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  1. So the BofA CLI on the title is a false alarm then? And you raised my hope too. lol
  2. Wow! it took me almost 30 minutes to try to figure out while reading very slowly if kenn was truly a genius (you know how geniuses often speak or act in very strange ways in a common person's point of view because they are insanely smart). NO! I wasted my 30 minutes to do something so stupid. Now I have to join the OP's opposers to release my anger. @kenn: have you realized that not a single person here accepts your posts? In a voting system, this generally means that you lost because you do not have anyone vote for you. Why don't people vote for you? Do you really think you make sense
  3. @bikrtrsh: I did some research for rate jack but did not research enough to come across Chase rate jack. I did not think that everybody that had Chase card got rate jack. Other people got it even worse than I did (higher rate jack). And I always thought that I could stay with Chase until the end of time. Thank you so much for the wake up slap. I will be more watchful with all of my cards from now on so I will not be disappointed when things become bad. @moneypit: So maybe they did not want you as a customer anymore that they felt so happy when you paid off your card that they could fi
  4. I would like to say hello to everyone here. It has been a long time I have not visited this forum because I have been keeping low profile to protect my credit stuff. So I did not need to come to this forum for a while. I heard that many people have been getting rate jack and CL slashed. Well, I thought I was lucky that I only got CL slashed once from BofA (30K to 15K). However, another bad luck shined upon me when my Chase card finally got rate jack today. Below is the scanned letter from Chase that informs me the rate jack. This just killed my day completely. Scanned letter (PDF f
  5. sub-prime: annual fee, high interest rate, membership fee, application fee, phone fee, bill fee, talking fee, charge fee, mail fee, fee fee ... prime: low interest, no annual fee, rewards, low rate balance transfer offers, high CL
  6. A while ago, I wanted my card to be just plain black, so I purposely submit an image of just black. They did not approve and turned it to US flag... Nah I am sure they thought I submit a broken picture or something. Just some funny story to share
  7. Sounds like some kind of ancient prophecy about CB.com from a few centuries BC
  8. This should scare you George WHO DO THEY KICK OUT OF JAIL TO FREE UP THE SPACE??? MURDERER??? DRUG DEALER??? ARMED ROBBER??? CHILD MOLESTOR??? BANK ROBBER??? DRUNK DRIVER WHO KILLED A PREGNANT MOTHER??? Somebody please tell me $1,000,000 FINE do they credit cards??? I think this is George's point: One can freely lie or tell the truth about your income on credit decisions. It is your own responsibility if you cannot handle it later on. It is obviously very bad if all of us lie about our income from the creditors' point of view. The whole credit syst
  9. . Are Federal Loans of this type, Stafford and Perkins, available for advanced degrees as well? I already have a B.S., and I thought someone told me these are designed for the first degree--however, I know very little about them since my first degree was many years ago. I got a small Pell Grant twice back then, and since it was a grant it did not have to be paid back. I am over 24, unmarried (divorced), no children, no dependents, not an orphan, never been a ward of the state. I also got student loan for undergrad, but it was federal loan mixed with PELL+CAL grant. So I on
  10. I disagree...it also prevents CAs from buying lists of people that are applying for mortgages... it won't prevent a CURRENT CA of yours from getting that information...but some CAs buy lists of people that are applying for mortgages, then slap collection accounts on their reports That sure is a tricky situation, thanks for the very helpful tip
  11. I'm just curious because this may happen to me in the future but what do you mean by having them served? Do you mean suing? Are there other ways to put pressure on them?
  12. Or 20 ($50k) accts within a year are bound to raise a red flag. It surely is a great risk. One can cash out 1 mil (or close to 1 mil) then move to a different country without going back to the US ever again. How exactly would one "cash out" when it comes to credit? I assume that you mean max out the cards, which I am sure the lenders would never allow you to do without locking the account first, but red flags raised all over the place on this one. Cash advances in 1 day on all the cards, perhaps? I don't think many lenders report so soon to let others follow up.
  13. I would not count on that. The phone company only cares about getting a phone contract from you. They will not spend time on your credit history which does not give them any profit. Moreover, I doubt if the phone company knows how to fix this error.
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