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  1. Thanks. Yes, I expect the biggest use will be Home Depot. My other business spends a lot at Amazon so I'm going to check out that card as well. We've always just used the debit card but it just seems dumb to lose out on that much cash back. I liked the Cap 1 card because the rewards can be in the form of gift cards rather than a statement credit, but I do not want something reporting on my personal credit.
  2. We have recently started at tile installation business. Any materials purchased would be covered by the deposit on the job. I realized that this could be a lot of money flowing through our account and was thinking I'd like to get a rewards card. (Actually thought of this after seeing how much we spent at Amazon and Home Depot in a year for a different business and all on a debit card.) With a personal credit score of 740, am I likely to be able to get the Capital One Spark cash card? Or will the business need to have demonstrated income for a period of time? I don't want to burn a hard pul
  3. Dates are late 2016 and early 2017. I don't have the EOMBs. I think I paid over the phone. I called in to pay a bill and they said "you have these outstanding" and I paid them at the same time. They are lab services. Complicating things, it seems that the billing is done through a third party. The current company took over the service in March 2018 and has no info on anything prior. Confession: I'm not good with paper. Life overwhelms at times which is how I end up with this. On top of that we had a fire in May 2018 and were completely moved out of the house for 6 months. Papers didn't go
  4. 5 small medical collections. Only one is over $100. I honestly am not sure if they have all been paid or not. I think they may have been paid to the OC over a year ago. I'm certain that at least part of them were. I opted out and sent the initial dispute letters verbatim. TU deleted all disputed items. Experian letter is MIA and will probably have to be resent. (They all were mailed at the same time, but that one never even scanned at origin.) Equifax simply updated the balance date and provided results for each item that say "We verified that this item belongs to you." (At the top
  5. I've got an account with a 30 and 60 day late from a couple years ago. Three years ago or so they reduced the credit line to where it wasn't useful, due to some other issues not with them. After the Adverse Action I didn't want to close the account and was hoping to get it built back up so set it as the payment for a very small monthly recurring amount and set it to autopay. I made a couple mistakes. When the autopay account was suddenly closed by Chase, I forgot about Barclays. And I didn't realize that the email address had never been updated and was going to one I was no longer using. So I
  6. It has worked for us. We were renting a house during BK recovery. The landlord declined to renew our lease as he wanted to sell it. We had planned to stay for another year before buying another home. We ended up with a USDA mortgage (in the days when that had no MI.) We've been paying for 10 years on a 30 year mortgage and are getting ready to refi to a conventional 15 year loan. It's depressing that after 10 years we haven't paid a full 20% off the original loan amount, but we're close enough that with appreciation we're in good shape. I sure wouldn't do it for someplace you don't plan on sta
  7. We're in Ohio. My husband was, a number of years ago, part of a business in Maryland. He was the only partner not located in that state, but when it quietly folded without paying past due taxes he was the one the state eventually came after. I believe it was about two years ago that he received a letter about a tax lien. I can't find it and we were just in a really bad place at that time and didn't deal with it. I know that tax liens in general are no longer being reported as part of a credit report, however, our county courthouse does not show such a lien ever being filed. (I think it was rep
  8. Thanks. That's really what I meant (just trying for something simple for title, but you're right.)
  9. I recall from a few years back that folks who had once upon a time had an Amex card were able to get a new one, with it reporting the original card's issue date. Wondering if this is still possible (did a search but got pretty deep without finding anything on the topic) and if so, how do you go about it? And how far back will they go? Fourteen years after BK7 I've got an EXP FICO of 761. There's more credit card debt than I'd like (we used it heavily to start a business) but that's getting paid down. The only other factor holding me back would seem to be the average age of accounts
  10. We were relocated for a few months after a house fire and I had a gas account at the condo we were staying in. Despite my providing my permanent address as the billing address, I've never received anything here. I got an alert this week about a credit change and it's a collection account for the final gas bill. With all the chaos of moving back in the midst of the holidays, I never gave this account a thought. I called the gas company and got some information, and paid them directly immediately. The bill was due 11/26 and the CRA ding just showed up, so I'm guessing it was just turned over to
  11. My son had accrued medical debt with a practice last spring. He's over 18 so technically responsible, but was finishing college and not yet employed. He was on our insurance, but because of the deductible there was a sizeable balance. In December we/he received a payment plan offer from the practice. At this point he has moved out of state and I was prepared to resolve the account. I called in late December, said that I'd like to accept the payment plan, and gave them an amount over the phone for December and January payments. Last week a collection letter arrived. Nothing has been reported as
  12. I refinanced an auto loan with PSECU maybe 18 months ago. Gave income over the phone, got the loan. Last time I financed at a dealership was much the same. Gave employment info and income figures, signed on the line, drove away. Now I want to buy a car and applied at PSECU, and was asked for pay stubs and W2s. I'm in sales and a significant portion of my income is from commission and bonus. Making it worse, this is my first full year in my current position. I also have a substantial amount going to an HSA account and 401k, which I don't think show in my income on my W2 if I recall correctl
  13. The date of service is not quite 2 years ago. It's the balance that was left as part of the insurance deductible. I called the hospital billing (would have paid them directly if they would have let me.) They said they can see it, but it's out of their system and they can't take the payment. It hasn't yet been reported, but I expect will be soon. I'm at the end of 30 days and need to send a DV letter, and would prefer to get it paid and prevent it from being reported in the first place, if possible.. We haven't moved in the last 5 years and I'm already opted out. The "current relationship"
  14. We recently received a collection letter for a medical bill from a hospital. I've verified that it's a valid debt and a current relationship with the OC. I can send a HSA check for the full amount. The services were from our community hospital that is now affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic. It seems like the local billing is still handled separately, but originates from the same office as the main Cleveland Clinic. I don't have a bill from them to view the address. If I call, I get someone in the Cleveland Clinic billing office who looks it up in a separate system. The Cleveland Cli
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