review you. How long after your application did they financial review you? Did it happen before you are approved or did it occur before you got the approval or during the application process. Just wondering I got two cards back to back but I didn't get a financial review during the application process. Just wondering.. Sure thing! It was as soon as I applied. After it processed, it said to upload the docs. Once I did, it was pending review for about 24 hours, then I got the approval email.
  6. I'd want to carry an additional credit card from a second bank if you will be traveling four days per week. You never know what will happen on the road. Maybe get a Visa or Mastercard to take along as a backup card. Yes. I have a capital one MC. It has like $1,500 limit. I've never had a balance with them and I had it for about 10 years.
  7. Thank you so much for the advice! I don't plan on revolving a balance on the BCE outside of that laptop purchase. Now that you said that, I will just pay cash for it. I was only revolving it because of the 0% interest and the cashback. So I figured to help with history with them I would do that. But now, I probably will only use it for my everyday purchases and pay it off. 23.49% on the BCE and 0% on the Platinum since it's a Charge Card.
  8. Hey guys! Sorry if this has been asked before. I've found the answer on each side but never both. These are my very first 2 credit cards ever, so I have questions. I know that you can be flagged for a Financial Review on application and for certain triggers for AMEX card. But I recently applied for and was approved for the AMEX BCE and the Platinum Card by AMEX. I applied for both cards about a month apart from each other. Each application, they requested a FR. I sent in my 4506-T and my paystub (due to me receiving a large boost in income over the last few months) I based my income on my application on my new income. Both times I passed the Financial Review. My question is this, what are the chances of me getting a Financial Review again? I plan on using the BCE for a laptop since it is a 0% interest offer for 12 months and once that's over and paid in full, probably about 3 months,I would use it for everyday purchases. I am away from home 4 days a week for travelling reasons so I would use the Platinum for those expenses to be reimbursed by my company. So my purchases on both wouldn't be outrageous. I have already sent my documents and I just want to avoid the embarrassment of a decline horror story and to not have to go through this process again. Thanks guys!
  9. I received an offer in the mail from BofA saying I was preapproved for a secured card with $99 deposit and $500 credit limit. On the mini-app portion that I have to send back to them it asks for my BofA checkin/savings account info. I don't bank with them mainly because their fees are much higher than my credit union. I was wondering if I have to have a deposit account with them in order to be approved for an account. Has anyone here opened a secured card without having a deposit account with them?
  10. They have changed there policy. I dont think that they secure it against the cash right off. You may have to put it in one of their products like a CD. Then you might have a better chance at that option well yes... I would put it in one of their CDs with them as primary lien holder. Even if I applied with the cash that's in the bank right now, they would just transfer it to CD.
  11. We currently have 2 corporate checking accounts with BofA. We are thinking about applying for a cash-secured loan for $30k. I just wanted to know if anyone has ever applied for or opened up one of these accounts. I just want some advice and/or tips.
  12. I keep getting turned down by banks due to Chexsystems and EWS, but I received reports from both places and they are empty. I even received a letter from EWS saying I have nothing on file. What could be in my file that is getting me turned down? Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.
  13. My grandmother added me to her AMEX Optima Platinum Card which she was a cardholder since 94, to help build my credit. I am unsure as to what the difference is between her card and the platinum card that is being offered today by AMEX. What exactly is the "Optima" and it's benefits?
  14. Anyone know of any good credit unions in NYC? Manhattan preferably.
  15. I have 2 Chase accounts that are reporting closed but paid as agreed. They were closed January 2012 and I have not been late making payments since. Prior to that I was late 60 days and they closed my account. I was pretty shocked at that. Neither are at or near the limit, both are at about 40-50% utilization. It has caused my score to drop to about 510. I can't do or get anything. How long will this effect my score? It's a total of about $3000 in debt that I owe to the two. Everything else on my report is clean. I have one other CrapOne card with a $300 limit that I rarely use. Any suggestions?
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