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  1. Congrats! I Don't know if you will receive an automatic CLI on your Chase Freedom card or not. But if you decide to call Chase and ask for an CLI on your Freedom card it's more and likely will result in a hard inquiry.
  2. Clovervalley, may I suggest that you ask one of the Mods to move your post over to the Medical Forum so that you may seek help there. And that WhyChat and others can assist and help you.
  3. Thank you! They pull my Experian and Equifax. Thank you for responding and answering my question, I appreciate it.
  4. Congratulations QueenBoss. And may I ask, which of the CRA's did Chase pulled from for your approval? Thanks.
  5. Why Chat, The computer print-out from the CA, AR Resources, Inc. ($153.05), ER Doctor's bill balance, DOS 1/14/2014. There is no current date recorded in the page's body of the computer-print out page/billing. The only date/time that is recorded on the page is at the bottom of the page in the lower left area of the page. And at the bottom of the same computer-print out page's center showing that in fact it was transmitted by the ER Doctor's Billing Department. And the date/time that recorded in the lower left is 12/15/2015 11:14:19 AM. I mistakenly provided an incorrect date for the Ambulance Transport Bill, the DOS is (8/25/2012) and not 8/25/2015, like I mistakenly listed. And my EOMBs shows that I have an balance of $88.72. So, yes the balance that I owe is correct. Somehow this bill slip through the cracks on me. Also, please note that the Ambulance Transport Billing/Account was previously reported by,: Financial Credit Services. And is now being reported by Gulf Coast Collection Bureau. At present I am thinking that AR Resources, Inc., that's on my Experian and Equifax CRs may be the more difficult ones to get removed/deleted by CRAs. I sure would like to see them all gone. As always, thank you.
  6. Why Chat, I am sorry, I was trying to send my response to you and answering you questions in red. I don't know what happen. And I hope that you can see, read/understand my response. As always, thank you.
  7. Why Chat, Yes I have already sent the follow-up dispute letters with copies of the CAs DV letters and proof of their delivery to both CRAs, Experian and Equifax. This was done in December 2015. And at the time Experian and Equifax, each CRAs was reporting three medical accounts, the same(three)and each CRAs the (same three CAs). EQ had a(4th)different acct When Experian received the follow-up dispute letters they refuse to reinvestigate: Pursuant to Section 611(a)(3)(A) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. However, sometime after this Experian has deleted two of the accounts that they was reporting and leaving only, AR Resources, Inc. (The Hospital Emergency Room Doctors Bill}, $153.05. When Equifax received the follow-up dispute letters they deleted the one different account that when not reporting to Experian. They also deleted a second account, the $167.00 Doctor's Bills account that was later re-inserted, that the Why Chat's reinsertion letter has now gotten it removed/deleted. This has left two medical accounts now on my Equifax CR: 1-AR Resources,Inc. (The Hospital Emergency Room Doctors), $153.05. 2-Gulf Coast Collection Bureau (Ambulance Transport), $89.00. Note, this was previously being reporting by Financial Credit Services. Also, Why Chat in my case, what would be a valid response From AR Resources, Inc.? What I have received from them so far, is an computer billing print-out from what appears to be from the Hospital Emergency Room Doctors billing department. But there is nothing that has my signature on it. As always, thank you.
  8. Why Chat, What should I do next? To re-cap things some since it has been a while: In my post #66, on January 15, 2015 I stated in this post that Experian said that they was not going to investigate again, this was concerning my follow-up dispute to them with copies of my letters of disputes to the CAs that was on my CR and reporting to them. At the time, I had three negative medical TLs/CAs on my Experian CR. Some where along the line two of the three accounts/TL have been deleted from my EX CR and only one remains. The negative medical accounts, TLs/CAs that now remains on my Equifax are two. Experian: 1-AR Resources, Inc. (Hospital Emergency Doctors), DOS 1/14/2014, amt $153.05. This amount matches my EoMBs. I should not owe anything. What is they billed the secondary insurance first and never did bill the primary insurance which should have been billed first. This was due to an auto accident I was rear ended by another driver, (see post #1). My auto policy was the Primary insurance but was never billed. My Medicare insurance was the Secondary insurance it was billed therefore this left the account with a $153.05 balance. Equifax: 1-AR Resources, Inc, (Hospital Emergency Doctors), DOS 1/14/2014, amt $153.05. All information is the same as I have listed above for Experian. I might add that when I sent the CA DV letter that I did get an written (response) letter from them that appears to be a computer print-out. So, I am no sure if this is an valid response or not? 2-Gulf Coast Collection Bureau (Ambulance Transport), DOS 8/25/2012, amt $89.00 balance. This account was previously being reported by Financial Credit Services and Gulf Coast Collection Bureau just came what seems like out no where and took over and start reporting. Why Chat, Should I send an DV letter to Gulf Coast Collection Bureau? What should I do concerning AR Resources, Inc.? How do I move forward in a positive from this point? As always, thank you.
  9. Update: I have finally received my official Equifax hard copy report from me disputing the Gulf Coast Collection Bureau $167.00 doctor's bills that Equifax had deleted and then turned around and reinserted it. The account/TL was previously being reported by Financial Credit Services and Gulf Coast Collection Bureau came up from seems like no where and start reporting the account/TL all over again after Equifax had deleted it. I am happy to said/report that Equifax has now deleted the reinserted account/TL. Thank you Why Chat, your reinsertion letter worked. I have also checked EQ back door the account/TL is gone. The delay in me getting my official hard copy mail results from Equifax, was the USPS mistakenly delivered the report letter to the wrong P. O. Box instead of my P. O. Box.
  10. Hello OP, It sounds like the doctor's billing office may be balance billing you and your husband for their services that was rendered to your twins at the time. And if this is the case, it is illegal for them to do so. However, Why Chat will be by shortly to advise you as how to pursue this matter. So, in the mean time, wait for Why Chat.

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