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  1. Hey folks, I am looking for some advise. My brother has been working on credit. With the experience gained from everyone here, his Experian report is clean and is showing a 731 FICO score. The only two open (no closed) accounts that are showing are ones where I have added him as an AU. Citi AA card Chase Freedom Unlimited. Average account age: 8 years, 3 months. Oldest account, 8 years, 11 months. The concern is that I have a balance on the CFU so it looks like he has 31% credit utilization (9k on 28.7k). I am working to get that cared for but I was wondering if that will pose an issue in him applying for something like a Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom Unlimited of his own? His goal is ultimately for travel so I feel chase would be a good fit but am open to other suggestions to get the ball rolling. Thanks - John
  2. I pretty much have the cards I want to keep after Sync closed my Banana Republic account for nonuse. The only thing I look at periodically are my travel specific cards to see if they are still wortht he annual fees. For my Marriot and AA card I believe it is.
  3. Does your son have the same name as his dad? Could be dad's tradeline that is showing up incorrectly.
  4. I applied, and was approved for, Apple Card with a 10k limit.
  5. I have to agree with this. I have a friend who earns like 1/3 of what I do yet has more free money and significant savings and investments all from better budgeting. Goes to the heart of its not how much you make, it how much of it you spend.
  6. The biggest issue with any third party site or agency is that when things go south, you are left in limbo. If JPM can do a better job of making things right on the spot when something goes south, then by all means I'm game -- esp with extra points on the table for using my CSR!
  7. Its pretty common in the NYC area to hand over your card and maybe ID if you are going to keep a tab going at a bar. That said I have never had that happen at a resturant and would definitely not oblige.
  8. I never donate via GoFundMe. I don't agree with how they operate by a double standard depending on the political orientation of the intended cause. If anything I will donate directly to nonprofits that support good causes.
  9. That's been my experience too. I had to move limits around. I'm doubly concerned because I also have my mortgage through them.
  10. When I was starting out, I applied for amex then followed the rules for CLI's... quickly got to 25k and Chase matched it and then some that when I applied for the Sapphire Preferred.
  11. It helps to change your statement date so they are all the same. Mine are usually around the 15th of the month with my mortgage on the 1st. As PotO recommended, I will sometimes go into every other week and make payments. I am less concerned (right now) about utilziation, its more about ensure I pay it on time.
  12. I co-signed for my sisters Discover card (stupid, I know) and she missed a payment back in 2018. When I found out, I immediately called Discover, paid the balance off and closed the account. While this isn't exactly hurting me (FICO is 760's) I would like to get this off my report if I can. Anyone have any success with forgiveness letters? (In my defense, reason # 483 why people hate discover, I couldn't have online access at the same time as my sister. It led to all sorts of issues which is why it ended up 30 days late).
  13. In addition to what HDPorter said, you can book the flight on one card (Chase Sapphire Preferred for example) and still get the priority boarding and (I believe) the free checked bags. I prefer UR points over the miles but the AA card has its perks and keeps my miles from expiring.
  14. Citi AA Card: New Credit Limit: $13,780 Prior Credit Limit: $12,780
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