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  1. Correct, tortoises are the ones that live only on land. They can't swim. Do not put one into a body of water thinking it is a turtle.
  2. "Woman Woke Up Weeks After Fatal Crash" "Don't Ever Feed This Human Meat To Your Dog" Does anyone ever click those? They don't even make sense.
  3. Watermelons don't grow on trees. But, falling coconuts have killed many people, earning them the title of the world's deadliest fruit.
  4. They also used a Jimmi Hendrix song without permission to promote the fox meat.
  5. Where do shopping carts "belong"? They are owned by the store, so taking off cross-town with one would be stealing, but leaving it somewhere in the parking lot when you're done with it would be OK from that perspective. The store pays people to round them up. Loose carts can be an annoyance to other shoppers as they block parking spaces and crash into cars, but I don't understand why this guy is complaining about that. His other 14 points ooze with "I've got mine, so screw you" and "get off my lawn." Also why do no shoppers (including him, I'm sure) ever grab a wayward cart and push it into the store to use for their own shopping? Everyone expects them to be lined up inside the door.
  6. You don't sing me love songs... You don't send me flowers... Any more.
  7. Not just stumps. Use a little bit more and you can blow a whole tree out of the ground in more or less one piece. Unfortunately someone has already torn out the order form.
  8. Shkreli alleges that people ripped him off due to their "egos, jealousy and greed.” I would start looking for someone to release from prison if necessary so Shkreli can go into a deeper hole.
  9. One of the comments on that article was spot on: "This is like kidnapping someone then charging them rent for their stay in your basement." The guy is not right. Any other apartment complex would just call a tow truck and have it taken away. It doesn't cost the landlord anything, the tow company will charge the owner to get their car back. You can also immobilize such a car (usually with a wheel boot) but there is a statutory limit on how much you can charge the owner to release it.
  10. Always negotiate the price of the new car (as one big number) before talking about loan or lease terms. It is the foundation of the whole deal. The cost of a lease will vary with the number of miles you're allowed to put on the car. The advertised deals usually include very few miles. If you go over miles it will cost a rather large amount per mile when you return the car. If you think there is any chance that you will want to keep the car after the end of the term, sign a purchase deal instead of a lease.
  11. I'm finding it difficult to believe. Other than that the incident is ON VIDEO, the hospital has perfectly covered it up. Who shot the video? How did the Facebook poster obtain it? The only identifiable thing in the video is the doctor's neckband says "Penn". The incident allegedly happend in Arizona.
  12. The "curve" you speak of really isn't there in this case. The 50,000 mile ones are not much less. I'm thinking if yours had 30,000 miles when you sell it is going to be something unique on the market at that time. Would you still get your $4000 back versus selling one with 60,000 miles instead? I don't know.
  13. There is only one in the list that is under $44,000 and also under 23,000 miles. That seems to stand out as a clear winner if those are the only things to compare on. The other ones priced at $44,000 all have well over 30,000 miles. If you intend to trade in a few years and don't drive many miles it seems that starting with low miles would be the best way to keep the value up.
  14. Have you received the monthly statement they say that they sent?

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