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  1. Good Plan! You will end up paying 1-3 days of interest at the purchase rate...but...so what. The money will not move to the purchase rate until 3/2/2010. Watch the account very carefully around Mar 2-March 4 when you see large debit/credit adjustments being made on the account...then it's safe to do that payment. Make the payment large enough to cover any existing Minimum Payment plus the amount that you want to off from the old 0%. Or... You could just pay off the 0% right now.
  2. Product Changes are still allowed with Citi. However, if you have had a recent ratejack OCT 09-JAN 10 you are SOL in most cases.
  3. Do the Citi Forward Visa.... 5X points on select purchases 1 on everything else better than Diamond Rewards or PremierPass (unless you bu ya lot of plane tickets)
  4. Yes. If you recently undergone a Ratejack you may not be able to do this though
  5. This is not an increase in the minimum payment. This is what the payment terms already are. I got this letter too. The account I got the letter on is CLOSED with a $0 balance and has been for the past 10 months. I called Chase and they said that this letter went out to a lot of people that were not suppose to get it.
  6. This is not true. Even if OP is revolving a balance and they pay past the due date doesn't make them 30 days late. 4 days late is 4 days late no matter if you revolve or PIF.
  7. You should be able to still move credit lines. The account that you move it to cannot have any BT offers. You can have a supervisor remove the BT offers...takes a few days but they'll get it done for ya.
  8. You have to tell them to escalate this to the "technical department". This happened to me and I was able to get them to remove the block on their side.
  9. If you would have clicked on the LEARN MORE link...you would find this is an AD that does just what you suggest. Earn extra points for shopping at these retailers when you link to their websites through the Thank You website.
  10. I got my letter too 16.9% PURCH (up from 14.9%) 21.9% CASH (up from 19.9%) $36 annual m/fee billed monthly.
  11. Do you know when this started? ....thinking back....middle of last month.... who knows if it's being enforced though....or overlooked
  12. Think of it as $75 for a domestic ticket. Think of it as $75 for 5k miles. Not such a good deal. ETA: 30k, AF waived for the 1st year. Don't tell BW!!! Now, THIS is DEFINITELY tempting! Every 90 days, rinse and repeat!!!ETA: All three for 90k miles!!! You might have a bit of a problem with that. Policy is now to deny is American account was opened in the last 12 months with a bonus offer.
  13. online? 4 you can make as many payments as you like via other methods.
  14. Well even though the 10.99 is a lower rate...any payment above the minimum get applied to the highest interest on the account 1st. If you have a "Loan on your Card" at 10.99 and your payment of $200/month and you also make $50 in purchases you could pay $250 and satisfy the minimum payment on the "Loan" and also PIF your purchases to avoid interest at the 29.99%. The "Loan" feature was designed for people who want to do something similar to a balance transfer while still being able to PIF purchases. It's kind of a complicated version of "Blueprint" over at Chase.

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