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  1. mk_378

    Multi Part Question

    You can't inherit a loan. The estate would pay off the car loan then some heir gets the car. If the estate doesn't have enough money to pay off the loan, the car goes to the lender. If you're saying the loan is in your name and now you have two cars but only need one, decide which one you should sell.
  2. mk_378

    Poverty Tax

    Please don't pick 16 for the Megaball. That number is mine.
  3. mk_378

    another biz closes down!!!

    "...for exactly 15 minutes." "Hey you two, wrap it up. We need the room for the next group."
  4. A person's situation can't get any worse than being dead, can it? So things are only looking up.
  5. mk_378

    Fee to lower interest to meet government standards?

    Your broker has told a whopping lie to you in an attempt to convince you to sign a bad deal. You can decide how to proceed from there.
  6. Two cars that are paid off and still work-- most people would be happy with that. Someone with an open BK won't even be considered by mainstream lenders; at least wait until discharge.
  7. The "No rush" plan means that Amazon will sit on your order for a couple of days before it even leaves the warehouse.
  8. mk_378

    help please

    Like Marv said, you should be co-owners on the title.
  9. mk_378

    Counterintuitive Facts You Recently Ran Across

    Might have to update those population and elevation numbers though.
  10. mk_378

    End of lease options?

    Leased cars belong to the original dealer at the end of the term. If the customer goes to buy it out, that counts as a sale for the dealer and they make money from it. They're unlikely to set aside what is already a done deal and try to sell her a different car.
  11. mk_378

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    As CV hinted at, they have too much house for their income. That is not a sustainable situation. They need to move.
  12. mk_378

    GAP Insurance

    Gap insurance, on top of what the other guy's insurance paid, should have been a full payoff. Unless it was the lousy version of GAP that doesn't cover negative equity rolled into the deal, and you had negative equity rolled into the deal.
  13. mk_378

    FCA Bonus Certificate $1000.00

    https://www.drivepluscard.com/ The customer must spend $7500 with the card during the first year to receive the $1000 certificate. It doesn't work for every FCA vehicle. It appears that only a very limited number of models and trim levels are applicable, and they may change them by the time you have reached $7500.
  14. mk_378

    Lates, eventual repo, cosigner

    Some people's lives are one "extenuating circumstance" to the next. Like Nyquill said, the cosigner is going to end up buying them a car and paying for it himself. If he's OK with that, just do it that way. Otherwise, stay away.

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