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  1. So if the boss texts you at home asking "Do you know where the 2 inch spanner wrench is?" you'd have to say that "My HOA won't let me answer that.'
  2. In a move criticized as "too little, too late," Disney did put Sneezy the dwarf under quarantine.
  3. It's not only for hands now.
  4. What happens when the wearer farts?
  5. How would it improve life for anyone, including the police, to make the area's meth heads even more paranoid?
  6. It's 2x points when the clown is not drinking liquor.
  7. When there are "massive incentives" that apply to every buyer, the sticker price becomes meaningless. The lender figures the street price to be the value of the car-- so your loan to value may not be as good as you think it is. The can't disclose a bank fee as a line item, or even admit that there is a bank fee. All they can do is raise the price of the car, but not come out and tell you why. So this is a delicate situation that ends up falling on the last guy to deal with you. Like Marv said if you want to continue with this dealer it sounds like the only way you're going to see the actual numbers is to have them write up the final deal. Of course you don't have to sign it. Waiting until your score is higher would certainly enable a better deal.
  8. I thought it would be a real dinosaur... They won't laugh at you as much if you don't try an obviously made up hokey excuse for how it got there.
  9. "You'll be forced to sell your horse for glue..." said absolutely no one. Most people eventually did though.
  10. So I go there and the first joke on the page is ripped off from a Chevy Chase movie. Real clever and original there Garry.
  11. Clown names are always one word, like "Patches" or "Punchy".
  12. Wi-Fi Calling is built into late model phones. If your carrier supports it, extra hardware is not needed. After it has been set up, when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and the cell signal is bad, it should automatically make calls via the Internet.

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