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  1. Should I B/T some of my debt to the Patelco card now? Or wait till my balances are lower... I was thinking about $400 transfered to keep it under30% utilization Thank you Sam B
  2. I worked for Primerica Financial services(a company that sells insurance, mortgages and also mutual funds). We were alerted about a false company called Primerica Bank that was committing fraud. Primerica Bank does not exist. It is a scam! Please contact the FBI and forward all information about primerica bank to them. We were informed about this group of people trying to defraud individuals in our name. PFS is a subsidiary of Citigroup. However, Primerica Bank is not. It is a scam. If you need real contact numbers with the Primerica Home Office, I will post them. They also will take
  3. I was declined on both Penfed & Palco. EX: 668, EQ: 670, TU:654, EQ was pulled on both. I have 100% utilization on both my credit cards(1500 & 7000). D/I of 15%, and annual income of 32k. The only good news was that palco offered me a 1500 credit card as a counter offer and I accepted. 1 late pmt from 22 months ago(30 days). Once I get my utilization down, I will try again. Thanks Sam B.
  4. I was wondering if my credit is good enough for me to start qualifying for a loan and investing in my target area. My REAL fico's are: ex: 668, eq: 670, tu: 654. The only problem is, I have 100% utilization on my 2 credit cards(1.5k and 7k) I also have a car loan of 8k. I am currently in the process of improving my scores- paying down debt/improving my utilization ratios by getting "easy to be approved" cc's. I have 5k saved, Annual income of 32k, and have a D/I of ~15%. No rent payment either. I intend on investing in REOs. I want to use the Fannie Mae Homestyle Renovation Mtg. However, I do
  5. Thank you for the info. I'll continue to pay down the balances. BTW, at the end of the 3 months, the cd's that you bought mature. With the cash you had deposited(in your checking account) from the last loan, you pay off the 3rd loan... take out the cash from the now mature cd at bank 3, pay off loan #2, take out the cash fromt he now mature cd at bank 2, and pay off loan #1. All you have done is paid interest of probably 5-7% for 3 months(very little actual cash). However, this supposedly gets you in good with the banks. This info is from Donna Fox at http://www.credit-millionaire.com/.
  6. Could somebody please help me along the way? I have eq 668, ex 670, tu 654 and 100% utilization on my 2 cards: $7000 & $1500. I have 1 late payment from 22 months ago, and I just received a car loan for $8000. I am trying to get my utilization down by applying to penfed and palco credit union credit cards and doing balance transfers. What other companies have good balance transfer terms and big lines in Illinois that pull EQ or EX? (i've looked in the msgs and only found these 2). However, what should I do next? Once I (hopefully) get approved and transfer some of the balances, how
  7. GRR! I tried ordering my reports on myfico.com and their server lost its connection. I was 1/2 way throught validating my identity and it crashes. It now says I have previous reports, but It won't let me see them(It says I have an invalid user id). Also, the charges are on my cc, though they haven't posted yet. Does anybody have a number I can call to fix it? Or do I just need to reorder. This is annoying! Has this happened to anybody else? Thanks Sam B.
  8. Hi all! This is my 1st post. I have 2 credit cards, each maxed out: $7000, and $1500 limits. The minimum pmt is 107 and 29 respectvely. I used to have more credit, about 5 cards, but I closed them 2 years ago(stupid me). I have 1 30 day late pmt from 22 months ago. I just closed on a new 8k car loan ($164/mo). I've been paying the minimums for a while now and in the process of geting my reports. I have my transunion already, and it says my "score" is 639. What is the best way to improve my fico? Should I get another card and do some balance transfer and also start paying down the debt
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