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  1. 1st things first NEVER deal with an CA, The only thing I would do with them is DV letter or C&D letter. If your hellbent on paying the debt. It shows your trying to be responsible for your actions. Could give you some forgivness with the OC However OTOH a OC sells the acct. off to a CA at a extreme discount price and will never make any money off of it. You settle with the CA and pay them the OC is lucky to get even .25 on a dollar. they eat it as a loss. Your debt is 4000 pending on what the CA will settle with for full collection the OC might get 1000 So if your serious about paying this debt. Your better off C&D the CA, and work with the OC for an offer to pay. If they forgive some of the debt, you may have to claim the forgivness on your taxes not sure on this one it depends on the amount they forgive, Search the boards to get a solid answer. If you can hammer out a Deal with the OC get everything in writing including a removal from your CR's. Most will work with you considering that they make some money off of vs. what they would make from 3rd party collections AKA scum sucking CA, Times are tough for everyone right now, If you can get some cash up or even make a solid payment arrangement with the OC they will probably take it. if there is anyway you can come up with Some sort of cash... even half of it write to the OC for forgivness and offer to settle with the cash available. Good luck and don't give up failure is not an option. It just means you found a way to do it wrong.
  2. Yes agreed to in writing, I pulled all the stops for her. CRRR return with company letterhead. I figured I should wait and see what happens I was just curious if any creditor went back on their deal after they got their money. Most companies can be scumbags after they get their fare share. I figure I would wait for a dispute. Let them take initiative before I lemonade them off. But as far as the CRA's god they are slow. Unless its in their favor they take their time.
  3. My SO sent a paid for deletion to a company, They agreed to the terms and MO was sent to pay for said amount. However After 30 days they remain??? Is this a AG matter. Or should you just wait and see, I can understand that till it all processes it may take a little but what if they fail to live to their deal?
  4. Embarassed well a few times. But it was a matter of worrying about what other people think of me, how they look like oh my he must be having money problems. The envelope plan is a temporary solution, Kinda like dieting, you do it to shed a few pounds not to live your rest of your life on. I tried the envelope plan the first time to save money, Well if i went shopping and went over what I had in the envelope instead of putting pack I was too quick to whip out the plastic. or pull from extra cash here or there rather than say well I'll put this back or that back to meet my plan. I cheated way too much and then now i am where I am at now. Skimping to get by. So as far as keeping up with the Jones's the hell with them. I don't want their bills every month. and when I have more cash freed up every month to enjoy. They can sit and watch. I have a friend who simply refuses to cut back. Well over 100k in the hole has to have the best of the best and "can't live below his means because things got a little rough" He continues to charge whatever he can't afford sometimes he charges his groceries because all his money went to loans and credit card payments. Why let your money and "standards of living" as proclaimed by your neighbors gain control of you. Eventually you'll lose it. and then you don't know what to do. Its an opposite Risk vs. Reward. The bank looks at Risk vs. Reward, shotty credit more risk, higher interest better reward. I look at being embarrassed the risk, having the money to do what I want when I want.... The reward. I think the envelope plan is a great way to see how your money works and where the hell it goes. Unless your a financial and number whiz.... I doubt your gonna know everything right off the top of your head. On top of that I feel it can help create better money management habits. When the envelopes go away, You should be so set in your plan that it just happens automatically
  5. Last Year we got about 50 kids, this year we were the only house on the street giving out candy, Needless to say we got 3 it was really cold for trick or treat nite so I don't think alot stayed out When the last one showed up I filled his bag up I emptied the whole bowl in his bag, you shouldve seen the face his mother made I told her I didn't want the candy and noone was showing up so he was lucky. My kids brought home a good amount too.
  6. its 2.34 in suburbs of Wilkes Barre PA, I remember when gas was hitting 2.99 a gallon a Sheetz in my area made a mistake with a computer glitch it changed the price to 1.99 a gallon. Well when everyone found out it was a line to fill up. They couldn't do anything about it. But the catch 22 was you had to pay at the pump. Either way we still overpay for energy resources. gas was less than a dollar a gallon before the millenium hit. then in 8 years it swelled almost 250% of the price. As normal people struggled to make ends meet. Oil companies and refiners made out hand over fist.
  7. I agree with JST as far as getting pre approved this way you know how much home can afford. Rather than falling in love with a home that you'll lose your a** on or just wont be able to afford. Read plenty of info in here about improving your credit score and if you can wait a little while for the credit scores to beef up, It will save you thousands in the long run. As far as the realtor goes I'd say he's shopping you based on your income. Not all the factors these guys work on comissions so maxing the deal out is in their best interests. If he was too stupid to ask obvious ?'s like if your pre approved He deserves to get his time wasted. However you don't want to tease yourself with these homes only to find that you cannot get them. My suggestions First and foremost if you got time to wait and can stay in your current living conditions do so. If not try renting as cheap as possible for the time being. Pack some good cash aside for downpayment closing costs the odds and ends of moving. Aim for 20% if at all possible tell the realtor you want to take more time to build up some extra resources and make decisons Second youre already here research the forum and pound on your credit scores in this time Do every single thing you can to improve those scores. even 1 point lost on interest can save you thousands in the long run. making the monthly payments so much easier to absorb. Make sure you get rid of any deliquencies the bank will most likley want them paid before you even get anywhere close to securing the loan. Once you maximized your DP and Scores head to the bank getting a pre approval of how much they are willing to loan and what the terms will be This way you know what your facing budget wise and have an advantage over others looking at the same home. Or the bigger surprise when the first month bill comes in. Once again dont feel pressured by the realtor, They want to make money and lots of it. So really plan hard on what you want what you can afford future expenses and whatnot. And check out the budgeting forum here to get ur self a good idea of where your gonna be ahead of time Good luck
  8. Capital one offers the pre approval check. I know that for fact. But try your local bank and or shop around a little bit for a loan, If you have a credit union or are able to join one. Do so. Their interest rates are usually the lowest rates you can get. Always go to a dealership with a pre approval, it gives them something to try to beat. They will never give you the best deal on financing because they want their cake and eat it too. Never tell them how much you have because then they will try to maximize your cost at every angle possible. Look around and look at different cars, Have the face of a judge dont show emotion towards a specific model you look like your in love with it and they see dollar signs for your head and don't belive the well if you don't buy now it won't be here tommorrow bs. If they tell you that tell them that you will look at another dealership to find what your looking for then. My friend used to work at a car dealership and told me all the ropes and hypes about trying to make the most of a sale. Also do lots of research and usually if your buying new you can go online and bargain over the phone based on what you see there. They hate that its good for you and not them. If your serious about buying a new car check out places here and edmunds is another good spot to look over dont back down or let them hit you in a corner when they do that its their favor not yours Good luck shopping
  9. With that kinda loot pay off any oustanding debts and get enough cash to live comfortably, utilize a well renound financial advisor... AKA call warren buffet and get good investment advice if she plans to release the inheritance to children or grandkids the stock market is definitley a way to go. Its long term investiing but if its gonna be passed onthe market has been known to exceed its highs after a business cycle. aka buy low sell even higher than the fool that took a beaten
  10. I cant say much Because i was in this situation living well above my means, Gotta have that newest car the best house eat caviour nitley, I worked as a machinist making specialty parts, all the hours I wanted and couldn't ask for better pay. I had a top of the line internet/satellite package the best phones Like your husband I wanted to look good. Living well beyond my means Last year my job was lost in the middle of the summer I had not a drop in the bank and just had my second son. My wife is a nurse but hasnt worked in so long because she just didn't need to and then having the boys. 2 car loans a enourmous housing payment. And soon after credit card payments to try and keep up with our standard of living. It was months till I got back to work. My wife went back to work. And I started working again soon after will all these bills. Its been over a year now and if we stick to our guns we could be paid off by Febuary of next year. Both our credit scores took some lumps. Alot of people in here helped me fix that And to be honest we fought hard about it. Alot of things we used to do religoulsy didn't happen Creditors called daily to harrass me till I didn't want to answer the phone. All the nice things we just had to have Ipods PS3 got hawked. Its gonna be the hardest thing you'll ever do but when its over you'll feel so much stronger. Heres been my plan... well whats been working for us. 1) Scrutinize every bank statement. Find out what you pay alone in fees for using ATMS, POS transactions etc, This is just money your throwing away to get money or just not realizing your wasting outta habit. Things like hoMe banking fees etc. Its gonna put a little more elbow grease in managing your checkbook but its gonna shave a few bucks. Look at things that you purchased you really didn't need, That morning trip to starbucks the pick me up at the local convience store Lunch out with friends it all adds up I saved 283 dollars just doing this. 2) Part with assets, This is the hardest, the things you have lived with for so long and worked hard for have to go I shored up quite a few bucks here. I believe you said youve done this already so your already working on your problem. 3) We gave up our house, fortunatley we were renting Both of us were to stubborn to save the 20% down to get a house. we cut our rent bill in half, got a smaller house and are still getting used to it. But with a smaller house came smaller utilities so we saved over 600 a month. 4) If your car is a lease try trading it in on a cheaper car, I know this is super hard, I have a G6 and the wife has a Chevy Uplander both fully loaded. Neither can fetch what we owe and super hard sells for any dealer during the current gas saga. On top of that with my current credit crisis I would end up paying more in monthly payments than I would if i kept them. Selling is super hard specially like I said gas saga and 2 6cyl. cars equals big bucks. So like you I am stuck or dealing with a REPO. We need our cars to get to work so were kinda stuck there. Carpool if you can, I been doing this for months and it cuts 2 tanks of gas out a month. 80 bucks a month there. If your husband feels wierd about it. Tell him to say he's looking out for the enviorment or something. Scrutinize your car insurance in fact all your insurances, find out what your required to have and shop around. 5) Luxuries by that I mean cable, HS internet. A/C stuff like that. Cut the cable its kinda hard but when you get used to it its not that bad. If you need to news or something public radio stations are free just plug in the boombox and tune into one. If you have a favorite show or something have a friend or family member tape it for you, So you can see it anytime you want. If you have DSL and you defintley need it for school see if you can drop to a lower package. or if your school can work with Dial up connections some can unless your streaming vids or something look into that. Cellphones, its rough but they are a luxury and if you can do without them so be it. 6)utilities You said you have a flat rate plan, see what they would be on a charged per use plan. My current electric usage is 40 bucks a month. verses the 75 that the Power Co. charges for flat rates. for the phone drop your long distance and buy phone cards, a 5 dollar phone card goes along way versus 5 cnts a minute for long distance. Caller Id HVM all the extras need to go. Buy a cheap answering machine if your monitoring your phone calls. 7)Credit Cards when your in the hole it only makes it bigger, thats what really killed us. Stop using them by all means even if its that you gotta cut them bury them whatever it means to do as long as you don't use them. Try talking to them explain your situation and your ability/inability to pay. They will shut the faucet off with purchases but at least then you'll stop digging the hole deeper. I know Capital One will work with you they stopped my credit and reduced my LOC until I proved I was able to work on a regular schedule. and been slowly increasing it since. 8)Groceries most grocery bills can be cut in half its a matter of a few things one, coupons can save, Bulk stores like Sams and costco can help. Get membership with all the local grocery stores and watch for specials like 10 for 10 bucks stuff like that. The last 10 for 10 was on cereal and I bought enough cereal to last 3 months. Things that are non perishable are great stock ups when on sale. Make a list and buy only the neccesseties stay away from canned sodas and stuff liek that mixers like powdered drinks cost 1/4 of their premade counterparts We cut over 100 dollars off of our grocery bill by stiking to neccessities rather than gourmet foods prepared foods Were not living off of bread and water but not eating sirloin 3 days a week 9) AND MOST IMPORTANT and probably the hardest of all. You and DH need to work together on this. This is very hard If one is trying to be Frugal or tighten the belt and the other thinks that its just gonna blow over with one making cuts the other living luxurious it will never work. If anyone can say they never had money problems they are absolutley poor or liars. Everyone everywhere regardless of job, income or living status had money problems. Once you find your way out. Look for ways to avoid the trap again. pack some extra cash aside for financial emergencies rather than using CC's or borrowing more money. your hubby works on commission so when he exceeds his commission base. put a little bit aside even if its only a few bucks a week it all adds up when you REALLY need it. thats the other part discipline make sure your emergency fund is exactly that not just a few bucks put aside for that new HDTV, Look at what your hubbys planeed commission is and knock 25% off it. this way you don't go over your budget. And most important never plan for things based on "raises" or anticipated extra money. This is what got me in the hole the big bucks that I was supposed to make never came I based all my expenses on what I was supposed to get and when it never came it caused my financial nightmare. Best of luck and trust me the people in here are wonderful in finding a way to a cure Its a long hard road but when its over your stronger more educated and proud of what you accomplished If your looking for another job your already in the right mode. an extra 30k a year can help make ends meet, Talk to your student loan providers if your gonna take a short Loa from school they may hold your loans till you finish completley especially if your only taking a semester or so off. consider PT school if you can Good Luck in whatever road you choose
  11. still researching. The Cash advance I can probably weasel out of. IT was done online so I could pull something Because I never signed a promissary note or any sort of Loan Repayment forms. Medical is gonna be easy. I disputed it just under basic facts. My health insurance paid the claim. I sent them a copy of the insurance balanced covered.
  12. *bump* Well I got rid of the Asset Acceptance, I disputed the date as incorrect and explained in legal jumble that theyre tiny IQ's didn't understand about reaging accounts from original date of deliquency and date opened. Needless to say it just kinda disappeared. NOW lets try the other 2 Thanks for all your help everyone in here. Even from the old posts too.
  13. Thanks, I am gonna send them a DV talk to both AG's. The debt is that old I don't think they can validate it. And if they can its beyond the SOL's for PA. I understand you shouldn't poke a sleeping bear but however if they RE aged the account I have another 7 years to deal with them.
  14. Yes In PA, the only thing that can get garnished is taxes, child support, and alimony. Trust me I know about the taxes they did that to me. Anyways the best suggestion I can give is talk to your creditors all of them. Explain the situation of your wife losing her job. Some creditors will give you a deferment under a hardship clause. I got laid off last year citifinancial gave me a 3 month break on my auto loan. Crap 1 gave me a 2 month break, and HSBC even cut me some slack. Second unemployment comp. its not much but in the same boat its more than you have now. Got a 401k see if you can take a loan on it. You can try selling a vehicle if need be but its gonna be hard if you have negative equity. With the installment loans you might have to make a balloon payment before the end of the loan. Or if you pay extra every month that will go to the deferred payments before tackling principal balances. I am not a big one for this either but if you can enroll in that crap insurance the credit card companies offer if you know your jobs in jeporady Its really a waste to pay for but in those situations if you know you may lose your job in months to come it can be a help. I pulled that on the ones that would let me and the insurace paid the minimum only payment, but it didn't end up going deliquent. When I got back on my feet with secure employment I dropped coverage.
  15. Yes these are real reports pulled yesterday. The DOFD for the Asset Acceptance was way back in 2001 I believe when I disputed it the first time, They RE Aged it. The original creditor was Sunoco it was a gas card I had a long time ago When I got a phone call from them I asked for the Original acct # with sunoco and they said they can't reveal that information. In all propoganda they mailed me it would only show the first 4 digits never the complete account #. Its mine I know it is, But I am thinking I can probably try to request validation. Its only for 166.00 but I am not gonna give it to them. I think they are just gonna give up for that little money.
  16. Its a real sticky situation as a former Army Medic. It is so true that when your in the military everyone in the world is after your dough. Most Lower enlisted E-1 to E-4 are 18 to 21 years old fresh outta high school or college and single. They don't have credit or very little experience handling their own money. Creditors know the military gets paid on the 15th and the 30th of every month (hopefully). When your young and your trying to build credit and they can smell it on you. They offer you everything that they can till your all burdened up with debt. Upon deployment your told about how much contact you have with the civil world. It is not true. They tell you before you leave to have someone to be responsible for your finances. And in some cases if you talk to some creditors you can have the accounts and payments placed on hold or "Auto pay" during your tour of duty. I hate the idea of auto pay because thats like having a fox watch the hen house. "we'll take your minimum payment monthly automatically" Well Im pretty sure when you don't have contact with your account they can get a little frisky about how they apply items to your account. The soldiers and sailors act was passed after the first Gulf war when all those National Guard and Reserve members came home to a world of ****. No job, Piles of debt, Jody moved in while your gone. And no protection. If you are currently a soldier I would suggest getting a great understanding of your rights under the Soldiers and Sailors Act. And talk to your creditors to see what your options are. Most of them probably don't give a crap about patriotism just getting paid. But I know USAA has clauses that protect soldiers in the event of deployment. '
  17. Well first things first I am a noobie. I lurked around here for about 20 mins before deciding to join. I did work alot of crap off of my credit report before but some are just being a PITA. I read PshycDocs sessions and found lots of great stuff there. I also found good stuff via just checking different topics. Anyways heres my scenario. I am Opt Out. My oldest TL is 2 years old I have 2 loans 1 Auto personal and another with Joint signer. I have 5 unsecured cards and no deliquencies on these TL or my auto loans On the other hand I have 2 Recent Charge offs One for a stupid flowers cash advance I took and they would purposely take the funds out early to hit me with Fees. The other for a medical bill. These are from this year. All my other CO's are from about 2001 That I couldn't get off they would verify them. 2 are closed and paid collections. However on my EQ report the date stated is 1/1/0001 If that would represent Year 1 that would be 2,007 years old. On my TU and EX reports the date is 10/1/2003 this is for the same account. How would I go about disputing this. It is paid but it needs to go. The other is from Asset Acceptance Corp. It was a CO in 2001 and when I disputed they verified it and sent me a letter stating that they wish to see some sort of agreement to pay them or that I paid the account to the OC However the date the account opened was 1/1/08 on both TU and EX and on EQ they have it also listed as 1/1/0001 they continue to hit it as a CO every month in EX sending my score off a cliff I tried disputing the account and they "verified it" Experian says I cant dispute it again. and I am thinking about sending a validation letter. But am curious I never admitted to them that I in fact owe the debt. I never said it wasn't mine but I never agreed to owing the debt either. I live in PA so it is in fact out of the SOL's As far as the Current CO's I really dont want a validation with a summons.These are within the SOL's And I read before that making an offer to pay the OC and cease & Desist the CA can rid of that problem. But I figure if I am gonna do a Goodwill intervention to pay for immunity with the OC get that back first before tackling the CA to avoid a summons. The only reason I am willing to make the Goodwill intervention to pay is because of plans to purchase a home within the next 2 years. I just don't want to go mortgage shopping and then find out that I have to pay all these old collections that just so happened to hop back on my report after they found me again and know I have cash to fork out. Thats what happened with NCO Financial they didn't verify the debt and then it fell off. Turn around and when my next investigation results came in with my full report they hopped back on. I eventually got rid of them the 7 year rule applied. I got some advice from a book a few years back. Thats where I learned about sending CMRRR. And that disputing old accounts will usually work. Try to settle new ones or look for violations. When making offers to pay make it look like your broke. Type on an old typewritter, or Hand written if dealing with the OC they already have your handwriting somewhere. But do not sign your name. But other than that How do I handle these scumbag credit collecters. Reaging accounts dispute?
  18. Hi Everyone fresh meat here. I got laid off last year and the CC's killed me, Borrowing cash to just get by when oil was at record highs and struggling to get by. I am hoping to get everything back together here soon. Reading as much as I can here its very informing I thank everyone who contributed this useful info. Stick it to the man ... Well the CA really.

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