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  1. I've never had any issues with US bank. They have never "Held" our direct deposits either.
  2. Cap one classic platinum 500 Cap one quicksilver one 500 Didn't have any revolvers at all....I'm excited!
  3. Stupid question....Where do I find this "luv button"?
  4. This was an unpaid judgement. Anyone? I'll PM Whychat and see if he can steer me in the right direction.
  5. Good afternoon CBers! I need a little help here. I used WhyChat's judgement letter to dispute a PR on TU. I received the results via email that said it was deleted. I pull my reports via CCT and find that it's been reinserted! What should be my next plan of attack? Thanks.
  6. I haven't been reviewed...yet. My late grandpa was retired Navy...unknown if he was member. I've been a member for almost a year. I have his DD214 yet in case!
  7. I finally received my grandpas' DD214. Would I be able to just go down to a branch and prove my eligibility? I haven't been locked out or anything. Just would like to avoid any issues.
  8. I got in thru my deceased Grandpa. ( retired navy) He was not a member. My dad just requested Grandpas DD214, waiting on that to app. NFCU has been just wonderful. I love banking with them.
  9. did you send in a dispute? still nothing they have two more weeks I did. I'm getting ready to hit Csc again.
  10. Congrats, Beli! My BK7 is due to fall off this Aug. So far, TU deleted. EQ and EX haven't yet.
  11. Who is the CA? Sounds like a call DH received.

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