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  1. Actually when I booted this one up, I only installed apps I use on the regular most of the fat, I left. Including the CM
  2. How hard is rooting an Android? I hate to make a paperweight. I thought about trying it on an old phone just to see how it works. So if I let the smoke out of it. No biggie Every phone has a different process. It always carries the risk of bricking the phone. This is the ONLY site to go to for rooting instructions. They have the most thorough and up to date info. https://www.xda-developers.com/root/ So I went out and bought an S7, so now I got a phone that if I wanted to root and paperweight it's no big deal
  3. Cocaine is terrible on your heart. I know a guy who's my age that had 2 heart attacks thanks to Cocaine abuse. I however feel that genetics play much more in to health issues vs the risk factors. My neighbor passed away over the summer at 46. Total health nut, never smoked ate healthy exercised. You wouldn't know he was 46. Woke up in the middle of the night with chest pain.15 minutes later he was dead. LAD aka the widow maker got him. They say 6 minutes with the brain starved without oxygen causes irreversible damage. In my years as a paramedic I have probably worked 1000 cardiac arrests. Saved 10.
  4. The concept is already that way. Most employers pay by direct deposit. Everything is virtual unless you go to an ATM and withdraw cash. Look at all the people who can't keep a budget, balance their checkbook etc. That's the issue concept. When you meet people like my Ex, not having a physical barrier no money in pocket means you have no money. Then you have overdraft fees
  5. Sucks bro, hopefully x-BIL has a good head on him. 6 months is a breeze if you have the right tools in place,
  6. I can't really work from home, but I took a job that required me to relocate. I love it. As far as the pay cut. If your working from home. Then consider the cost of commuting vs working at home. If the pay cut seems to offset the commute. What are you really losing?
  7. So you decided to cash in on diesel gate and move on cool. A guy I work with said they bought his car back plus a few grand in I'm sorry money. All together he ended up getting a grand less than what he paid a few years ago. Sounds like a win to me
  8. The problem with being an auto tech. Friends & family expects you to diagnose their car over the phone. always for free. Customers expect everything for free
  9. Hanging off your flowers jeans, My oldest son tried to pull that one, I made it very clear as to where he was to wear his jeans. He then tried it a second time. At which I told him if he tries it again. I will take a nail gun and attach them firmly at the waist, since they seem to have a problem with hanging down. His face gave me a horrified look, and I have yet to see him try it again. Parenting win
  10. Is this settlement for people who bought their meat-flavored water? Negative, for people that worked at Wal-Mart between 1998 - 2006, for lost wages and the such I didn't know there was one for meat flavored water
  11. So I came to my parents for Christmas Day, a few weeks ago my mom said I got a check from Wal-Mart's class action settlement, my mom stops to get my mail.(My mom stops by my house to ensure its standing and collects mail etc.) So I figuted my 5 bucks can wait till I go up. Opened the check for 989.30. Merry Christmas to me.
  12. Vig, CV you guys make me feel better about being an insensitive prick.
  13. It's really hard when you're not on the same page. I wish I had the answer We had lots of discussions about money before we got married, and we agreed on a financial framework in advance. It's worked really well. We havent had a significant disagreement about how money gets spent, ever. Part of our formula is that we each have a fixed amount direct deposited into personal accounts every month, and neither is allowed an opinion on how the other's is spent. We also discuss and agree on any individual purchase over a certain amount before household money is spent. I highly recommend putting something like this in place... This worked for me. We had household bills. That was paid out first, if we had a savings goal in mind we talked about it and had what we would put in there. Then the personal fund, our money to do whatever with. That was that
  14. True but the OP stated he was underwater from day one. So if he really heeds Marvs advice. Drive slow pay fast. Maybe 2 or 3 years in he might be able to cash out. Today unless money fell from a helicopter not gonna happen
  15. Pa is eliminating registration stickers for that reason. Saves them money and forces all departments to upgrade to the plate reader infrastructure. I got jammed up by one as it said I was uninsured just had to bring a affidavit from my insurance company with new tech there is still flaws Can't read the plate if you back into a space (in states with 1 plate) Yes but alot of the traffic patrol troopers here sit along side the road and read them as you go by there is 3 state police barracks near me. Almost everyday on my commute to work. I see at least one running a plate reader. If you go on 22/322 it's feast or famon for those guys
  16. Truth in words. It's just irritating, that a few, well alot of, I hope to get rich quick car dealers/salesman/mechanics ruined it for the rest of us who make a honest lucrative living in the business. We are easy to find we are the ones thar aren't jumping dealer to dealer. Or pushed out after 5 years
  17. I was waiting to read that he choked to death on a chicken bone or something
  18. Hes a really nice guy is really code for. Hes a total a-- hole. But you get used to it. My source, the list of ex girlfriends
  19. Doesn't say no, doesnt get a headache, sounds like he's ahead of the gameBut can she make a sammich? If she can walk afterward, you didn't do your job, nor deserve a sammich
  20. What if they are like Wal-Mart? No checkouts open never enough people?
  21. it is not personal. no pics? So dude is out $1,100 AND the cost of the tires? So to save $100 a tire, he spent $1,100? Am I missing something? I don't think you're missing anything. What he should have done is find a SmartWay store. They are kind of like Rent A Center. You can get wheels, appliances, and furniture all under one roof. Then after 6 months mouse and moan about getting ripped off and hit with interest charges because he couldn't comprehend the simple english big bold type regarding the 6 months same as cash terms. Lol. C'mon now don't be flaming he saved a 100 bucks on tires by buying those rims, wait till he has to buy 22" tires

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