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  1. Car: 2014 Ford Escape Used Ford Z plan Loan App Aug. 17 Lender: Ford Motor Credit Down payment: $0 Financed amount: APR: 0% Monthly Payment: $390 Term: 72 months Experian pulled: 751 I needed to roll some negative equity into the loan, so our z plan pricing covered the majority of the negative equity. I had just bought a car 2 years ago but hated everything about how it drove and I now drive for work and need something different. Easy transaction, great dealer interaction. No BS.
  2. APPROVING BANK Chase BUREAU PULLED Experian CREDIT SCORE 690 - 710 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE New York NEW/USED Used YEAR OF VEHICLE 2011 MILEAGE 16590 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN 13300 TERM CONTRACTED 72 APR/LEASE RATE 4.39% MONTHLY PAYMENT 220 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: This was close to our worst car buying experience. Left for long periods of time with no communication. We went in knowing what we wanted the apr to be and what we should qualify for and said we'd only go with their finance if they could be our credit union rate of 4.49%.. Dh has a 4 year old bankruptcy on record. No bad or late credit reporting, just the bankruptcy (which is bad enough)
  3. Went to the emergency room in Oct 2012 and ended up admitted to the hospital for 4 days. The emergency room doctor was obviously out of network. However, my eob stated that they paid them, as if they were in network and that I owed them $26.22. I sent that money on 1/13 and followed the directions of the eob, sent copies to my insurance and schumacker cashed my check. Forward to 30 day ago. I get a collection letter from a company I don't know, collecting for TSG,Inc. I had no idea who either of these companies were but knew it was medical because of the name changes. It took a lot of investigation and phone calls to figure this all out. In the mean time I sent the validation letter, because I had no idea. The collection company has appeared to ignore my request and continued to send me letters and there was no mistake, as they signed for the letter on the 1st and this new collection letter was printed on the 7th. I started talking to schumacker group after I found what was going on. The reps were impossible to deal with and the first one requested I send a fax, which I did, 7 pages total. Finally, 4 phone calls later I get a supervisor and I resend the fax because the last one was lost in space. I get a phone call from the supervisor that she does have my new fax and to give her 48 hrs to investigate and she'll get back to me. She also "promises" me that she'll pull it back from account from the collection company. So forward a week, no communication from schumacker, as promised. However, the collection company continues to try to collect. I don't believe I owe this based on my EOB and the insurance company stated that they will speak with schumacker but they assumed it was taken care of because they did contact them in January. Next steps? If this gets on my credit report, I'm going to lose it. It's going to tank my score, which is really good and cause so much hassle.
  4. Can I ask what state are you in and was it a judgement that could still be collected on? We are in New York. Judgment stay active for 20 years.
  5. We just closed a home equity loan on Tuesday. They found an old judgment on from 2003. I had to settle it and since I still could not get a satisfaction of judgment, we signed an affidavit that I would not leave this and finish the process. We hired a lawyer to work this out. Just and FYI, I never told the JDB that we were doing anything about a home, as it's none of their business.
  6. APPROVING BANK NFCU BUREAU PULLED Equifax CREDIT SCORE 740 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE NY NEW/USED New YEAR OF VEHICLE 2013 Dodge Journey MILEAGE 24 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN $23774 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED 72 months. APR/LEASE RATE 2.79% MONTHLY PAYMENT $359.41 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Instant on application, bought gap insurance with loan. USAA was 2% higher. Did use USAA car buying service to save an extra $1000, paid under invoice.
  7. We have lived in the home we are in now for the past 11 years. It belongs to my parents, who are now divorced and we've been paying the mortgage for the past 11 years. 1)DH claimed bankruptcy 2 1/2 years ago 2)His credit care are in the high 600's 3)Income $58000 4)Have some savings but not much Here is where I'm confused and don't know next steps. The house is worth $150000, $58000 is owned on current mortgage. Father is willing to cover down payment and all closing costs. We just found out there are two Liens on the title from judgments $16,000 worth. We need to get this house out of my mothers name. The home also needs about $15,000 in repairs. Needs new windows, a new upstairs bathroom) Everything else is good. What are our next steps
  8. Fridays mail came as a surprise and I'm not 100% sure how to handle it. The letters from Tate & Kirlin but the name on the account is wrong. It's some variation of my name similar to mine. Example: Ms. Firstname La Stname AKA otherlastname So it appears the last name reads Ms. Stname AKA otherlastname. The letter is written directed to the person that way. I put a freeze on all 3 credit reports. I searched through the country records because the letter states this is an old judgment. I searched all records and can find nothing in either the name on the letter or my name. Nothing under the index number also. I plan a trip to the court house tomorrow or Wednesday. There is nothing on my credit reports. Not even any softs from collection agencies. Should I file something with the police because this is not my debt but the name is close enough and the address is mine. I was never served, as the name isn't even correct. What action does one take in this case. If I answer this letter, does it acknowlege anything? accept denial that it's mine. It then gives them my correct information. I just don't need this right now. I'm tempted to contact a lawyer.
  9. BBRZMC $150 (closing ASAP) Cap 1 $750 Amazon $600 Care Credit $1500 Walmart $300 NFCU nRewards $12,500 USAA $3000 2011 - No apps
  10. The changes have been slow 1-5 points with major changes. USAA I believe helps with EQ B but it takes months. Nothing b's ex.
  11. If you are curious how these scores relate to USAA FAKO scores EX - 669 TU - 708 EQ - 708
  12. I could not have done this without you. Less then a year ago, my scores were in the mid 500's. It took me a few months to fight out a CA that was reporting incorrect with an account I don't remember having. Now to get my utilization down to 0. In the next month, I expect a better score on TU. Then we sit and wait for age.
  13. EQ Score on USAA - 708 EQ Score MyFico -718
  14. It's also the JCPenny's card. DH said it's not something many people are aware of and each store has at least 1 customer that knows.
  15. I find it disgusting that Emily has been making money off that blog and doesn't use it to better her living conditions. They spend money on all those books, DVD's and CD's, but good healthy food is not in budget. Fermented white crappy salsa, sprouted rice cereal while healthy in normal circumstances sits in her diry under cleaned kitchen. The fact that her son was in a COMA and she didn't even get him care to that point, is neglect. Letting her children sleep under a crib not designed to be used as a bunk bed, is neglect. Having shelves hung on ribbon above a crib is dangerous. Ok, never mind. She pisses me off.
  16. Go with the 1099 - Schedule C would show deductions and business expenses (none of their business) Why on earth are they asking you for this.
  17. We just got a dunning letter from these lovely people yesterday Universal Data Services, LLC the letter provides little to no information. They have as the account belonging to INITIATIVE TDNG DBA Orion ( I can't find these people, nor do I have outstanding debt to these people) Any idea who Initiative TDNG DBA Orion is? DV went out today
  18. It states mulitple times that they will make payment plans, so call and get the payment plans. Call and figure out what the 60% savings represents. They don't want the car back, they are trying to avoid repo.
  19. No input from your mother? No choice? Are you saying there was no involvment of the authorities before the removal? I honestly find that hard to believe. Someone has to pay for the care of children in foster placement and in state run homes. The responsiblity should always be on the parent, even some small amount. The care of a child in state care goes far beyond the bill your mother recieved.
  20. Now I'm confused. It looks like re-aging to me. I'm in the same boat. Date Open 02/2008 However the letter they sent says Date Open with orginal creditor 9/25/00 Reported Since 05/2008 Date of Status 05/2008 Late Reported 08/2008 Will continue till sep 2010 ? The letter blaming the CRA arrived today.
  21. I think a huge problem comes from not talking to the teacher. That is the only way you'd be able to find out what's really going on. You might get an attitude it's what happens. Trust me, when I say that I deal with this yearly having 3 special needs children. However, most of the time there is common ground that can be met. I don't believe that any 1st grader should have recess time taken from them, as they need this wind down time to be productive students. However, I have no issue with the lack of prize at the end of the week. While it's not your daugthers fault she's late, it's her and your responsiblity to get her there on time. If the circumstances are out of your control, it's your responsiblity to talk to the teacher and the principle. Multiple times if necessary. The education of our children is a joint effort. As a parents it means constant communication between teachers and school staff. Encourge your child to also communicate her needs and feeling. That is why the school has counselors.
  22. Around here when you fill out the reduced lunch application there is a section to fill out that says you wouldn't mind if they notified outside agencies of your need. I checked it off the first year without really reading it. This year I did not. We already get help through my sons Autism service coordinator agency.
  23. I must be from another planet. I watch my 11 year old all the time. He does not go anywhere that I am not aware of where he is and who he's with. I know all of his friends and we do talk about personal things, so he is fully aware. This will be the same with my girl reaches 11 years old. I know that sooner or later I have to trust my child and give them more freedom but not at 11, 12 or 13 years old. I'm one of those pop in parents. Even if I agree to allow my 11 year old to go to the park across the street, he knows that I will show up during that time. This was the first year he was even allowed to go alone. Even the older teens at the park know me by name and are very respectful and watch for my son.

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