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  1. bryenz

    Costco Citi Visa

    I'm Z and ours is here. But useless until next week
  2. OK, I app'd. Exp at 745 (as per the Citi response screen) Approved for $5,500 with 0%/15 months followed by 17.99% APR (but since this is a PIF play I could care less) I suspect the low-ish limit is due to the two AA cards I now have with them with combined $44k CLs, one of which is only 45 days old.
  3. I'm pretty happy with it. It went to $0 AF and I used it basically only at Best Buy for extra points here and there. I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained; I have no real worries about one inquiry for a CLI, and I've been feeling pretty lucky lately. Everything's coming up Milhouse with Citi...
  4. Thought I'd report in. I've had one of these MasterCards for some time (first HSBC, the Cap One, now Citi) and it's been pegged at $500 since inception. Two months ago Citi sent me a "new" preferred card but with the same limit. Over the weekend the luv button reappeared so I tried it, asking for an increase of $19,500 (don't ask, you won't get, right) and this morning, notification came back, approved. This makes my sixth card in the $20k+ club. I think I'm done for a while! Hard pull on the CLI, I'm sure, but totally worth it to get rid of another baby limit. Scores, as reported by the cards that offer them, are between 690 and 740.
  5. this thread isn't dead, it's just been sleeping for a few months - but to revive it, I called in today. I thought it might be a long shot, was at a $1k limit with four statements. They upgraded to $5k and flipped me over to Visa. Just in time for today's double points day and the half-yearly men's sale... look out
  6. Just called "Credit Solutions" (which now they are answering as 'synchrony bank' by the way) for an increase on Lowe's, as it's appliance time. The guy told me that due to the increase ($10k to $25k) I'd be over the $100k GE limit. So, the limit seems to be in place for a number of people. I had $8k "available" under the limit so Lowe's is going from $10k to $18k. That's the end of the road for the Credit Solutions game for me.
  7. APPROVING BANK DCU BUREAU PULLED Equifax CREDIT SCORE 682 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE California NEW/USED New YEAR OF VEHICLE 2014 MILEAGE 0 RETAIL/LEASE Retail (sort of) AMOUNT OF LOAN 99,295 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE 90% + gap TERM CONTRACTED 65 APR/LEASE RATE 0.99% (1.74% base rate with adjusters down for direct deposit & environmentally friendly) MONTHLY PAYMENT 1,569.60 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Tesla Model S financing - approved also through Alliant but at 5.24%/72 months. Greater than 90% LTV on these cars is hard to get.
  8. I just finalized a new Tesla loan through DCU and they reported the same weird Equifax range: 334-818. The disclosure just said "Source: Equifax" but didn't talk about Beacon, which version, etc. As with cv91915, one of the "factors" was "too many consumer finance company accounts" and I have zero, unless they're maybe counting GECRB accounts? I do have a bunch of those.
  9. No idea what happened here - 778 --> 700 (!!) The only changes are pay downs (roughly $10k) and a new home equity line. Freakin' fako.
  10. No problems here either. I just can't get them to move off the crappy $1500 CL (I have two other GE cards at $25k...) - oh well. Use for ebates, PIF immediately so reports $0, rinse, repeat.
  11. No luck for me on the "Credit Solutions" call upon activation. The initial limits seem kind of stingy. Reported TU score was 714. Oh well, I'll use it on ebates, park it, and try again after four statements - the usual GE tricks. At some point they're going to get sick of me, I already have almost $100k in combined GE limits.
  12. My letter stated the range on TU the same as yours. My score matches the model that Walmart uses for their TU score, at least for the day they pulled it. This prior thread has info on the various models: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=488877 Also, I had the temporary limit of $1k for the shopping pass but called in to find out my real limit. I then called GE Solutions number and had it raised to the amount I wanted. The card did end up being the Visa Sig version after all. The crazy thing was the when I registered my physical card it said my limit was $1k. I decided to log out and log back in and it changed to the new limit after all. Good luck with yours and try the recon number if you do not like the limit they assign to you. So I called and they said I had a whopping $1,500 limit. When I asked for recon, the guy put me on hold for around 5 minutes and said that I needed to wait until I got my real card in the mail, and I could call back then. This was from the "credit solutions" backdoor number. I'm not inclined to push it, so I'll wait. A week isn't going to kill me but I'm not really fond of a $1,500 limit when I have 2x$25k with GE (PayPal, TJX) and several others between $5k-$10k.
  13. Approved here, with the usual $1k starting limit. I'm sure they pulled TU but I'll find out shortly. I'll let it sit for a bit and then call to see what the real limit is... Edited to add: I got the link to the "risk based pricing notice" and they pulled TU for sure, score is 713 on a range of 300-850. Anyone know what version of TU FICO they're using here?
  14. How did you 'push gently' - I called them today (similar situation, app on Friday, hard pull on Saturday as per myfico) - and got the verbal 7-10 day message after answering a bunch of ID questions: "name 2 credit cards showing on your report," etc.
  15. I have to stop reading this website. App'ed this morning, declined due to Ch7 from 2004... called for recon, instant approval (no questions asked) for $13k. +1 to Chase on this one!

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