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  1. No that's 10k per billing cycle. my wife just received a letter. so up to 120k a year. But it will hurt our spending because we spend about 25k/ month.
  2. 100% Agree. I do have though one conspiracy theory why this application did not go through. My wife has their 3% card already for few years. Nice limit, heavy heavy use. Just in the first year alone we collected almost $8k cash back. Always Paid in Full every month, so never allowed them to make any money on the interest charges. So maybe they think its just a waste of money to issue another card, and simply its not worth it to them. Im pretty sure they see that other card when manually reviewing app. Same last name, same address... maybe I'm wrong, but that's what came up to my head after that phone call as well.... I really have no issue using chase or BofA, they are my highest limit cards, and i use them a lot, but I guess 3% unlimited cash back is the only card that I know at the moment. My wife's card is already second year, now cash back is down to 2,5% and I was thinking to switch these purchase's on my card for next 12 moths so we can continue with 3%. Maybe next time I guess
  3. Thanks hdporter, I did call today, and I did ask why in this world my application was turned down. Their explanation: income not sufficient/too much available credit. I then asked "are you asking me to close down some of my old aged 10+ year accounts with high limits just to have a chance that you will approve me next time, and is there a really guarantee that you will anyway even if I do so?" - lady start loosing her speech and did not had a clear answer, she was only able to tell me that "she can not guarantee anything, and she can not suggest anything". And I said "Oh, incredible! Thank you for a clear and strong answer". She also asked me if maybe I have a co-signer to this application, that may help as well". I replied "thank you, but my utilization is only under 1% ($2,500) at this time and that I really have no financial issues and my credit score is 830 and this would be really crazy if I had to get a co-signer on the table in order to get a credit card from you. I also asked if there is anybody to reconsider a lower limit and I can start maybe lets say with 5k limit, she said "unfortunately this application was already closed and you can re-apply and there are no guarantees that someone can approve me even for a lower amount. Welcome to Alliant Credit Union where the magic happens! Sorry i did not mean to insult anyone who has accounts there and maybe they do some magic for ya.
  4. I think iT was the "max" optIon. I did not entered any amounts for sure. So they had a chance to approve me even for a 1,000 dollars.
  5. Applied last year for their 3% unlimited cash back rewards cc, got declined. Kind of did not wanted to bother with answers too much. Last year they sent me letter with too many INQ's. At tat time I had 7 INQ's. Exactly one year later I had no applications within last 12 months, only 1 INQ on my report, decided to try same card again. Applied - Declined. Reason today - insufficient income for a desired limit. My income 105k/year. credit score for the last 5 years always 800+ (thanks CB), have mortgage, cc utilization under 1%. most limits on my cards are $10k+, some reaching $40k. Should I bother to write a letter to someone or complain? This is really ridiculous when you have exceptional score and under 1% util, with no INQ's on the report and average account age 7,5 years you are being turn down for some nonsense reasons. That's an insult to me. Any thoughts?
  6. Did. but there is still balance of 70$ which I'm assuming monthly bill. So my question, before he pays that, should he dispute first? Or try PFD option? Or any other option possible?
  7. Yes it is kind of situation just like that. He thought he made a final payment, then they charged for some unreturned box or something and then it is in collection now. He never got a final bill at new address because he did not moved this service he simple disconnected
  8. It was a last bill, small amount, I mentioned that it is in IL state. It is pretty fresh, 3-4 month old, because he never expected that.
  9. My buddy missed a last payment after he moved from that cable company, and they placed a collection in few Credit Bureaus. Is it legal to report utility bill? If yes, how hard is to get rid of it? Should he try PFD that? Where does he start? Dispute Bureaus first? Thanks for any info.
  10. Income is 100k, nothing too impressive. But will try to open an account. Just filled out membership app, its pending. I hope they don't mind multiple payments per billing cycle if I get approved for a lower limit. Will try that. Thanks!
  11. Yes it is for business but they dont care what credit card you are using. So I guess Alliant is at this point the best card.
  12. Don't have Alliant in my wallet and even if I'd try to open one - I dont think they'll give me more than 10-15k credit line. And I spend now about 40-50k monthly now.
  13. Hey Credit Guru's. Quick question. Lately doing lots of rental from Penske truck rentals. Using chase credit card to collect rewards but it is only 1,25% back on my account for every dollar I use. Is there any card that I should switch that gives more than 1.25% back? Volume is big (about 40,000/month) so even .25% is important. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, My buddy asked for CLI last week from cap one and was requested to call facetime via smartphone for "security purposes" and after got his CLI approved. Thats Capital one or this is every bank now like is using latest technologies to "increase security"?
  15. Just updated EQ report. First $900 gone! SO now will start process with $591.

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