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  1. Creditor Name: Sears Commercial Credit - NET 30 Credit Limit/Terms: approved for $6000.00 Apply Online/Fax/Mail/Phone: FAX, approval by phone call 2 days later. Reports to: D&B, Exp, or both (if known): ? Did you give the creditor your D&B, and/or Experian file to assure reporting? No Did you need a PG: NO Have you been in business for 2 years or more: Yes What are your D&B score & Experian score, & # of tradelines reporting? D&B - 80 paydex with 20 TLs, EXP - 97 with 13 TLs If you received a turndown, did a call reverse it: n/a Did you fax over financials, at all, to influence decision: NO
  2. I have $7,500 with key - when i asked for a increase recently was told anything over that amt required financials. will be sending mine in hopefully in january for an increase.
  3. have to disagree. after the research i've done over the last year - speaking with bankers and underwriters, etc - if you pay in full each month, depending on when you hit the cycle, you may never even show you've used your card (it may constantly show a zero balance) no help there. and also - if a bank can't make money off of you, you are more likely to get your credit limit decreased than one that can make money off the interest. remember, they aren't giving you loans for the heck of it - they want to make some money too.
  4. reliable has never reported for me. i think it's hit or miss with all these guys. my ikea never reported either - bummer.
  5. that question you just asked was not in your original post. but - even then - if you read the boards you would know that most folks say to NOT buy anything from D&B. There is no "FAST AND EASY" way to get around the system. You have to read the boards, and do the work. It takes time. And while some info may be several years old, for the most part it is all pretty much legit and still accurate. The basics are anyway. Now I actually paid for Credit Builder, but I had tradelines over $10,000 that I couldn't get added any other way - so it was smart for me to go that route. But if you have no tradelines, buying Credit Builder will do you NO good. And, if you do have tradelines, but they already report to D&B, those won't necessarily be added either. And, if you have tradelines with companies that aren't part of D&B, those won't report either unless you convince them to become part of D&B. Hope that helps. But seriously - no quicks and easy here - takes time and patience, and lots of time reading the boards.
  6. i put my actual inc date - as officially it's the day this biz began as a corporation. if i get someone on the phone, i explain things. seems to work out okay. then again, i have been in biz over 3 years according to d&b (10 really), but at least i'm over the 3 year hump.
  7. ain't that the truth. our min payments are over $300 i do believe.
  8. yes. read the threads at the top of the main biz credit page (called stickies). you'll learn alot there. after that - ask specific questions not general questions. the basics are all covered in the stickies, after reading those - then ask questions. we're all happy to help if you do your homework first!
  9. wow - name calling, really? how old are we? grow up folks, stop making yourselves look like salamanders. this is a place of learning, but you have to show the others that you can read for yourself before we spend our time dishing out all the answers. and to call folks names because they bring up that point is just plain rude, and quite annoying. we spend our time here helping others because we spent the time learning the ropes. have specific questions, ask them, but show us you've done some of your own research first. we aren't here to spoon-feed you.
  10. always check with an acct. i started sole prop, then changed to LLC then had to change to corp (with s-corp status). If I had known then what i learned in the process, i'd of set it all up properly the first time. check with local acct and attorney. they know best!
  11. read the boards, read the boards, read the boards.... oh - then read the boards. it's all here - just spend a little time reading. then ask your specific questions.
  12. I know I've been gone a while - but went in today to update my siggy and every time I tried to make a change, it kept telling me the signature was too long. Even after I kept removing a bunch of stuff, I couldn't get it to take it. Has some new requirement been added to the signatures? Have I really been gone that long? Anyone miss me? hehe
  13. great. i told my assistant to just pay the minimums. no sense in busting the bank if they are just going to keep dropping the limit. although - their interest rate is nasty - so will be happy to get that one gone.
  14. correct greywolf - i has the same fiasco. been in biz since 2000 as sole prop - then changed to LLC in 2004, then corporation in 2006. d&b will only let me have 2006 on my file - even with taxes, legal docs, etc. i begged and pleaded (and bought credit builder). didnt matter - had to go with last date of entity change.

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