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  1. Trying to get myself taken off someone's Chase account as an AU. The account has been closed and charged off. Not sure if my first moved should be simple dispute with CRAs or letter to Chase? I've read posts on here that sound like both work, but not sure if I should try one before the other or maybe both at same time, etc. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. bumping - have the exact situation going with Santander as Pissarita does. They didn't respond to the DV letter, came back verified by TU. Sounds like they have done this with alot of old Triad accounts that are past the 7 year mark.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up... looking forward to watching it tonight!
  4. Have a repo on my report from 2002. Due to come off report in July 2009, but would rather not wait that long. I've disputed with CRA's but all came back as verified. So I sent a version of WhyChat's Repo letter. Triad sent back what looks to be copies of two letters they supposedly sent me in 2002. The first was letting me know they were selling my car and the other was the deficiency after the sale. Any advice on what my next step should/could be??? Thanks!!!
  5. I would have disputed that a second time long ago. I don't see any reason to wait a second. Take a look at the threads in my signature below, the ones which mention the benefits of deleting old addresses BEFORE disputing...hint hint... Thanks Bubba. Yeah I have disputed before in the past. Also I deleted all addresses back when in '03 when I first found CreditBoards. Thanks to the fine folks on here I was able to get my reports almost completely clean. I got away from the repair for a few years, now I'm just getting back around to this repo. I thought a simple dispute might d
  6. Does anyone see any downside to going after a repo that is due to fall off my reports in July 09? It's the last baddie to get rid of (finally!) and I tried disputing with the CRA's last month but had no luck. Now I'm thinking of sending of a letter to Triad, or I can just be patient... which has never been a strength of mine Thanks!
  7. My credit repair journey is coming along great - have managed to get 5-6 bad tl's deleted along with a dismissed BK from TU. Thanks to everyone on the board. A couple of questions: 1. Sent a letter to Discover for my Mom - she has a paid charge-off listed by them. A few weeks later they send her a letter asking her to provide them with her SS# and other info so they can track down her account!!!!! Nice try Discover, so I told DM not to do anything and wait until the 30 days was up to see what the CRA's do. 2 weeks later Discover sends a letter basically saying "We think
  8. I hear you CramIt......I'm a little nervous!!!!
  9. I think she's going to add me as AU on her platinum....opened in 2000, $10,000 limit, zero balance, no lates. Of course its easy to keep such a clean record when she only uses my AMEX blue :wink:
  10. Needed to share this, just rambling, don't mind me. So the other day I'm talking with my girlfriend, "pittsburghhoney", and she asked me about my credit "stuff" I've been doing. Told her it was coming along, and she asked "how bad is your credit?" Uh-oh, the big question arrives....... Until now I hadn't told her my score because I knew she had good credit, but she never actually checked her score. So we decided to "take it to the next level" and trade scores. I explained to her how the scoring system works(like $hit :evil: ) and let her know of my "high 500's, close to 600 l
  11. what up Joe Congrats on the new wheels. I'm with you on the PG scores....just recently moved from "poor" rating up to "fair" Definitely taking baby steps myself
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