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    1974 Imperial -- Good Daily Driver?

    That seems like a lot of money for what it is. You will need a good mechanic, someone old enough to be familiar with antique systems yet hasn't retired or died yet. It is difficult to keep carbuerator cars working properly. A modern car tends to either run well or not at all, but antique cars often fall short of "run well" and it is complicated to resolve that.
  2. mk_378

    Weird Al: Word Crimes, Delightfully Funny

    "I Lost On Jeopardy (Baby)" remains my favorite.
  3. mk_378

    Brake lines vs. linings

    Yes "brake linings" are brake pads, specifically the friction material that rubs on the brake rotor. Pad is the more common name. The fixed metal pipes that carry brake fluid under pressure are "lines", while the rubber hoses that carry the fluid out from the end of the line on the main part of the car to the wheel are "brake hoses." Shop third party garages, $400 is really steep for a set of brake pads. They are not complicated to replace. 6 years is a typical life of a battery, especially the one that came with the car when new as those usually aren't very good. Brake life of course varies tremendously depending on how you use them.
  4. mk_378

    forget amazon prime... amazon pump?

    Fortunately it will be that amazing clean coal of the future, so it will be no problem going down the road stoking it into the boiler and eating a hamburger at the same time.
  5. mk_378

    forget amazon prime... amazon pump?

    Gas stations will be obsolete. The future is in tanker drones. Or would that be drone tankers?
  6. There are at least three different systems for bulbs. I have not tried to keep up.
  7. Walmart employs Santas? It seems like nothing good could come from that.
  8. Any "flat screen" is HD capable but can also display non HD (SD = Standard Definition) signals. Use the best connection that the box and the TV both have. In order from least preferable to to best are: 1. Coaxial RF. This is a single threaded plug like the incoming cable TV line. TV will be tuned to channel 3 or 4 to view from the converter box. 2. Composite. This is a 3 plug group: yellow video plug plus a red and white pair of plugs for audio. 3. S-Video. This is a special small round plug with 4 pins, plus a red and white pair for audio. 4. Component. This is a group of 3 or 5 cables: green red and blue plus a red and white pair for audio. 5. HDMI. This is a single cable with a flat metal plug like a USB plug but larger. Connection types 1, 2, and 3 are only for SD signals. Types 4 and 5 can handle either SD or HD. Any new TV will have 1, 2, and 5.
  9. mk_378

    Advice on rental car collection

    How would you (or they) know the nail wasn't from their lot when they drove the car from the drop-off location to a parking space?
  10. mk_378

    Wanted (Reward)

    In America's meth belt, she does blend right in.
  11. mk_378

    So I'm going to Cancun...

    Check with your cell phone company to see if your phones will work there, and how much it will cost.
  12. And she'd do it again, without batting an eyelash.
  13. mk_378

    Cash out refi?

    Don't convert unsecured debt to secured. Just don't.

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