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  1. The crazy part to me is the 5% CB on travel purchased through Chase. I have no idea why the CSR isn't doing the same (unless I missed something).
  2. Some people are reporting that they are seeing credit limit increased on their Goldman Apple Card -- possibly to do with adding family/family share. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/apple-card-credit-increased.2297220/
  3. I'm sure others here can give you better advice than I can about this but yes, I would certainly sue the CU. As for the collection agencies, follow the same process of disputing. I would state that this has been settled and provide a copy of the settlement agreement. I would also tell them to remove any negative items on your CR that they are responsible for or you will sue them too under the FCRA. Don't back down.
  4. On my AMEX Blue Cash Preferred: Spend $100 or more at Amazon.com and get $10 back. Up to 2 times (total of $20)
  5. I am wondering if it will be worth keeping the Freedom 5% along with the Flex. I have to look at prior categories to see if I would even get that kind of use out of it.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something obvious but this seems to undermine the value of the CSR or the CSP. The FU & Flex both get 5x on travel (booked through Chase) where-as the CSR gets 3x and the CSP gets 2x. The FU & Flex both get 3x on dining same as the CSR and 1x more than the CSP The FU & Flex both have no annual fee vs the CSR ($250 net) or CSP ($95). The only upside I see for the CSR and CSP is: You can get the travel points on non-Chase portal purchases. You can get 50% (CSR) or 25% (CSP) bonus on travel redemption. I am not sure if th
  7. For $50 free bucks, I may sign up too! hot damn!
  8. I just saw this thread after posting here:
  9. Chase Freedom has an offer for $15 back on $50 or more of select merchandize. You must use a portion of your UR reward points to get the deal. 500 points will get you a redemption of 3 cents per point. Promotion ends 10/31 or when they hit 46,667 redemptions. https://smile.amazon.com/b?node=21328382011
  10. I maxed out the $5 rewards. I might also take advantage of the Sherwin Williams this weekend.
  11. When buying a house, they will see you have a 401k loan and will factor that in.
  12. While I enjoy wine and whiskey (and the occasional gin cocktail), I totally respect that some people either aren't into the taste, can't drink because it gives them migraines or they abstain because of a history of family alcohol issues. I don't think anyone should be giving you *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity* for that.
  13. I've been using MyFico for a few years. They did a good job with that.
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