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  1. I have 3 debts I want to pay off and don't know where to start. The first two can be paid quickly since I'm now financially stable enough the debts are: Convergent Outsourcing $400 T-Mobile MIDLAND FUNDING LLC $1,100 CAPITAL ONE BANK JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEMS $2,400 VERIZON WIRELESS I'm not sure where to start, dfp or something else. I don't want to fight them since it's something I did,but I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm just looking to get these out of my history or even settled. Call,write? I'm also trying to get my score up since I plan to get a vehicle(first) within a year/ year and a half so if that information helps. Thanks.
  2. All 3 are reporting it and I have all 3 available to me.
  3. Have you seen an entry about this on a credit report, or do you just have letters from the CA? If you haven't pulled a credit report, it might be a good idea to do so to see if this CA is reporting on there yet, because that could change things. P.S. We're assuming you've seen it on a credit report because you are talking about a pay for delete. I only see Credit One Bank as reporting on my credit report, And I don't have a letter from CACH just Financial Recovery Services. Inc(a middle man) Note I have all 3 of my reports.
  4. Will like you told me to, I called back Credit One Bank(OC) and they did verify that CACH now owns the debt and I can't deal with the OC to settle this debt but I have to talk to CACH to(which I will not but only by mail). What are my next steps now that I know CACH owns the debt?
  5. the original credit card was with Credit One Bank, It was closed on 4/8/07. Who is reporting it on your credit report and how are they reporting? I am not sure what you mean? Sorry this is all new to me.
  6. Here is my story: In late 2007 I got my self a Credit Card(my family said they would help with payments(so they can use it too), Will that didn't work out and the CC was sent to collections, I have gotten letters in the past but Didn't have the funds to pay it off.... Will now I do so i called the company that sent the letter(Financial Recovery Services. Inc) and ask if we could do a "Pay for delete."agreement, They said they don't have the power to do so but it's listed that CACH of Colorado LLC currently owns the debt, I asked for the number to them but they "said" they don't have the number. I googled that name but I get nothing. So I called Credit One Bank.N.A. to see MAYBE if they have the number, they "say" they currently own the debt and they won't offer "Pay for delete." Now the person I talk to was very belligerent person, and even yelled at me. So I will try to call again tomorrow to see if I can get a different person (but I still do want to pay it off ), I want to be 100% that I can't get a "Pay for delete." agreement(or even if he is telling the truth that COB still owns the debt). Any suggentions? Note: I do want to pay off this debt but I want to figure out the best way to do it so I can protect my credit rating/Fix it. Thanks.

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