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  1. Trying to give some sort of class, to drinking tequila, Jimmy Buffet and his group of Parrott heads made that drink over glorified
  2. I have a friend who's daughter is going away in 2 weeks to spend the summer with family & friends who live out of state including her father, she works from home so she can bring her workload to my home we already discussed it.
  3. I was going to go that direction...I have Tendency to word things poorly We already went that way with the Terri Schaivo reference.... I almost forgot about her till you said it, I remember all the propoganda I got about how she has a will to live and will recover, tho scientific evidence proved otherwise
  4. Thank you CV, I looked at it from the perspective, that if I am spending a chocolate ton of money on my education I want it to pay dividends. I met many individuals who went to college and took a degree program that can't land then a job to save their life. Yet complain that they are forced to work a minimum paying job with piles of student loan debt. Because you know that bachelor's degree in photography was going to get you somewhere
  5. Thanks guys, yes I already consulted with my attorney, it took me 5 years after we separated to get a custody agreement, and she never paid me any kind of support I make double that she does so it didn't seem feasible to pursue it, as she would drag me to court hundreds of times for reductions cause she can't pay. But I have heated arguments with her all the time, I set up accounts for their college education or whatever they plan for out of high school. At which she deems useless cause not every kid goes to college. They classify the earnings off of them as income, I usually pick up a 2nd job over the summer doing medical at events like concerts, fairs, races etc. They classify that as income which they are entitled to half of. So paying child support in pa you are to live in poverty, while the payee can live well off on your hard earned dollars, yet not spend a dime on your children, while there's nothing stating they have to prove what the funds are used for. If you don't see your kids your a dead beat. But when I hear what some people pay in child support often leading them into bankruptcy. They wonder why they don't see their kids, not because they don't want to they are forced into poverty to limit them from seeing them. Kinda the reason I never pursued it, didn't want the excuse being thst I don't see the boys because I can't afford anything after my child support
  6. So school has let out, and my kids mom asked if she can have them for a portion of the summer, Her work schedule coincides with their schedules better and with me moving It reduces the stress on me for a bit to get everything settled. Sounds good, Not even a few days into having them I get a email notice, stating I have a domestic relations hearing where I will be a defendant in the fact she is pursuing child support. Ummm. I am the custodial parent, I never pursued child support as she never has steady income,so she would end up in prison over child support because I know I would never receive any, and she never has any money to begin with so I would have to go back to court every time she requests modification for changes in jobs, etc. Which would be a waste of my time as I can make more money in one day of work vs. her 50 dollars a week I could potentially get. So in the Domestic Relations sections eyes. Anyone can pursue child support because there was never a support order, In the grand state of PA Support and Custody are two different things. So even though I am the custodial parent since I never pursued child support She can pursue it. And since removing legal custody or parent rights in PA are downright impossible even if she was a addict lying in the sewers. "there is always hope she will recover" My custody agreement is kinda liberal where it can be adjusted to accommodate changes if both parties approve. Truth be told this tells me one of 2 things, this was a ploy cause shes broke.And hoping that she can weasel some money out of me to keep her afloat for a few more months. Or shes gonna attempt to get physical custody so that she can keep the income from me coming so her and hubby can live off it. Either way I find it pretty pathetic when you look at your children as money pumps vs. children. This is not the way I wanted to start my weekend.
  7. I once ate vegetable, Chipped my teeth on the wheelchair.
  8. The unfortunate problem is 20 or 30 years ago, if you weren't planning to attend university you could go directly to the labor force by attending a skilled trade course in high school Auto Mechanics, Welding, Carpenter Machining etc. Exit High School enter the workforce and by 21 years old complete a apprenticeship where you could be making a great wage. These programs have gone away. Where places are pushing for experience or trade school graduates. In Automotive field alot of tech schools and community colleges are offering Manufacturer Specific Programs where you would get manufacturer training specific to a car brand GM ASEP, Toyota T - TEN, BMW STEP, Etc. To participate a student must possess a specific GPA and Attendance record. Employers are jumping all over prospects like this because that is less money they have to spend on their training vs. a individual who has no manufacturer training. The three of four years you attend trade training in High School is nowhere near enough to educate you as it was in the past to prepare for a skilled trade career, Now its just a stepping stone to get you into a trade school to get you prepared. My General Manager who was a Auto Tech for years and worked at our current location for 40 years. said it best. Cars have become 10 fold more complex than they were when I started, now you need hundreds of thousands of dollars of tools to work on them, an incredible amount of education. and wages have never caught up with it, So in retrospect you need to be in the business for at least 10 years making medium wages just to break even.
  9. Good for you. Never too late to get an education/further your education. Not sure how far along the path you are, but would recommend speaking to people in the field before making your decision. I know that were I to know then what I know now I would have never chose my particular field. Sounds like the discussion I had with 8-Ball over the weekend. "What do you want to do now that you've graduated high school?" "I don't know" As of now he's not enrolling in college until he finds something that really interests him and motivates going to classes and making the grades. Unlike in high school where he went through the motions and made C's. CV Im studying mechanical Engineering. I had a 2 year degree that led me to working in a Aerospace machine shop for a few years Using pre drawn designs to create CNC machining programs to develop parts. Well like most manufacturing jobs that were skilled and paid well it eventually got farmed out as they could do the engineering and programming in house and send it to a production facility where it can get run by someone who can load parts and push buttons at much cheaper cost most Engineering jobs want you to have a bachelors, I have a love for automobiles and used my techncial trade school degree to work on cars its not a bad job but I always said this was a stop gap. I love cars, I love playing with them, But to watch alot of the older guys in the shops I worked in still hustling and struggling in their 50s and 60s still trying to make an honest living kinda made me realize that I don't want to be them in 30 years. I looked at it from different aspects, I can always do the internship to lead to a job, similar to what a friend of mine did whos now a electrical engineer for PPL (Pa Electric Company) I could work on being a Freelance Engineer one of my old college instructors did that where he would actually write programs and design tooling and the such for machine shops in the area. Or I could venture on my own and find a Engineering job Or if I had the patience my High School Phsyics teacher was a Engineer, I could teach even though the idea of teaching has become far from a lucrative job as alot of my former classmates told me. Especially in High Schools I also thought about picking up a minor in Business Management or Something. I was always told I have a nose for making a business work and had my own small auto repair business for a while which I partnered into before the 2009 recession.
  10. I think it's free, and for those who don't want to drop more than a hundred bucks. I prefer much more stable stocks
  11. So it's official, I'm going back to finish my bachelor's, we are working on what credits are good to transfer in.
  12. I've seen ads for it, I figured it was to gain interest in investing, stash is quite similar I read a few reviews on a few of the apps, been considering it as my savings account makes a whole .05 percent interest.
  13. Exactly, Soon we will be giving participation grades, You came to school and put in the work just like anyone else did, you get an A. Just like the rest of the class. Competitive sports is a measure of success not only as a team but an individual. If your team wins great, awesome. If you lose its showing you need improvement. I disagree with not keeping score, stats or win loss records. How do you know where and how to improve if you just say well we played the game. We used to keep score playing wiffle ball on the corner growing up. Pick teams and hashed it out.
  14. Do you own your home? Or have a section you could dedicate to Office Space? It could be just a start to help get you in the right direction. A few small businesses you do the books for and make a few bucks. Could become a full time gig after a few years where you could beat the income of your current 9-5.
  15. I am not a fan of it either, Nascar is pulling all the stops to gain fan fare yet, they continue to lose it by pulling these rediculous new changes. If they want to get a bigger fan base they need to go back to the old days, the new stage racing, points system and chase format is killing the sport. Now with the retirement of JeDale Jr. coming a lot of fans will turn it off due to no Earnhardt racing for the first time in 35 years. Most of the popular drivers throughout the decades are retiring Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, The Earnhardts, The Pettys The Waltrips, The Wallaces. The Truck Races never really got any reasonable share or took off. Time to scrap the current model and start over.
  16. This. Or do Income taxes, CPA work out of your home its a great possiblity to make some extra cash I know a alot of small businesses that could use a good bookkeeper.
  17. Yeah My son plays little league his first 2 years one was teeball the other was minor leagues before he moved up. This year there was parents protesting that stats and scores were always kept for years now is unfair and it should be a "fun sport" The kids have fun win or lose, And last year as a coach we had shown kids how they improved their stats from game to game year to year and they loved it. My youngest played non competitive soccer at 3 years old. the whole purpose was for them to just get the basic skill set at a young age. by 5 their was scores kept and win loss records
  18. This sums up my situation, I am trying to move into the top school in my area, Yes housing is expensive, so are the taxes. But Its the price I will pay for my children to have a quality education.
  19. As I understand things, and this varies widely by state, is family courts tend to rule along the lines of custodial parents should spend as much time at home with the children as possible. Of course once the full time job picks up and co-worker has to quit the PT job or if there is a loss of income will the child support go down? no. He will just go to jail. Exactly and what kind of income, does the custodial parent get when the dad goes to jail? Nothing, so how is this a win situation?
  20. I think we really lowered our educational standards. When I was in school granite im 34 now. But we were divided into sections based on class standing those that were more advanced where challenged based on their educational needs. Those that were average were sectioned accordingly. etc. etc. Now we just place a group of kids into the same group lowering the educational standards. Example I have two kids both boys. My oldest was always high honors and very booksmart. always has been, my younger one struggled with math, and sciences but excelled in spelling and language arts. Very good with his hands and creativeness. He was always a C math student where he could make it but did have a hard time with some concepts. This year he's a A math student His workload is equivalent to what it was prior year So hes doing the same concepts he was doing the previous year so of course he excelled. My kids are 3 years apart. My oldest was doing work in the 3rd grade that my little guy might not see till 5th grade. Its almost like we are going to the bare bone concepts for each grade year so that everyone is a winner. But then when the real world hits and they have to actually work to get a grade. is when the nightmare will hit.
  21. I don't know I would think that if someone is making more money buy me investing my money, and getting better returns wouldn't it be beneficial to them to have my dividends grow? If the fees of a for profit company are less than what I would need to compensate for the gains difference? I think that someone making billions off my better performing portfolio is beneficial to me.
  22. Interesting one of my coworkers picked up a part time job, to compensate for the shortage in available work at our full time job, his ex wife goes back and demands more child support. When asked at the hearing why doesn't she get a part time job since she needs more money to manage her expenses and she replies "Why do I need to get a job when I can just get more money out of you?" He already pays 200 a week. Now 250 a week. What is irritating is why do the courts just say Oh you make more money lets give her more money vs. Why can't you work? Is there a legit reason? The court system needs reworked.
  23. as it was previously stated are you sure it was a misquito bite? Are you experiencing any other symptoms? More often than not if your faced with a head cold etc. you could also possibly be experiencing swollen glands and that is the root cause. If your unsure a visit to a doc cant hurt. better to be cautious than to find out later.
  24. That's when all the rednecks show up its off peak the prices are cheaper and they can get their annual bath
  25. For someone who was a childhood star, getting kicked out of a trailer park, doesn't sound too fitting unfortunately I have to agree with the census that she was most likely a junkie

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