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  1. That comes out to $418 for every man, woman, and child in the USA. Seems overblown.
  2. I logged into Experian this morning and found this delightful number staring me in the face. A 30 day late from 2016 dropping off was the main thing that happened.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this one play out. Please keep us informed.
  4. We have a small side business, sole proprietor with DBA, completely legit and above board. All income accounted for, business checking account, Sched C filed with 1040. In other words, it's a real business. I currently use a personal credit card (Chase SWA for those wondering) exclusively for business expenses. With the exception of the odd petty cash purchase, 100% of expenses are put on this card. Is there a reason or advantage to using a true business card like the Chase Ink, Amex Blue, or similar; rather than a personal credit card?
  5. LOL - I've never run out of juice in 8 years of EV driving, and I absolutely love waking up each morning to a full "tank" of fuel.
  6. Like Hege, I too am disappointed at the lack of commentary on the receiving PO. I thought you cross referenced the Post Office it was going to, then looked it up in Street View on Google Maps, and if the Post Office was not up to your standards then that was a valid reason to close your account.
  7. Some lenders send a PDF explanation letter via their online secure PITA "email" systems where you can send and receive communications while logged in. Might be worth looking there.
  8. I'm always in awe of the heroes that walk among us.
  9. Well done. This is the Synchrony card, correct? Be sure to ask for CLIs every 6-7 months, you should be able to get it up to $10,000 (the max for this card) in 1-2 years.
  10. I love these threads where a newbie starts telling the CB owners, mods, and old-timers how this community should be run. I forgot what the last thread was where this happened, but it had an amusement factor that was off the charts until the thread was locked.
  11. Most credit card applications allow you to submit household income. Here is the exact verbiage from the popup descriptor for the income field on the Citibank credit card application: Total Annual Income Examples: Salary, wages, interest, dividends, rental income, retirement benefits. If you are 21 or older, you may include income from others that you can reasonably access to pay your bills. You do not have to include alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income if you do not want it considered as a basis for repaying this obligation.
  12. CELEBRATE!!!! Oh the five year remission mark is huge. I remember it well when my wife and I went to that appointment - I think that was the most nervous we were since chemo ended.
  13. Just curious, what happens if the car sells for more than the amount due? In today's weird car valuation world, it could easily happen.
  14. I've been using RoboForm free - a Chrome/Firefox/Edge extension - for the past 8 or so years. It does everything the paid for version does EXCEPT being able to use it on multiple devices. I prefer my laptop for financial stuff, so that isn't a deal breaker for me. However, I believe I am royally screwed if I ever lose my laptop or if it decides to brick itself. I think right now would be a good time to export and print a list of all UN/PWs. Edit to add: Holy crap - I have 334 user names and passwords in my RoboForm file.
  15. Wow - You joined CB in 2016, lurked until making your first post today, and this post is an amazing blueprint. Well done Ophelia. You did some heavy lifting listing those SUBs, I'm going to bookmark your post for the next time I apply for a card.
  16. Apologies if this has been asked before. If we add me to my wife's 21 month old WF card as an AU, will Chase hold that against me for the next 24 months from now? Or will it fall off the 5/24 radar 3-4 months from now? (I'm currently at 6/24 and will be at 5/24 next January or February - don't want to harm my chances of getting a Chase I've been coveting for awhile.)
  17. Received Citi's decline letter today. "We reviewed your request to increase the credit limit for your Citi® Double Cash Mastercard® account. We're unable to approve your request because your credit report shows too many recently opened accounts." I will try again in 6 months.
  18. You could have saved yourself some keystrokes by just using ARU. Related - Elon Musk once sent an email to all employees requesting fewer acronyms. The subject line of the email? Acronyms Seriously Suck. The body of the email:
  19. I just don't understand the vitriol on CB. Here is a newbie that joined a couple of months ago, has only nine posts, and he gets absolutely SLAMMED by a nine year member with 9,700 posts. Iam - What I do is put all my credit cards in a spreadsheet and sort them by date due. Then twice a month I go in and verify that everything due for the next 3 weeks is taken care of. For CCs that are autopay statement balance in full, I mark those in blue. Some of my BT cards are min pay or min pay + autopay, and I mark those in green. If there are any cards I want to PIF before they cut, I take a good look, set the payment date, then give myself a reminder (PI Reminder Chrome Extension is a godsend for this) to check the day after the payment was scheduled to be applied. That way I can check to make sure nothing else was charged and I can still pay it. You mentioned the issue with variable closing and due dates. It appears much worse than it is. You can go through old statements and find the earliest closing date and the latest closing date - rarely are they more than 3 days apart. And the due date will almost always be x number of days before the cut date. So it's not hard to find the absolute earliest due date possible. Below you can see what my spreadsheet looks like. On 7/1, I went in and verified all the rows you see. I changed the text to red for telling myself I did it. The next column is the due date. Blue means auto pay, red means manual pay, and the black ones are sock-drawer, so I know I don't need to bother (but I usually do anyway, it would be awful if there was some once a year recurring charge that snuck by me). In the Card Name column, the two red ones are BT cards. I put the date the cards were opened because there's another column that figures out age and keeps track of 5/24 for Chase. I also mark down if I or my wife is primary, and if one of us is an AU on the other's card. Then there's CL and balance, and from there I can figure out percentage of credit line being used. Complex? A little. Bulletproof? A lot. But 30-45 minutes twice a month and I've got myself covered. And if I don't have 30 minutes, I at least verify everything that isn't auto pay. Welcome to Credit Boards Iam - most of use are really nice to each other. Hope to see you here for a long time.
  20. I think Shifter took all the Citi CLIs for the day. After seeing his two, I decided to give my wife's Citi Luv button a try. We've had that card 18 months, over $25K of activity in that time, always pay in full and haven't asked for a CLI before. Denied just now 😞
  21. The synchronazon card has a hard ceiling of $10,000. They sent me a letter giving that as the CLI decline reason.
  22. I'm a bit scared to look at my Amazon card - I might have had too much fun for Prime Days. (But there are a lot of Christmas gifts taken care of 6 months early 🙂.)
  23. Fellow cheapskate here. Experian gives a free FICO 8 score, it is my go-to for seeing where I stand creditwise.
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