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  1. If you go with an Amex loan, be sure to put it on autopay. For whatever reason, the Amex app doesn't show the loan so you have to log in via the web to view or pay it.
  2. I am an avid skier and AirBnB has been a good option in a lot of places that don't have nearby hotels/resorts or the nearby hotels and resorts are prohibitively expensive! A good number of these places are single family homes where someone is renting out a room or a floor. I'm barely there and I generally get a kitchen to enjoy a quick breakfast before spending the rest of the day on the slopes and eat dinner out. While this is great for me, this has been harmful for seasonal workers at these same mountains looking for an affordable place to stay. Outside of skiing, AirBnb allowed me to stay in places that would have otherwise cost 2x - 3x the price. That said AirBnb left me with a sour taste from the pandemic. While my host was graceious enough to allow me to cancel my reservation (and I made up for it when travel was allowed again) many guests and an equal number of hosts were impacted because AirBnB wouldn't make any exceptions to pre-existing reservations. --- With all that said, the issue is bigger than just AirBnb. NYC for example has all these fancy luxery high rises being built and you need to have $$$$ to afford to rent or buy one. Many get purchased by celebraties who barely even stay there or by overseas tycoons who are using it as a way to park/hide money. All of this takes away affordable housing from the middle and lower class. Vancouver does this right. If your are not a full time resident, you can't own property. I am sure people still milk the system but I hear that overall it has worked to keep things in check. Perhaps a return to that would mean a return to AirBnB's original concept of subletting a room or a floor to help honest homeowners a means to make ends meet.
  3. Link to an article because I had no idea what this was about: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/walmart-sues-capital-one-lawsuit-credit-card/
  4. I havent been impacted per se but I took in some family over the pandemic and of course everything costs more due to inflation and supply-chain issues.
  5. I was able to get my Amex Blue Cash Preferred D* to 1996. I was an AU on my grandmothers account at a later point in time but I don't think they actually found it in their systems. The BCP shows up on my credit reports as 1996. I picked up the SPG card (now Marriot Bonvoy) card right as D* ended. That one shows the year I received it.
  6. I went into the app and clicked on the request CLI option under account management or whatever its called and received a message saying this card wasn't eligible at this time for an increase and that maybe if I update my income I'll get more offers. This was across three cards. I believe I am at their max limit profile already. Oh well, it was nice to dream.
  7. Apple Wallet has been great for storing most cards digitally. I keep my every day cards on hand and the rest in a drawer. If I am traveling, I will pull my travel cards to take with me.
  8. I have the old Amex SPG card which is now the Marriot Bonvot. I believe I get 35k points (good for a 1 night stay usually) for I think $95 annual so its worth it for me to keep the card. I would like to go for the Hyatt; especially with the UR to Hyatt value.
  9. It also looks like if OP had let the landlord know, they may have been able to mitigate the remaining months of rent owed. Expensive lesson here. You need pay only the amount of rent the landlord loses because you moved out early. This is because Alabama requires landlords to mitigate their damages (take reasonable steps to keep their losses to a minimum). (Ala. Code §§ 35-9A-105 and 35-9A-423 (2022).)
  10. Oooof, do you have proof of complaining about the broken AC and lack of repairs?
  11. Hey folks, I am looking for some advise. My brother has been working on credit. With the experience gained from everyone here, his Experian report is clean and is showing a 731 FICO score. The only two open (no closed) accounts that are showing are ones where I have added him as an AU. Citi AA card Chase Freedom Unlimited. Average account age: 8 years, 3 months. Oldest account, 8 years, 11 months. The concern is that I have a balance on the CFU so it looks like he has 31% credit utilization (9k on 28.7k). I am working to get that cared for but I was wondering if that will pose an issue in him applying for something like a Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom Unlimited of his own? His goal is ultimately for travel so I feel chase would be a good fit but am open to other suggestions to get the ball rolling. Thanks - John
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