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  1. Yeah, that's a good suggestion. I'll have to call them and get a new check sent out. The dealer took the original one and ripped it to pieces.
  2. I purchased a new 'one at this price' Ford Truck on Sunday. I already secured financing through Cap1's Blank Check program. The dealer placed an ad in the local paper. The Finance Manger said the newspaper ad stipulates that I MUST finance through Ford Credit to receive the advertised price. FYI - The rebates I received did not require Ford Financing. Is it 'legal' for a dealership to force a consumer to finance through a certain lender even if I've secured my own financing? It seems a little unfair to force me into financing with Ford when I prefer to use my own financing.... especially when Cap1's interest rate was 1.25 percent lower.
  3. I haven't purchased a vehicle yet, but considering a new Ford Ranger. They are offering an additional 1,000 off if you finance through Ford. How long am I required to maintain that loan before I can refinance it with another lender? I've heard 2 different stories from different dealers. One says 3 months and the other was 6. I've contacted Ford, but haven't heard back yet. Thanks
  4. Anyone have a Bill Me Later account? They don't have a traditional 'credit limit' on their accounts. They will approve a purchase on a case by case basis. What does the credit limit look like on your credit report? Is it your current balance? This seems like a bad idea because it will made your utilization high. I was approved for an account, but won't use it until I get some feedback from other members. Thanks for any help....
  5. I went to a Carmax dealer the other day and they bought my Hyundai Accent. They gave me a good price. Very happy with the staff. I took a few minutes and walked around the lot. I felt their prices were way too high. They had a 2005 Hyundai Accent with 37,000 miles on it for 10,600. You can find an advertised special on a new one for cheaper. I think they cater to people who don't like to negotiate or can't read the Sunday car ads.
  6. I used the Blank Check to purchase a new car 2 years ago. The interest rate was about 15%. That isn't a bad rate for me since I had a BK in 2004. I've since paid-off the car and applied for another Blank Check and was approved for 15,000 at 9.6%. It is the easiest car buying experience I've ever had. Cap1 gets some bad press, but I can only say positive things about them.
  7. I filed BK in 2004 and was discharged shortly after. I have 9 credit cards that were included in the BK and all of them are listed as being 90 days late. Is this disputable? If so, do I just dispute it as 'never paid late'? Or what? Go easy on me Thanks for the help...
  8. I received a discharge after filing BK7 in 2003. I checked my Experian CR and noticed that ALL my IIB accounts have a 90+ day late mark on them. Is this disputable?
  9. I applied online and got the standard 'you'll hear from us' response. To my surprise they sent me a 4,000 CL. I'm very happy because I filed BK72004 and having trouble finding good cards. I've have car/home insurance w/them for years and they seem like a good company.
  10. Could someone tell me when this is suppose to drop off my CR?
  11. I checked my CR today and the account status has been changed to 'Closed by Credit Grantor'. Is this considered a negative mark on my CR?
  12. It's still reporting as open. I logged into my BofA account this evening and my credit limit is still 7,500. Wouldn't it be zero if they closed the account? Oh well, I still have a Cap1 with a 3,000 limit.
  13. I filed BK7 and was discharged in 2004. I opened a BofA Visa card w/a 500 dollar limit. I received several credit line increases and eventually had a limit of 7,500. I always paid early and kept my balance low. Now I get a letter from them saying that my account has been closed because I had flied for BK. I don't understand why they would close an account if you've been a good customer. They (I'm assuming here) knew about the BK when I original applied for the card?! Totallyl confused. Any thoughts on what I could possibly do to get the account opened again? Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. thanks for the quick replies. your advice is appreciated
  15. I have 2 credit cards that I don't use anymore. One is from Dell with a 1,500 limited and the other is Capital One with a 3,000 limit. Both of them have a zero balance. I tore up these 2 cards because the temptation to use them was too great. I currently only use my BofA credit card and it has a 7,500 dollar limit. I've done a great job of rebuilding my credit since my BK in 2004. What's best for my credit score? Leave the 2 accounts open or close them. Also, how long does it take before a credit card company closes an inactive account? Thanks everyone... Scott

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