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  1. I don't qualify for fafsa any more, and I'm pretty sure I can't get a stafford loan (I'll be checking with the school.) If I'm forced to go private loan route, who do you recommend?
  2. prosper!!1 thats the one thank you
  3. it was a site where people could bid on the loan and donate whatever they wanted too..
  4. thank you, do you happen to know the website where you coul borrow or loan for anything reason?
  5. i've seen people tlak about them on here before but having a tough time finding anything through searches..
  6. went from 2500 to 1300. I'm assuming it's because i never use it. Ever since they bumped my apr up to 24% I dont ever use it. It's crazy because BOA gave me a card with a 5k limit and 12%!!!
  7. I was just recently approved for that same card with a collection, late payement only make 60k combined with wife and i'm only 22. so that seems weird you got declined
  8. for the last few years I've been working on my credit to buy a home, well we just moved in last month! I decided to go out on a limb and apply for the BOA alaska airlines card.. I got approved. My credit goals have been achieved. Now I'm considering closing one of my other cards that have not been treating me to well.. Capital One $1000 Oldest account at 3.5 years Wamu/Chase $2500 Discover $4750 BOA Miles card $5000 just approved Both my Cap one and Chase card charge an annual fee and both raised my interest by double this year.. they both don't have a balance either. Would canceling either one of these cards be a bad idea ? Thanks in advance
  9. Just closed June 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah they have had a for sale sign int he front yard for over a year now.. I just drove by yesterday and it looked like a moving trailer was there so hopefully they are on their way out! Thanks for all the help!
  11. When we had our inspection and appraisal done on a house were trying to buy it had renters.. The renters demanded they be present for the inspection and appraisal. After we came to a mutual agreement and signed all the paperwork and after our inspection the renters put in a "backup offer" on the house. Is this legitimate?
  12. Were buying a house that currently has renters, we haven't closed yet, but the seller has asked for an extension for the renters to leave (Past 30 days). Any advice on how to handle this?
  13. I just called my agent and she spoke with my lender, the lender got an exception on the FHA form so it is no longer required to be signed. I believe the problem is solved with that.. well so now with that exception we have all of our paperwork done and signed by everyone so if they did take a "backup" offer over ours we could go to court.
  14. The form was an FHA form for everyone to sign allowing the bank to pull our names for fraud against the FHA.

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