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  1. USAA lowered my limit to just $500 It was the second card I had after my newly repaired credit. They cited inactivity, and to their point I hadn't used the card in over a year. I put a charge on all my sock drawer cards as I had gotten lazy about it this year.
  2. Thanks for posting an update! It's common for them to shift credit lines which is a nice option...did they give you any new additional credit by chance?
  3. I feel for you...it's frustrating to have done something right for years and one screw up and get dinged. I did this once by missing an annual fee
  4. I had a similar experience...I think all underwriting is manual. They gave me a lower limit than all my other cards and when I inquired they mentioned all my available credit from other issuers. I said I was interested in getting something in the upper part of the "up to $100k" limit they advertised. They again told me that I already had plenty of credit and maintained their previous decision. They are also a pain to pay. If you want to pay online you must deposit into your member share account first (mobile check deposit subject to long holds). It's the only place I snail mail a check to pay so that I can pay from an external account. I think this is because their online banking consists of at least 3 unrelated systems that don't talk to each other. After a year I did get an auto CLI
  5. What are you guys using for daily pulls now? Maybe there's a better option now which is why it isn't newsworthy.
  6. If you sign up for USAA credit monitoring, it's now up to $34.99 for daily pulls. For years you could call every 6 months and get 50% off. I think I've had this going for maybe 10 years, since the beginning of my credit recovery journey.
  7. Every 6 months I call to renew the discount, which is $17.37 I think...up for $11.12 that I paid for a long time. The rep said they won't do the retention anymore so I cancelled. Anyone else experience this and where is everyone using now. Seems I've been off of this board for too long. I'm surprised there is no thread. If there is, please link it for me. Thanks so much!!!!!
  8. What's the greatest potential harm?
  9. It seems clear that moving does not affect fico scores. It appears that moving could affect your chances of new approvals since applications ask sometimes for length at current address and length at current employment. However, do existing creditors get nervous if they see you move out of state? Does that signal to them that maybe you've switched jobs and perhaps prompt a review of your accounts? Everything for me is good but my average age of accounts is still pretty young (5-6 years). I don't want any of my accounts closed or credit limit decreases. Thanks!
  10. Seems super expensive, right? I was looking casually a few weeks ago and found some options for $10-$20/mo. For example: ipostal1.com mailboxforwarding.com anytimemailbox.com
  11. Keep up the good work. I think the biggest thing to keep in the forefront is to pay on those balances. Paying $1000+ per month will get you out of debt. If there are some credit maneuvers along the way to save you money, that's great, but ultimately paying the money off is what will get you there. It might sound silly but reading this forum makes applying for credit look like fun. Once I got out of debt I realized I had been focusing on the wrong thing....I put too much energy into playing the "game."
  12. OP--What did you decide to do? I think you should start with $1000+ or at least get to several thousand before it graduates (and before applying for other cards). $5000 is what I suggest as a target goal. My biggest mistake in credit rebuilding was getting a $300 toy card and applying too early....I got stuck with low limits until I convinced someone to give me a higher limit.
  13. Seems like Amex is being much more forgiving in the last year or so. I was let back in also Congrats to us

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