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  1. I graduated in May of 2009 and secured a position within the hospital, expecting to have my loan forgiven. We have an 80/20 program. Thanks to several hiccups, I've been told my loan was not forgiven because of start dates falling outside of their cut-off date. I'm working on that part, but I have a few questions. How long does an institution have before letting you know you owe them money? I found out about this loan nearly TWO YEARS after graduation, by way of a collections agency, ACS Campus Products. They sent me a letter on behalf of the hospital that it was time to start paying back my loan... ?! Is this a school loan or medical debt? I'm told to make payments to the hospital, and I have zero interest. I'm interested in fighting this and settling if I can't, but I'm not sure what repercussions that entails because I can't figure out what kind of loan this is. The bills say "Institutional."
  2. Newbie here: Where can I find information on trial? My husband's ex-wife took out a credit card via telephone in his name, and we've been disputing it for 2 years now... We filled out the affadavit sent to us during the discovery phase, but we were recently served a court date. I need some guidance and help with prep work!

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