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  1. S corp self employed here. We got approved and closed end of may. Shanne is correct. They used net not gross and also had to provide P&L and a Balance sheet. ait was a FHA 203K loan.
  2. One of the conditions that came back was to provide a P&l and also a balance sheet for our business since we are self employed. That is a new requirement with FHA with no exceptions! They asked for it to be from a CPA which we do not use. I just gave underwriter documents from quickbooks that I use and it was excepted. closed in 60 days. Just remember that they use net numbers not gross and you should be good to go.
  3. We have have been approved with condtions. They want a P&L from a CPA. We do not use a CPA. I use quickbooks and have a professional tax person do my taxes at year end. My loan officer said to just give him mine. What are my chances of making it back through underwriting. I called a couple of CPA's and was told my accountant can give them to me. They said we didn't do your taxes. So now what. I am so sick over this. Our average net over 2 yrs is 48,000. No debt. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks Ican, I will do that. Yes no savings and SS direct deposit. The bank told her they can not garnish her SS money. That is the only money going in her account. I will be leaving town for a few weeks but when I get back I will take her to court house. Shes worried about them takin her money from her account. The judgement from pinnacle is 2009. The state is Ohio. Thank you again.
  5. Hi everybody, While visiting my mom over Thanksgiving she handed me a collection letter from JB&R for midland funding. She has no clue what it is for.She does not have any credit cards. She thinks her X husband that is now deceased might of applied for credit in her name. I looked at court house on line and there is a judgement filed against her at address she hasn't lived at when it was filed. It says pinnacle filed for it. Anyways my mom is 78 and only income is SS and lives in senior apt based on her SS. She has no money car worth 1000. She is judgement proof. Should I just forget abo
  6. Thanks Sparky for your valuable advise. does your teeth look real? I' m so afraid of them looking fake! What happens if you don't like the way they look?
  7. My teeth are getting bad. Would like something permanent. Any suggestions? Does dentist give free consults. I would like to see some before and after pictures. Thanks
  8. Awesome! That is exactly my goal... probably 10 yrs from now
  9. my bank offers it. I used it to transfer some money to my moms account. I believe they charged 1.00
  10. Just want to say thanks to everyone! I come on here everyday to learn! Without this site I would of never been able to rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy. I will protect all the knowledge I have learned form here forever. My latest approval from Barclays sure does feel good! Thank you CB!
  11. Thanks everybody! I just have this feeling for the last month about winning. Everytime this happens it does come true. Sometimes it lingers for months but I can definelty wait if thats the case...
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