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  1. I'm finding it difficult to believe. Other than that the incident is ON VIDEO, the hospital has perfectly covered it up. Who shot the video? How did the Facebook poster obtain it? The only identifiable thing in the video is the doctor's neckband says "Penn". The incident allegedly happend in Arizona.
  2. The "curve" you speak of really isn't there in this case. The 50,000 mile ones are not much less. I'm thinking if yours had 30,000 miles when you sell it is going to be something unique on the market at that time. Would you still get your $4000 back versus selling one with 60,000 miles instead? I don't know.
  3. There is only one in the list that is under $44,000 and also under 23,000 miles. That seems to stand out as a clear winner if those are the only things to compare on. The other ones priced at $44,000 all have well over 30,000 miles. If you intend to trade in a few years and don't drive many miles it seems that starting with low miles would be the best way to keep the value up.
  4. Have you received the monthly statement they say that they sent?
  5. When the dealer says they can't honor a deal as signed it is then your choice to sign the new deal that is offered, or "unwind" the deal and return the new car. In that latter case they have to give back your trade in car and / or down payment money, all of it. Like everyone else said, when it's a new deal make sure nothing has increased.
  6. In a big city there are options. Do remember to account for shrinkage though.
  7. The key number is the APR. Don't refinance anything unless it's a lower APR.
  8. There's a reason the Jeep driver posted his video without sound. Without the sound it looks like the other driver got out of his car for no reason. According to the other driver though the Jeep was blaring its horn at him. Then when he got out the Jeep driver had words for him (After getting out and hearing that, the Mini driver points to himself in the classic "You talking to me?" pose. Only at that point does he get his smartphone out and start recording) Now both videos make perfect sense, though the driver of the black car would have been wiser not to approach the Jeep. The Jeep driver eventually was arrested over this incident. He staved if off for a long time because the local police "knew him from the fire department."
  9. They don't build them like they used to. A 2004 fridge that is giving problems now should be considered worn out and replaced.
  10. The guy in the red car did the right thing to get away from that scene as fast as he could. He even was nice enough to the guy in the black car to not run over him or break his door off.
  11. Not an original idea. One of the plot lines in Idiocracy was Starbucks having expanded their services to include prostitution.
  12. Even if it's costing $500 a month, the OP is getting his money's worth.
  13. This should be a non-story. "Testing bulletproof vest" is one of the check boxes on the Arkansas State Police form for acceptable reasons to shoot someone.
  14. "TOILET PAPER! I need TOILET PAPER!" "Ordering Tarpon Shaper..."
  15. I commend them both for having remarkably good aim even though drunk. Use a more powerful gun next time.

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