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  1. Coolio, you are right. Misty, we're going to hand write it. We're not at the point where we need a stamp or calligrapher. We can easily do 500.
  2. RIGirl, you make a very good point. If we're whining for 500, it's like saying we don't want 5000. I don't want to put that type of energy out into the universe. I will happily sign those 500 cards. My other concern is having our signature floating out there with 500 people. Any thoughts on that?
  3. RIGirl, you mean to say we have to sign them personally DH asked about that and I thought the "From the owners and staff of..." could do. I guess 500 is not that many. We are grateful for every last one of those customers and would love to have them next year. A little bit of writer's cramp won't hurt
  4. I just got Thanksgiving cards for my company at CardsDirect.com They were pretty reasonable and included 4 lines of company message with card and envelopes. Envelope address printing was 60 bucks extra. We got 500 cards for $497 with the custom printing. They also have a net account, but I didn't go for it because we're cutting it close and I didn't want any hiccups.
  5. I thought OfficeMax was always someone else. One of those that require 2 years inc. DH used to work there, that's what he reported. Do you mean Office Depot?
  6. Your best bet would be to build your business credit first. Get an Experian score and/or a DUNS Paydex. I would lean toward the Experian score. THEN apply.
  7. 3rdmillenniuminc, I would be securing it with cash. cooliojones, they do not offer business credit in my area. At least according to the website. I will call to inquire. Any other ideas?
  8. Here's the scenario: Hubby and I want to have a breakthrough year next year. We need financing. However, last year we made some grave credit mistakes which we are still paying for. The biggest one on mine is late mortgage payments for 4 months. In January it would be 1 year since the last late payment. I will ask for goodwill, but I'm not optimistic that it will fly. On DH's credit he's got a late school loan which we still need to take care of. My question is, if we apply for a secured line of credit with our scores (mine 600, his 520), could we get it? Which banks would be the most likely to grant it? Or am I just kidding myself?
  9. In 2001, DH's company went bankrupt and he started the biz. In 2003, I decided to join him, not really knowing what it would take. By the time we figured it out we were 4 months behind on the mortgage. In 2004, I went back to work. In 2006, I'll be back in the biz full-time. Here's what we learned from that experience. - If you want an SBA loan, get it while you have W2 income in your household. - Whatever you do, keep your personal credit spotless. Before the 4 months of not paying the mortgage, I had great credit. Now, it's tanked and it's difficult to rebuild. LOC's, loans, and most biz credit cards need good personal credit. - If your business is an infant, don't try to live off of it. - Next time I leave, we'll have 1 year's expenses on reserve.
  10. My thoughts and prayers also go out especially to those that are displaced in Texas from Katrina and now have to go through another rough storm. I am hoping that it does not turn as it is on a westerly course now.
  11. Misty, to your previous question: they don't include the HDMC, per a rep, but they are wrong sometimes.
  12. Congratulations I was just telling a friend of mine that our business was taking over our house. We are down to the master bedroom.
  13. Dear God Misty, what have you been up to. Over 2000 posts
  14. Thanks for the welcome back. I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to that
  15. I've been off the boards for a while and lurking from time to time. I also stopped checking DNB every week, but decided today after months to check it. I signed on. There was a message saying I had not been there in sometime and that I needed to update my account. Despite selecting the free report, I could not get past the update. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?

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