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cv91915 has set up a Go Fund Me page to take donations that will be used for flowers for breeze's memorial, and excess will be donated to a cancer charity in breeze's name.  If you'd like to participate, please go here:  https://www.gofundme.com/breeze-memorial .  If you have any questions about donating or the GFM, please reach out to cv91915.  
Sunday, unexpectedly, we lost one of our own.  After a sudden diagnosis of liver cancer just two days before, our very own mama Breeze lost her battle with this disease and passed away on Sunday afternoon.   She passed peacefully surrounded by her family.
We know that many of you will be as devastated as we are to learn of this, and we know that you will share in our grief.  We will be in the Feedback forum with you, sharing our memories and our tears.  We encourage you to join us there.
We started on this journey fifteen years ago - breeze, Pam, LKH, and radi8.  Through everything that has transpired over the past fifteen years, we have always remained family - and Mama breeze was an integral part of that family.  We will be posting additional information here, as much as we can while still respecting her desire for privacy and anonymity.  For now, while we process our grief, we will close this notice with Godspeed, Mama.  We miss you so much already.


- Pam, LKH, radi8, Marv

- the mods and forum leads


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  1. mk_378

    End of lease options?

    Leased cars belong to the original dealer at the end of the term. If the customer goes to buy it out, that counts as a sale for the dealer and they make money from it. They're unlikely to set aside what is already a done deal and try to sell her a different car.
  2. mk_378

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    As CV hinted at, they have too much house for their income. That is not a sustainable situation. They need to move.
  3. mk_378

    GAP Insurance

    Gap insurance, on top of what the other guy's insurance paid, should have been a full payoff. Unless it was the lousy version of GAP that doesn't cover negative equity rolled into the deal, and you had negative equity rolled into the deal.
  4. mk_378

    FCA Bonus Certificate $1000.00

    https://www.drivepluscard.com/ The customer must spend $7500 with the card during the first year to receive the $1000 certificate. It doesn't work for every FCA vehicle. It appears that only a very limited number of models and trim levels are applicable, and they may change them by the time you have reached $7500.
  5. mk_378

    Lates, eventual repo, cosigner

    Some people's lives are one "extenuating circumstance" to the next. Like Nyquill said, the cosigner is going to end up buying them a car and paying for it himself. If he's OK with that, just do it that way. Otherwise, stay away.
  6. Some categories of goods, like vehicle related or home improvements, will be hard to charge back. In any case you have to work in good faith with the merchant first.
  7. A new account will show up. Credit score will not be affected by the old one that is coded "card lost or stolen."
  8. mk_378

    STD's Cases Spike

    Way to go, Mississippi: #2 in STD, #2 in stillbirth (behind Alabama), #1 in infant mortality. The AL-MS rivalry, scrapping for the bottom in public health and other metrics of civilization, continues. West Virginia's low STD rate shows there is something good about keeping it in the family.
  9. Life insurance for old people is heavily advertised on TV, which means it is something that is a bad deal.
  10. If a relative dies of natural causes and you can't afford a funeral, the county or city will accept the body and dispose of it at no cost. It's a public health issue.
  11. mk_378

    Speaking of Fried Chicken Restaurants...

    That joint was just a hole in the wall.
  12. mk_378

    paid off cards, when does interest stop

    The OP was asking about making the (highly advisable) transition from carrying a balance to paying in full, and certain posters still wanted to tear her head off about the idea of carrying a balance. Makes no sense unless they were just looking for a fight.
  13. mk_378

    Anyone want to split the cost with me?

    It is a prime candidate to part out the engines, instruments and all the other expensive parts that make it fly. Then put it up on blocks and use as a house.
  14. mk_378

    paid off cards, when does interest stop

    Paying the Statement Balance (or more) resets the grace period rule so that you will not be charged interest on new charges during the next month. And you have then paid off the old charges so there is no more interest on those either. There will be some residual interest on the next statement due to the time between the closing date and your payment. Cash back always applies to any purchase whether you are in no interest grace or not. But if you are paying interest, that will quickly be more than the reward.
  15. No people, no crime. It's the only sensible way to run a country.

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