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  1. but will that message get forwarded to someone overseas?
  2. like the title says.....i did a search and didn't come up w/ anything. This is in regards to a dispute i have for a transaction. Every phone call i make is to someone overseas, not that anything is wrong w/ that, but they just don't seem to understand the nature of my dispute. I have called and written my dispute and explained it as simple as possible almost elementary like, but no one seems to understand. I need someone i can contact here in the U.S. who will understand. Please, if you can help send it to me via PM preferably, unless you want to post the info here, dm. Thanks again for any help!
  3. Yea, thats what i kinda figured....... in my head everything made sense, but the way my friend explained it he insisted i did the math on paper.
  4. Hopefully i can explain this the same way he did. So three people decide to get a hotel room and share the cost of the room. The room costs $30. So they each pay the front desk attendant $10 $10 $10 _____ $30 total After a short while, the attendant realizes he should of charged $25. He decides to take the $5 back to them. As he approaches the room, he realizes there is no easy way to split the $5 between the 3 people. He decides to give them each $1 back, and keep $2 for himself. So each person gets back $1 $1 $1 + $2(for attendant) _____ $5 total So, really each person only paid $10-$1=$9 $10-$1=$9 $10-$1=$9 _________ .............$27 total between the 3 of them ...........+$2 (attendant kept for himself) __________ .............$29 where did the last dollar go??????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. yea i love CS too.... oh well, i'll try again later. Maybe it has something to do w/ TU being down like someone said in the other thread.
  6. way before..... more like 6pm central so thats what 7pm or so ny time....
  7. I didn't see any other threads in the first two pages. I can login in but can not refresh my report, this is the message i get The last time i refreshed my report was last night. Have they changed to 24+1?
  8. Yeah, it was a hard pull for me. But 1500--->4000, Not too shabby.
  9. count as a purchase in regards to billing?? just wondering, i know stupid question
  10. cjsls

    b* on TU.

    yea...i been pulling since february and just recently got b*
  11. cjsls

    Double B* ROCKS!!

    heck yea, double b* rocks....... i'm finally down to 1 on EQ, and 1 on TU.
  12. isn't it once a day for the 3in1 report and then you can also pull a single TU as well....
  13. yea i have 1 inquiry on TU that was b* off a couple months that has reappeared today.
  14. yea i had one crown and it was $2,000....still have 3 more crowns to go plus have all 4 wisdom teeth out. OUCH. hopefully i will qualify for insurance at work in about two more months. :crossingfingers:

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