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  1. Ok... note to self - make sure to requests checks, just in case *check*
  2. @BamaInvestor - Thanks for the clarification. My understanding had always been to use the specific "Line of Credit" checks to access the LOC, not any of the personal checks. So I will be sure to not confuse the two. @mendelssohn - Hmmmm, thanks for the heads up. I was hoping to have them by the beginning of August, but will work with whatever timeframe they come.
  3. Thank you, BamaInvestor, for stating your experience! I had understood this to be the case for the NavChek which is why I applied for it in the first place. Then after I was approved, I was speaking with a CSR and as I explained what I was looking to do with the LOC in a couple of weeks, he stated that the money would come out of the checking account first and then draw from the line of credit. That made me pause and be thankful that I wasn't doing DD with NFCU. I was also confused on why they would do it that way, but it was their perogative. I still haven't received the promissary note, so I have been unable to read any docs on it yet. Now it sounds like I just got a CSR who wasn't rock solid on the NavChek product. Either way, I will know what happens when I write a check from it in a couple of weeks. Hopefully my experience is the same as BamaInvestor's.
  4. Capital One Quicksilver One $1000 I had applied for this immediately after the Newcomers card because I saw it offered slightly better rewards points. I received a response that the app would have to be reviewed. Understandable since I just received instant approval on the Newcomers card. I was told that I probably wouldn't get it by the CSR in the PC dept, but to let the process run its course anyway. She was very nice and we talked for a while before hanging up. I had settled on not getting it. Just now received the email stating that my new CapOne card was on its way. Huh? I had to call in to find out the limit and to be sure it was the card I was told I wasn't going to be approved for. Yep, sure is. Not sure if I should keep with the $39 annual fee, but it does have 0% APR until April 2014. I may call to see if I can get it changed to the regular Quicksilver. Only thing is I don't have excellent credit. I'll run numbers on it. $24,000 in new credit in under two weeks... Somebody point me to the garden with the maze so I can be sure I don't come out for a long while. I don't need anything else until I decide to purchase a car and buy a home again.
  5. Ah, another EX08 data point! Whatever you need, Bob, you got it!
  6. Hello All, I just wanted to come back and update that I received my Visa Flagship Card yesterday. Its nice! I used it in Target and the cashier was trying to see what kind of card it was, lol. Also, I went ahead and applied for the NavCheck at $15K and was approved! They first did a conditional approval pending my 2 paystubs and a bank statement being received. I faxed those in to satisfy the conditions and now my promissary note and other paperwork is on its way! I am very thankful for those who contribute their experiences here. I would have never thought to seek credit with NFCU otherwise. This has really boosted my timetable. Of course, now I wonder if I should get an MC with them later..... I can wait for sure though. Either way, I love NFCU and I am going to convince my DH to join so he can get the benefits also. Oh, yeah, CapOne arrived, too.... yay I guess I'll use it every now and again...
  7. Oh good it's not just me. I'm waiting on my cards for Victoria's Secret, Avenue, Dress Barn, US Bank (yay for that one!), Wal-Mart and technically Amazon (although I used the line already). I know that's a LOT of new credit but I'm looking for things that'll grow with me and I don't plan on any big purchases for 2+ years so the time to open things is now, even if I take the hit and then let them age and grow. Depending on how things look, will do a few apps for major bank cards spring - summer 2014. Nothing before then though. We have similar plans. My long term is home ownership again. You're good with store cards. Store cards will get me in trouble. I've done well with NY&CO and TJX Rewards although I shop there regularly at both. I am good at keeping the balance either very low or PIF. I was eyeing Target and Amazon, but with the NFCU card now, I may not get any other store cards. Still, Target and Amazon would be nice.....
  8. CapOne Newcomers MC - $1000 instant approval Applied for the NFCU goRewards, was mistakenly given the nRewards with a $5000 limit. Called in to have it fixed and was told I could have whichever card I wanted, so I chose the Flagship Rewards and also had the limit bumped to $7000 at the same time. Approved that same day. Also learned that my Von Maur card was bumped from $200 to $300 without asking. NY&CO switched me to the Platinum Rewards card, but didn't increase my limit. I see a closure coming soon for that one. .
  9. I am feeling the exact same way. I received an email from CapOne on Monday concerning my card being shipped and I have been looking every day for it to arrive. I spoke with NFCU this morning and was told my Flagship card shipped yesterday. I. CANNOT. WAIT. If I was a teenager I'd probably tweet or Instagram or make a letter opening video on YouTube! I'm trying to distract myself by planning my card use rotation. Oh, and maybe with work too.
  10. Now, my credit is fully restored with more credit and spending power than I need. I just wish Amex hadn't recycled my Gold card number from 1975 sometime after the account was closed in the early 1980's. Love to have that backdate. If you call AMEX and provide SSN, there is a good chance they may find your old account. Worked for me like a charm. HTH How old was your account when it was closed? Was your card number re-issued to someone else? I had a CSR check both my account info history and look up the old card but it belongs to someone else, apparently for quite a while. Mine wasn't quite as old as yours but mine dated back to 1987...so when I was approved last week for the BCE I asked for member services and once I was transferred to that department I mentioned that I was a member back in the late 80s. The agent asked for SSN, put me on hold to look up and when she came back she stated that she found me and indeed I was a member since 1987. So, the good part is that I received two 26 year old accts added to my CR. As for my account number being recycled, I have no idea because I couldn't remember that number if my life depended on it Okay, just had to comment here, but I had the green AMEX card back in college. They just gave it to me with a part-time job and no credit. Basically, if AMEX deemed me worthy today for a new card, I could ask them to back date back to when the college card was opened? Very interesting to know.
  11. I'll admit that I just joined NFCU to get access to the generous credit card limits they offer to those with less than stellar credit. I just joined this past Friday and have been impressed thus far with their credit department. My DH is an Army reservist/previous active Army and not a member. I was able to call in and join with no problems. Now, they may have verified some information since they did ask a few questions concerning my husband (last 4 SSN, DOB, branch of service), but I was not told specifically that they were doing so. On the same call, I opened the savings and applied for a credit card at the same time. (Two HPs, btw) I probably won't move my main banking to them since there are no physical locations where I live. Also, my main bank just has a much more robust online banking platform, key account features important to me, and I get a higher yield on the savings account. NFCU will definitely get a shot on the auto loan I will be looking for later next year, however, since their rates seem to be very good.
  12. Update - I downloaded the NFCU app for my phone and checked the accounts. My new card limit is $7000! Its funny, but the woman I spoke with over the phone had asked me about how much more I would need. It caught me off guard and I said "another $2000 to be safe". My mouth is just gapped right now. Very, very happy. It's still showing as an nRewards card, so if it doesn't update tomorrow, I will call in again to make sure the card is indeed the Flagship. Will update the credit approval and creditpull database. Thanks CB!
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