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  1. If it is truly tied to an old address which remains on the CR's, deletion of that address and a follow up with a CRA dispute to each one separately greatly increases the chances of seeing it vanish forever. Treat each CRA as a separate business, and correspond with each one separately. The address was removed from TU; however not removed from EX or EQ because it is tied to the judgement (and other TLs reporting). I had someone at EX tell me they couldn't remove an address because it was tied to a judgement. I told them that the judgement was paid (they hadn't updated it) and asked if they could remove the addy once they verified. They said yes and when the verified I called back and asked them to remove the addy. Then I disputed the judgement. I'm still waiting to hear back, but I did the same with TU and they deleted it! It's WhyChat's method and it's been successful for me. If you get someone at the CRA who doesn't seem willing to remove the addy, call back and talk with someone else. I was told that there were other TLs tied to the address as well, so I may not be able to get it removed off of EX at this point. However, i will contact EX and try with someone else. TU deleted all old addresses without question, and waiting on EQ to see what they do.
  2. Haven't fired anything off as of yet. Didn't want to risk having the entry updated and my already low score taking another hit. I would like to know what the least damaging option at this point. I've been looking for that letter. Can you refer me to a link please?
  3. If it is truly tied to an old address which remains on the CR's, deletion of that address and a follow up with a CRA dispute to each one separately greatly increases the chances of seeing it vanish forever. Treat each CRA as a separate business, and correspond with each one separately. The address was removed from TU; however not removed from EX or EQ because it is tied to the judgement (and other TLs reporting).
  4. I have a recorded judgement from Chase that is reporting with all three CRAs since 8/2010. Chase garnished my wages and the debt was paid in full 7/2011. The judgement on the CRs is listed as unpaid. Looked up the info on the judgement online via the Circuit Clerks website, saw that a release/satisfaction was filed 3/2012. I read up on WhyChat's site re: deleting judgements. My question is can I have this judgement removed at all, since the information reported on the CRs (which came from LN or somewhere else) is not accurate? Or, will the entry just be updated to paid/released at the most? Also, is there something wrong with the release being reported some 7 months later? TIA...
  5. I just called EX to have addresses deleted. Got 10/14 addresses removed. 1 of the remaining 4 I overlooked on the report due to little nuances in it but I'll call back for that one. I was very nice to the rep and she told me every TL that was reporting an address that she did not remove. Whether they were reporting it and are now considered closed/sold so they stopped, or if they are actively reporting it. Thought that was quite nice of her...
  6. Wow... and to think I wanted to make my next purchase (when I'm able) a Nissan SUV. Don't plan on financing through them, though... Well I just want the title at this point. I'm not giving a dime to anyone but them, and then they can release the title. As far as the CO, I guess I'll ask them to remove it in my letter to them. Nothing beats a failure but a try, eh?
  7. Thanks, MarvBear Sent from my Z10 using Tapatalk
  8. My auto loan from NMAC was up in early 2013. I was laid off in 2011, and did not work for 2 years but, including late pays and everything, I managed to continue to get the loan down to the last $1100. A month before the contract was scheduled to be up, I informed NMAC that I was trying to pay the balance off, but may not be able to before the contract end date. They told me that this would not be an issue, just continue to pay that balance off. If I had anyone to borrow the $$ from to just take care of it, I would have. I made one payment the month the note was ending. Soon after that payment, I received a notice of acceleration demanding the balance. I almost immediately received a call from a CA regarding the balance (voicemail). Its been almost a year later, I have not responded to either, but I want to get this taken care of as well as receive the title (yes, they still have the title). Is there ANY way that I could pay this balance off and get the CO removed? The CA is not reporting.
  9. I contacted TU today after not being able to get back into the TU interactive site, they deleted the addresses and bad numbers right over the phone
  10. Okay...I just wanted to be sure because it says that any documents that you submit, doesn't say if they remain on file for use later, or not. Maybe I'm just reading too much into things. Just wanted to be sure.
  11. I was reading my EX cr and I see the following information under the 'Contact Us' section: "Be advised that written information or documents you provide with respect to your disputes may be shared with any and all creditors with which you are disputing." Sooooooooooo does this mean that if you submit documentation in an address dispute indicating your current address, you are possibly giving a creditor help when it comes to validation time? (e.g. could they possibly be given new address info while you're disputing with them, thus increasing the chances of debt validation if they had an old address?) I'm really like,
  12. Just so I understand, if the debt is past SOL, can the JDB report it still since it is legally not a collectible debt?
  13. 4 Accounts are with Midland. 2 SOLs are 11/13, one 2/14 and one 6/15. I wonder if I dispute with them on the ones outside the SOL, would I risk them trying to sue me on the one remaining? That amount is just over 2K, even though the original debt was less than $800.
  14. Good evening CB'ers! It's been years since I've been on the forum - going thru life's changes and experiences that have placed me back to where I began when I first found this site. Started re-reading through the forum, getting re-acclimated, and have my reports. My credit is trashed yet again...most of it my own fault; I let things go after the divorce proceedings started. I ended up walking away, losing everything except for my car (another story). I figured that instead of being disgusted, I would roll up my sleeves and start the repair. I've opted out, and am in the process of deleting my old addresses, bad numbers, etc from all three reports. After reviewing them I decided to create a spreadsheet that contained all of my "baddies", amounts owed, DOFD, calculated SOL (based on DOFD), and what the status is showing on each of the three bureaus. All of my delinquient CC's have been CO - majority of them sold. One secured a judgement and they garnished my wages before I got laid off so it's a paid CO. Summary of CC Status (as reported): 4 CO-Sold - SOLs range from 12/12 to 1/14 5 CO - SOLs range from 5/13 to 5/14 2 FC - SOLs 11/14 and 6/15 I also have 11 CA accounts reporting as well, all except 3 are within SOL. My question is that if a debt per OC reporting is currently outside the SOL (I'm in IL, SOL=5yrs), but was sold before the SOL - JDB/CA in most instances report same DOFD as OC - does the SOL clock 'restart' with the JDB/CA since they purchased the debt? I'm kinda confused on that since I didn't have that issue before. I've been combing the boards and couldn't find that particular answer so I figured I would ask I want to be able to go in with guns blazing after the address disputes come back. I'm sure I will have more questions, but I figured I'd start somewhere. Any response would be greatly appreciated. You guys have always been AWESOME
  15. Just make sure you are VERY clear with the new stylist about what section is virgin hair and what is not. Make sure you say virgin hair. Otherwise the samething will happen again. While I wasn't there I'm going to guess that the lady you went to thought you had relaxed hair on your head instead of having all virgin hair. So now you have like a reverse transition thing going on. Good luck fixing this! Yep, exactly... The lady thought that since the latter half of my virgin hair was not all "tight-fisted" type kinked up that it had been "processed before". I was like "NO, <insert B word here>, it AINT. Why did you not just LISTEN TO ME instead of following your salamanderic, stereotypical nonsense of an idea and doing what the <expletive> you wanted to anyway?" I hope I can get this fixed. I think imma have to wet my hair a couple of days before to actually SHOW what needs to be relaxed so there are no questions. Believe me, you can definitely tell right out of the shampoo bowl
  16. That's what I said. Which is why I'm looking up the stylist I had before her who was VERY healthy hair conscious. I stopped going to him because his hours were no longer convenient for me. I drove by there last week on Sunday and it looks like he's open again. We're going to have a chat to see what can be done. Now that my doo is a few days old, I can see where relaxer has been applied vs. still virgin hair (can feel it too). Different textures. Frankly, I like the texture of my virgin hair better. Too bad I can't take this all back.
  17. Well her idea was that in 6 wks to go over all of it (from root to end). However, I just wanted for the roots to be touched up, then skip over the current relaxer and apply to virgin hair below. ETA: not that I really give a rat's a@@ about her ideas at this point anyway...
  18. Okay I've seen APHogee in the beauty supply store. I'm sending you a PM. Thanks!

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