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  1. I am helping my brother out on improving his credit and would like some feedback on my game plan. The only account on his credit reports is a Cap One card that was sold off to Midland (DOFD Jan 2019). I am hoping they will do a pay for delete. The second issue is his thin profile. He has no other accounts except for Midland on it. I am thinking of adding him as an AU on my Amex; maybe my Citi account and after a month or two after he can apply for a secured card or a store card to start building his file up. Thanks
  2. I requested a CLI on my Citi Costco card and was approved! New Credit Limit: $17,000 Prior Credit Limit: $13,000
  3. You may possibly owe taxes on the portion they write off / credit to you. I am not an expert on these things but I don't see an issue with the offer itself.
  4. I would start by requesting the increase on your AMEX card and waiting for that to hit your reports. I hear Cap1 is stingy with CLI's so that may not be an option. Discover -- maybe look into getting unsecured and a small CLI. Discover doesnt give crazy CLI's either. If you get a good increase on your AMEX, you can use that as a pry bar for new cards. Once I got my limit up on my amex, chase and others started matching +/- a few hundred.
  5. The rewards seem lackluster to me. 2% dining and 1.5% all else? I'll keep my CSR and CFU for that spend thanks.
  6. Totally agree. I have an AA card I keep for the free checked bag which pre-pandemic has more than paid for itself. Otherwise it all depends on where I am going and when it will get there.
  7. I am most likely wrong but I thought you could go for a preapproval type of thing without an inquiry. I could care less about a single inquiry so didn't bother to look into that further.
  8. Really depends on what similator you are using but you will take an initial hit for the new credit line but your overall fico should go up after a spell assuming no other changes.
  9. That was huge for me as it helped me obtain higher credit limits from other providers.
  10. Is the Platnum like the CSR where you get better redemption through the more premium card?
  11. I received a mailer from AMEX offering the Platinum with a 125k MR point bonus w/ 6k in spend within the first 6 months. This is 25% more points than the current standard offer. Wondering it would be worth it to apply? I probably wouldn't keep the card as I have the CSR today as my main travel card.
  12. Jumping in late to the thread but a lot of small restaurant owners and managers I know are wondering how some ritzy spots are getting millions if not tens of millions and they get effectively chump change if that. I only know of one place (they didn't tell me the amount) that got enough to pull the restaurant through.
  13. Hmmmm so would this mean that a person could dispute an account that is more than 3 years old to get it off their reports?
  14. Does it make sense to use the Chase Payourself Back option on the CSR instead of redeeming the points for travel? The math seems about the same no matter how I calculate unless I can get a better travel redemption than 1.5 cents per point.
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