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  1. Well I just received my BOFA/MBNA AMEX card and the small credit line had to be dealt with immediately. So I called up there EXTREMELY friendly credit analysts looking for a higher CL. I was looking for a min of an additional $2,500 well I must have said just 25 and she took it as $25k and after like 30 mins she asks if I could fax in my last years W2 page 1. I said sure ( I would rather do it now than later during a F/R, Wait wrong company LoL) So she said "with that I should be able to do the $25,000" GOOD THING I WASN'T EATING ANYTHING!! So I said no I was just looking at $2500 to transfer a Lowes balance (Not really 0% 12 months on the Lowes) by this time my W-2 was already faxed over and she said "Well I was able to approve you for $20,000 without even looking at the w-2 yet, would that be OK?" As calm as possible I said yeah that would be fine, I appreciate your effort and time. The call ended shortly after... OMG I never thought I would have a single credit card limit that high. Thank You very Very much CreditBoards! I know someone is going to ask so...... Not exactly sure what FICO's are right now, at last check they were just below 7's
  2. I applied last Monday, haven't gotten a response but I just checked my reports and MBNA is already reporting. They only gave me $2k for some reason... Any idea how they are with CLI at activation?
  3. A Transaction Broker in NJ basically says here is your buyer pay me when it closes. A transaction broker for a buyer says sign this contract and call me when its time to pick up my check... They have no fiduciary responsibility to either party and are just a facilitator. As a NJ Broker and a Licensed Real Estate Instructor I strongly advise people to stay far away from Transaction Brokers as they do not protect your interests what so ever. They have no liability for mis-representations they may make, example... "the house is structurally sound" It collapses a day after you buy it... You could sue me if I made that statement you can't sue a TB. The transaction broker was required to give you a Consumer Information Statement at first contact (or once price/motivation was discussed if first contact was by phone). The C.I.S. discloses all the different types of agency for the state of NJ. If you were to read it you would quickly decide to run from someone who is trying to act as a transaction broker. As far as who pays them... The seller pays them. If I take a listing, when I put the listing in the MLS I don't offer Transaction Brokers any compensation. Why should they get paid for doing nothing when their buyers end up calling me for answers to their questions. Basically I end up doing all the work. Sorry for rambling, I hope I explained it well enough.
  4. Send a DV a day for 5 days, they'll get the hint...LoL Best of luck with Palishady!
  5. I closed my $1,100 HSBC Cash or Fly today, so I am right there with you. Except not sure Crap 1 is the way to go like many have said. Congrats nonetheless
  6. Its when people put commas in. If you are approved for $10k people have to enter 10000 NOT 10,000
  7. NOW EQ EX TU Revolving Accounts: Count: 19 16 19 Balance ($): $2278 $2278 $2278 Current: 19 16 19 Delinquent: 0 0 0 Other: 0 0 0 Collection Accounts: Count: 0 0 0 Balance ($): $0 $0 $0 Current: 0 0 0 Delinquent:0 0 0 Other: 0 0 0 Accounts Summary: Open Accounts: 15 15 16 Closed Accounts: 7 6 8 Public Records: 0 0 0 Just closed my AMEX Gold Today Not bad in my eyes! Started here with credit problems, and here I am now...Engaged, just closed on our first place together last month and being in a position where I can close my AMEX and my HSBC (0% for 12 was up and they wouldn't extend) Thank you CB!
  8. Ok, case closed...They paid up Thanks again everyone!
  9. Name of Institution: American Express Delta Gold Approved/Denied: Approved Credit Limit: 2000 CRA Pulled: EQ Score: 721 EQ FAKO State: NJ Edit: Instant Approval
  10. With MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) the main difference from PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) is instead of the monthly payments you pay an upfront fee for the insurance.
  11. LOL! I am sure NCO would love to get back the money they paid me as a commission. I still do owe you coffee though!
  12. Well thanks everyone for your suggestions, the attorney is dodging my calls so I would assume payment hasn't been sent out. I will wait the 5 extra days to see. And thanks for the new round of support! RK
  13. Completely normal, and to your advantage.
  14. Just my 2cents... I would ask for ID from the people and use it to sign them in. Its one thing when a Real Estate Agent brings people in, hopefully they have a little info on them. In my market we also have a electronic record of everyone that uses the keys to the house and all appointments are logged in which is a huge security measure. Are you using a Realtor to find a home? If so I would ask them for copies of sales contracts with all the required forms for you area. Remember, just because you are not a Realtor you still have to know about all the proper disclosures for your state. Some examples MAY include, Sellers Disclosures, Radon/Water Disclosures, Lead Based Paint Disclosures, Megans Law Disclosures, etc... If you were to get a complete sales package it will show you everything that is required. Usually the agents will bemore han happy to do this in hopes that you wil eventually list with them. It's not to hard if you have a flexible schedule to show people the house when they want to see it. I would suggest you do find a good real estate attorney at the very least. You can sometimes find generic sales contracts at stores like Staples or Office Depot. Best of Luck!

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