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  1. My guess is citi TY premier with 5 points/$ promo or WF (though it would be unusual to do that kind of multiple with WF).
  2. ~400k miles is an awful lot of flying, mind sharing what you do? It's a mix of manufactured spend techniques. I split my energies between miles and 1-2k per month of cash back to feed my gun and technology hobbies. One can spend much money per month buying vanilla reloads. There are plenty of other things out there, but vanilla reloads area great first step. Between these miles (I'd previously been earning 33% less with my sapphire preferred) and my wife's ink bold, it lets us fly first class to some interesting destinations.
  3. Chase mileage plus club card and an amex. The $395 fee for the chase card was waived for a year and worth the number of miles I'll earn with it per year (~400k) and the lounge access.
  4. Yes the card that transferred the limit was over a year old (around 3 years and backdated 6).
  5. Ok I thought I would update with the outcome. I applied for for a new amex and ended up making a new online login. I won't get into the how or why, but I had my standard login and 3 personal cards and a new login with the new card. The trouble was, I couldn't allocate credit lines between the old and new cards. So I chatted with online support, and after 20 minutes they were able to combine all of my AMEX cards into my original online account . From there I moved enough funds from my BCP to my new card to raise the new limit to just under 25k. Easy and instant. My biggest fear of having the new account deleted or the transfer rejected didn't come to pass. After the 20 minutes online with online support, the actual transfer process was very easy.
  6. As part of my new year app spree, I applied for a new chase as well as a new amex in addition to a few CLIs. While the chase card (united mileage plus club card for 1.5 miles/$ and club access) gave a healthy $33k credit line, the Amex gave a head scratching $7800. As as I plan on using this card, I need to reallocate funds from an existing card. My questions: 1. How early do I have to wait to do this? Do I need to wait the standard 61 (or was it 91 days) to request a reallocation online, or can I do it immediately? 2. If I reallocate the credit lines, I have the option of going over the $25k threshold on the new card. Do the same concerns (FR, increased scrutiny) apply for a reallocation as a standard credit limit increase? 3. Last question, this new card has been linked to a new user ID. Is it possible to have one card showing on two separate online accounts? If not, does anyone have any experience in moving a card from one online account to another? Any light that could be shed in the above is INCREDIBLY appreciated.
  7. New amex here as well. I'm unsure of the limit.
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    Nice. The B*.S.I. Club.
  9. There is so much knowledge here. Ask questions, read all you can, be disciplined, and it will come. Many have gone from zero to hero; it is possible if you can be disciplined and persevere.
  10. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304773104579266743230242538 http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/18/secret-service-target-data-breach/4119337/ Online orders not affected. Dates from ~11/15-12/15
  11. The MYFICO TU score is indeed an old version. However, the EQ and ex scores sold are more widely used.
  12. In the near term, paying off the cap1 CO won't help your scoring. However, if you were to apply for a mortgage Ina few years, the lender may require you to have no unpaid collections. You dont need to pay it now, and you may be able to leverage your ability to pay to receive a pay for delete. Don't jump the gun and make decisions you might regret. Take your time and read all you can here.
  13. Denial reasons are like like the wind and are sometimes only loosely correlated with reality. If you obtained a paper copy of your report and are sure there are no trade lines, then the most likely explanation is your multiple inquiries. Multiple inquiries with no trade lines, as it's been said previously, is a negative under FICO scoring. The Discover application process may not have a negative reason of "no trade lines with inquiries." The link with the closest thing in their Application auto rejection process might be "delinquent." I have no idea what's scoring model discover used. if it's an internal score than 504 could very well be possible. You may just want to be SURE there are no other things going on. Since you have a lot of inquiries with no accounts what to did those denials say?
  14. Exact same message for me... Is it possible they have removed the feature for all of us that weren't supposed to be receiving it? Screenshot:
  15. Joint cards have so much downside and very limited upside compared toAU cards. If someone with bad credit is going to default, having joint responsibility won't stop him/her. The only real benefit is legal dual ownership of debt in non-community property states or for unmarried individuals. Even this, I suspect, can be easily remedied with a short signed note to the effect of "I am responsible for all of my charges" on an AU card.
  16. Thank you. I will recheck. Keep them coming!
  17. Ah yes, I couldn't remember who it was and if it was 2k softs or 3k. Many thanks. How do we know it is not possible? Has someone tried and documented that after let's say 300 inquiries on daily pullers plus on orchard/hsbc/etc the hard inquiries are still there on EX? In software, there is always some limit - or the there will be a stack overflow. So Experian must have a limit - it just must be a very high limit, could be 128, 256, 512, 1,024. or higher. I may be the only person you know who loves being proven wrong. Please, do it!! I'm serious. CV, this is not about you and/or me being "right" or "wrong". This is a legitimate question to an oft-repeated answer "you can't do B* on EX! Period!" For all those people who repeat this answer, the question is very simple: how do you know that for sure? Because after I discovered "B" on TU and Equifax, I attempted to force "B" on Exp. At one point, about 9 years ago, I had upwards of 3,000 softs on Exp and although at one point, I thought I may have had "B", I didn't. Never did get "B". So, go ahead and try. Pull as many softs as you can and see if you can force the issue.
  18. How do we know it is not possible? Has someone tried and documented that after let's say 300 inquiries on daily pullers plus on orchard/hsbc/etc the hard inquiries are still there on EX? In software, there is always some limit - or the there will be a stack overflow. So Experian must have a limit - it just must be a very high limit, could be 128, 256, 512, 1,024. or higher. Start at 2k and work your way up from there. There is a great deal of experience on this board.
  19. Score Ranges: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=488877&p=4936238
  20. Updated FICO Chart http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=488877&p=4936238
  21. Updated info. Thank you Nostradamuz for the FICO 98 Info. I also added Vantage 2.0 and 3.0 info, though this obviously isn't a FICO score.

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