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  1. Cagers do all kinds of stupid [feces]. For example, when I stop at a light I stop at the edge of the lane - left or right depending on road layout. Cagers will come up beside me like I'm not even there. The worse experience I had yet, I live near the casino in my area, so there's usually heavier traffic on the weekends yesterday morning a few friends and I managed a get together in Gettysburg, I got up early to avoid the nightmare traffic, got to the three way intersection where the main road meets up with my road, negotiated a left hand turn with a cager behind me, I made the turn a little wide to get to the right side of the lane, only to have the cager pull out right behind me and decided he was gonna drive right next to me in my lane, buddy just cause I have room doesn't mean your welcome to join me.
  2. Their business model can't compete with the online infastructure why would I trade you a game for 5 bucks, when I can sell that game on amazon or ebay for 30, 25 dollars difference for listing packaging and shipping my game. I buy alot of games on amazon anyway vs paying from game stops overpriced hype
  3. Motorcycle guys & gals, is it just me or do people in cars like to be 1 foot off your behind, speed up they speed up, slow down they get mad I literally dropped down and cracked it, only to have the car be right up my behind
  4. I came to the conclusion, that only the crazies are attached to me.
  5. I do hurt peoples feelings quite often and I'm told I'm a heartless a hole. You asked for my opinion or the truth, I gave it, bet you wished you would have never asked and wondered.
  6. Isn't there something where vehicles left for over XX amount of time gets a mechanics lien and sold for storage fees and outstanding repair bills? Yes a mechanics lien is possible but like my GM said we weren't gonna waste our time, the car needs a motor, and it's pretty beat, the cost to get the lien to resell the vehicle far outweighs the price of scrap,
  7. The rants of a auto technician. The SPMT, aka self proclaimed master technician. I change my own oil I know your job and can do it better. Ok buddy then why are you asking me for my professional opinion, wheel your tool box in here show me your ways. Since you know how to do my job better than me. During the snow storm our dealer got vandalized, some cars broken into, noone noticed anything of value missing from their vehicles, except for this one lady her car has been at the shop for near 5 months now. She was supposed to have it removed months ago never did, all of a sudden there's a laundry list of valuables missing from her car, if this stuff was so valuable, why is it sitting in a car you practically abandoned?
  8. I'd agree with you there PCP usually warrants aggressive behavior as does bath salts & k2, Most people I ran into who were eating magic mushrooms, couldn't find their own feet, and most likely thought that they were clouds when they did find them
  9. They are filing bk and closing stores. Victim of people becoming somewhat wiser with their finances, & amazon market place lol
  10. Similar to the mortgage crisis, subprime auto lending is available to anyone including buy here pay here dealers. Which are calculated into the default factor
  11. Ours still does except for your initial license that one comes in the mail. But now you can order a replacement online or at the dmv
  12. I believe someone once said "you can't fix stupid..." You can't fix stupid but you can surely medicate it
  13. I refer to my siblings as my brother and sisters. If asked why we don't look alike or why this or that. I'll explain it but overall they are my brothers and sisters. no half or step. Except in situations like breeze stated where her brothers family history is not her family history.
  14. White Stuff everywhere. A week ago I was taking my bike to work. Today I got to unbury my cars. Welcome to the Northeast.
  15. Is this sibling whole, half, or step? Whole. After the PM I just sent 'em, probably wholly severed. My PM in summary: Are you a sexual intercoursing salamander? You sexual intercoursed in an upward motion. Grow a jewel, and own up to it. What if I'd, as an innocent motorcyclist, managed to find myself stuck between that (beautiful beforehand) OBS Ford and the pole you took out? Now * I * remember why I moved away as soon as I had a good excuse. I thought my family was jacked, honestly, I had one DUI charge in my lifetime, I was actually below the limit when they took my blood, but in PA the officer has the right to pursue General Impairment if his judgement states you cannot operate a vehicle. 2k in attorney charges was enough for me. I couldn't imagine having a continuous payment for Probation Restituion and the such. Look you screwed up, bite the bullet get your time over with and move on with your life,
  16. believe in return its going to make loans and credit a little more difficult to get. IE. what you could get with a 680 will now require a 720
  17. Try this again http://www.pennlive.com/business-news/index.ssf/2017/03/hhgregg.html
  18. Sling tv has a few options, I usually go over to the local sports bar for occasions. But I lost interest in NASCAR over the last few years
  19. And that's one of the reasons the trades get no respect. Jackass office types assume everybody in the trades has a sketchy past. Yes, but this one is fact. The school is downtown, and the whole purpose is to hope to reeducate, and have the delinquents, become productive members of society, I have seen success rates of these things to be very small, but i guess someone is making money off of it. And your right today's military is alot more selective then they were in the past, I considered reen listing into the national guard, since I kinda do miss the military life. But kids, and the such keep me here. They were twice as hard on me being I got out and was trying to come back vs. New. Even the retention NCO said it's harder to get back in these days as so many are trying to get in
  20. I adopted a Golden Retriever. The DW came with the dog. I adopted a German Shephard, she came with a naggy gf,
  21. Got contacted by a diploma mill to become a instructor for them. Of course I'll entertain any offer that seems legit, Did some talking and emailing back & forth. Gave me an offer that is less than I make but better hours and benefits, more paid time off, etc. Started to sound too good to be true. The catch, I'll be teaching inner city kids who were written off into a learn a trade or go to jail situation.
  22. He can add the fuzz buster as The Waze app has people posting where police are sitting on the regular
  23. So I take it you haven't seen Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle ? Loved that movie

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