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  1. If that deal exists at all they must be counterfeit. You can choose which "tax stamp" they have and the price doesn't change, so no tax is actually being paid. New York tax is $4.50 per pack when they are offering the cigarettes complete with NY stamp for $2.80.
  2. They have a minimum order 20 cartons = 4000 cigarettes. Smoke em if you've got em... Yep I've got plenty.
  3. Road trip to Winston-Salem. Introduced in 1926, they've outlived nearly everyone who smoked them.
  4. Jetpacks don't fly to 3000 feet. The fuel is specialized and expensive. Should not be hard to track down who's been buying high-test peroxide.
  5. It is a strange small battery-- either a "T4" or a "CQ" size. Yes it looks like $159 installed is a decent deal. If you're handy and cheap, could probably adapt a $30 "U1" lawn mower battery into it.
  6. If you're sleeping in a meth lab, you're doing it wrong. Should also be pointed out that the modern "meth lab" consists of an empty Coke bottle and a few simple ingredients sold at Wal-Mart.
  7. It's a return on investment model. Sinking money into extra capacity that may only be needed a few hours per year is not good business.
  8. Corn needs to pollinate from other nearby corn plants for kernels to develop. A single stalk of corn won't yield anything. It's not a rugged individual sort of plant.
  9. Wine is fine but liquor is quicker, and these folks don't have a lot of time left.
  10. The case count has always been the primary statistic. No one "moved the goalposts." When testing is expanded to include people who are not deathly ill, the ratio of deaths per detected case will decrease. There are quite a few victims who didn't die, but suffered permanent damage. That's their unfortunate "pre-existing condition" for the next epidemic.
  11. People make fake Rolls Royces. It could be a Camry or Chrysler 300 underneath.
  12. Dictating who can and can't have children is genocide by attrition. Everyone has a right to replace themselves.
  13. Any competent prosecutor with almost any jury could get murder 1 here, and the charge is only second degree murder. However, history shows that the prosecutor will sandbag the case. The judge will likely assist.
  14. The Honda Conniption. It will blow a gasket, and then so will you.
  15. Ever notice that every town, everywhere, has a sign that says "Welcome to Historic _______". That house is like 99% of those towns. Just keep going.

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