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  1. You can really save on gas just by having a car that won't start.
  2. He'll trade it for another Prius.
  3. If there is a broken belt or bent wheel you may notice it driving real slowly on a very flat surface. A wobble driving slowly is definitely because something is not round, balancing will not affect it. A more invasive test is to swap the wheels front to back and see if the situation changes.
  4. Seems if you have people in the back seat you would've bought the four door.
  5. When your burger squeaks on the first bite, you know you got a fresh one.
  6. This whole thread was bait. And it worked.
  7. Yeah, the proxy guy always leaves the casino up by $250.
  8. Dual power is common on many heavy electric trains. For example third rail in the Chunnel and overhead on land. I'm not going to count that as a different type of transport.
  9. Do not wait to pay extra. The less you owe on the loan the less interest they charge you every month.
  10. He does insist on the best though. The cheap stuff can have a nasty bite when you smoke it.
  11. If your credit is not good then it's counterproductive to shop yourself. The dealer should know who is most likely to approve in your situation and target the applications. If your credit is good then do go ahead and shop yourself, although anything other than credit unions is likely to be wasting time. The big commercial consumer banks tend to be really conservative with car loans, even if you are a long-time customer.
  12. The finance terms are clear that the monthly minimum payment will be equal and determined as 1/24 of the initial amount financed. Since it is a standard revolving account you could pay extra any time, but that would only reduce the number of payments not the amount of next month's required payment. So the question is can you somehow split the price of the phone between "cash" down and an amount financed? That's a purchasing question not a financing question. You could fire up the Samsung App and go through the stages to buy the phone to see if that is ever offered. I kind of doubt that it would. As @cv91915 points out, there's no savings made by choosing to put more money upfront into a zero APR deal. Take the money you have banked for the "down" and pay it out some each month as part of the payment.

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