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  1. mk_378

    Indiana Bill To Raise Interest Rates on PDL

    A triple digit APR means you've been, at the least, underserved.
  2. College degrees in general no longer have a lot of power in the job field. And it would be foolish to hire anyone because they have an Ivy League degree without also checking the grades. Like Centex said, anything less than 3.0 means he was just passed along.
  3. mk_378

    Indiana Bill To Raise Interest Rates on PDL

    A legislator promoting the bill says that there's no need for concern, it won't let banks do anything that street corner loan sharks don't already do, or something like that.
  4. mk_378

    One less reason to visit Paris...

    The persistent problem of significant shrinkage was apparent even at the soft launch.
  5. Cash lease means you make one payment upfront instead of periodic payments. Then you return the car at the end of the term. I have no idea what Lease Purchase (Cash) is though.
  6. The victim's response to non-consensual kissing is how to find out whether you're a star or not. The conclusion is that Mr Banks is not fully a star, though he was enough of a star to avoid an immediate elbow to the solar plexus.
  7. mk_378

    Return for refund possible?

    Every camera loses performance in dim lighting. They work by collecting light, and it is harder to do that the less light there is. Is this something that now needs to be explained to today's consumer?
  8. mk_378

    The Car Thread

    If you like low volume, consider the Lincoln MKZ. The Z is of course for Zero Sold.
  9. mk_378

    cosign for car must you be on insurance?

    The potential liability entanglements are yet another reason not to co-sign with anyone. Really the only people who should consider jointly purchasing would be married couples, and then only if it is something they need to buy and co-signing is necessary to get approved.
  10. mk_378

    cosign for car must you be on insurance?

    It is standard for insurance companies to require that all licensed drivers that live in the same house with their insured car be covered with car insurance. It does not have to be the same policy though. As for what a lender may require, the only sure answer is to ask that lender.
  11. The only "herbs and spices" found on KFC chicken are ordinary salt and pepper. The secret of the recipe is that there is no secret recipe.
  12. It's in the Chicago metroplex, which is the commercial center of the Midwest. When you mailed to "Los Angeles," was that the exact address or some similar exurb town?
  13. mk_378

    Auto insurance claimoid

    It doesn't work that way. It's not a court of law. You're held responsible unless you can prove it was someone else. So when you hit someone else, you are his "someone else", so naturally he will protect his interests by making his insurance company aware that it was someone else, and even better, that somone else has insurance. Sliding on ice and hitting another car in the back results from "driving too fast and/or following too close for the conditions", which was your decision. And in some conditions the only safe speed is zero.
  14. These kids today are nothing but germ factories.
  15. Now try that while also eating a burger...

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