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  1. I completely agree with you. However, in this particular situation, I need to very quickly get a number of positive accounts up for an individual with extremely limited history. Are there any other known entities that still allow joint applicants?
  2. Having trouble finding a comprehensive list of credit cards, credit unions, and banks that accept joint applicants at the time of application. Help?
  3. Can't believe nobody's mentioned United Nations FCU.
  4. Down 7 points to 751. "1. You have no real estate accounts that can be used in determining a credit score." It was also that USB Cash+ inq and new account Bad influences....
  5. WOW. Just wow, sir. $18.7MM in US "midnight screenings" alone. They're reporting $200.3MM over the weekend, the largest debut ever. $642MM overseas in two weeks. And finally, Mark Ruffalo is getting some big studio love (and signed a 6 picture deal with Marvel Studios as Bruce Banner after this performance). Peeps don't forget Fandango 2-for-1 Fridays with Visa Signature cards. (Not many Fandango ticketing theatres on my side of LA, unfortunately.) He's an academic. Go easy on him.
  6. I have been waiting for this day. This changes everything.
  7. That's a bargain! See Choate's itemized cost for boarding students: Boarding Tuition - $48,890.00 Regular Payment Due Date Non-refundable deposit $ 4,890.00 April 10, 2012 First Payment, Tuition and fees* $24,450.00 July 16, 2012 Final Payment, Tuition and fees* $19,550.00 Nov. 15, 2012 Boarding Tuition and Fees $48,890.00 http://www.choate.edu/admission/financial_tuitioninfo.aspx
  8. DTI is low, overall utilization right now is about 20% Go for it. I wouldn't take it over 75% of your available CL. Then SD it.
  9. Depends. What's your current DTI & overall utilization?

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