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  1. The girlfriend suggested "Hide this from the guards by shoving it up where the sun don't shine," but he had an unconventional interpretation of what that meant.
  2. If you turn in now you still have to pay the $2000 for the 8000 miles it is over, as well as the remaining payments, then you lose 11 months of usage. So you can look at it as keeping until the end is only costing the additional 25 cents per mile, or at her current rate $375 per month-- which could be reduced by driving less. Trading down isn't going to be possible without a lot of cash, which it seems you may be able to swing, and that's definitely the direction you should be heading.
  3. See, you don't even need special pants, just an understanding public.
  4. Now that guy did not want his, but it shows it is possible.
  5. What are the payments? Is this financed directly through Verizon? The deal directly from Verizon offers a $200 prepaid Mastercard if you get a new line. 24 payments of $41.66 (total $999). Also $550 or $300 trade-in on certain phones (click the link on the top right of the page above the picture of the phone). https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/samsung-galaxy-s10-plus/?sku=sku3340218
  6. I'm not ready for an Achieva. I've still got 28 payments to go on the Aspire.
  7. Just because something isn't mainstream, does not mean that its promoters are not crooked. It's all crooked.
  8. "Parking Lot Madness" could be a video game. Aim for the driver, unless it's a Tesla.
  9. "Muskrat love" was apparently a thing in the 1970s. "Raccoon style", I would imagine, is not much other than a whole lot of biting. And the regret of coming down with rabies afterward.
  10. Don't trade while upside down. It's not fun, you'll be in really bad shape on the new loan if you can get it at all, and like Indy says part of every payment for the next several years will be on a car that you don't even have any more. It's something to consider only when there is no other choice. The obvious other choice here is to keep the current car and use the $2k to pay it down, or pay some other debt if there is one with a higher APR.
  11. You can really save on gas just by having a car that won't start.
  12. He'll trade it for another Prius.

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