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  1. it was a w2 and then stated for my business. I have a very small home business that makes hardly anything. There is no way that we stated that much income from my business....no way at all. I do know there is nothing we can do because he signed the papers. We are going to use this experience to learn from it.....but that doesn't me any less aggravated I trusted this broker. And by the way the broker was from this board.
  2. actually he must still be in business looking at the boards here.
  3. I'm really angry right now...angry at myself and angry at the broker who we worked with. Four years ago crediboards was my salvation at answering my credit issues and rebuilding my credit. Our credit was flawless for two years and then we decided to buy a house. We still owned a another house but felt we could easily sell it....besides our mortgage broker said we would have no problems at all paying for two mortgages until we sold our first house. Well the market took a dive and we still own the house (two years later). We were really stupid for buying a house without selling our first one....but that is another story. Now our first house is in foreclosure and we are barely able to make our payments on the one we live in now. We just found out there is an organization that will help us with getting our mortgage company to lower our interest rate (on the house we live in now). They are non-profit and will do this for free. So we made an appointment for later on today. We were told to bring our mortgage documents in. So last night I was glancing over them and was shocked that our incomes were listed as $92,000. This is $40,000 over what we actually make. There was no way the mortgage broker could have gotten this wrong. We submitted our income tax records and my husbands pay stubs. How can someone make a mistake of $40,000? The mortgage was in my husbands name and I was stupid enough to trust that he would look over the documents. Well he looked over some info but failed to miss the income figure. So now my husband is on the couch and I am fuming. I know we are to blame for not reading every word on the documents. But isn't the broker to blame for inflating our income? This is deceitful and unethical. We should never have gotten this second house. If only the broker had taken our actual income....he would have denied us and we would still have great credit.
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