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  1. congrats to you both! 1 (800) 528-4800
  2. Advantage if you have an amex and pay for the furniture... you get purchase protection which could be more valuable than the crappy warranty the furniture store will give you and also try to upsell you.
  3. bank americard has 0% on purchases for the next 12-15 months discover it has 0% on purchases or balance transfers (3% fee) amex blue sky has 0% on purchases for 15 months (plus you get travel rewards) If you get Bank americard, you can CLI immediately. If you apply for discover, then ask for a 10k balance transfer when applying to one of your lower balance cards. Call in and cancel the balance transfer when you get the card... that should get you upped to 10k preapprovals for freedom and slate are good. You can apply for one and if you don't like the credit line, immediately apply for the other (open each app in a different browser at the same time). If you want marriott, you can still apply for it later (I would wait a 6 months to a year if you get other chase cards) and allocate credit lines to it if denied (call for reconsideration)
  4. Thanks, I will make double or triple payments the first 1-6 payment cycles. Maybe that will keep me off the radar.
  5. good warning... if they slash, I can always BT to discover and use the card as a monthly spend card.
  6. I have one showing on TU. not sure if there was two and TU dropped the second as duplicate automatically, or just one b/c it was only pulled once that day for both of my CLI requests.
  7. I am in the garden now, I have applied for a lot of credit and gotten most of what I wanted. What usage should I put on the card(s) so I can (in 1 to 3 years time) 1) build CHASE relationship, (get rid of low balance SLATE and work up to CSP) 2) open additional amex card(s) because I get D* 13+ years to increase my AAOA.(reallocating balance is ok with me) 3) not get any of my accounts closed by the creditors due to non usage, etc. 4) are there any apps (mobile phone) which can help me track these cards easier than using a spreadsheet on my PC? JUNE - Cap 1 - 1100 limit AMEX corp - 2 years for work (NSCL) app spree - (goal - increase credit lines so I can 0%BT and do house improvements at 0% interest and pay down some debt) July - OCT - AMEX delta gold 18k (did a 3x CLI ~62 days) AMEX - business platinum (NSCL) DISCOVER - 11k (approved for 7k,but requested 10k balance transfer - canceled the BT on activation and the limit increased magically a few days later) NFCU - 25k BOA - 10k (approved for 2k, hit the love button twice in 10 minutes - 6k first, 10k second, new balance 2 days later) USAA - 8k CHASE slate - 1k Thanks for all the board has helped me.
  8. I was approved on 10/3 for 6500... however during the app, I requested 10k balance transfer to a card which can only hold 8k. once I called to activate, i canceled the BT since it was above my credit limit. I checked the unused card a few days later and I had 11100 credit limit.... bazinga!
  9. transfer from bank a to bank b - works... transfer from bank b to bank c works (use a different card than the one you started with. I make sure my balances are different as well.
  10. In florida, they pulled EX to open savings, then I opened checking 2 days later, and opened a credit card in the offers section with another hard pull. Once I learned... I froze my wifes EX. she applied using my membership info for a savings account. she funded it with 100 bucks she then applied for a credit card and was approved for 25k just like me. No need to open checking in my opinion. We didnt apply for navcheck, nor auto loans since we were only looking for credit cards and didnt want too much credit exposure with NFCU, so we stay low on their radar.
  11. The exec office should request that you wait 6 months, then you can contact them to request a CLI. I just went through this recently. I even asked for a hard pull, but I was asked to wait... my C1 card has a 1600 limit and I have 5 cards with limits between 6500 and 25000. good luck.
  12. I logged in an noticed my account is up to 10k which is what I requested the second time (5 minutes later)... off to use the card now. (responsibly)
  13. navy pulled experian in florida for me for both account opening and for credit.

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