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  1. this showed up in my work e-mail, RIght away I shot a message to my Lt. in the Sherriffs Dept. and he responded with don't be a %%&$&@ however he found it funny as well. Heres how this situation works 1. a 911 dispatcher is to believe what their caller tells them no matter how messed up as it sounds, so this lady believed she had a break in, from the article I am assuming he was short on TP? 2. the rules of a first responder, you can't be helpful if you are incapacitated, so the responder heard rustling,s scene safety called for backup believed his compliantant, and made an appropriate assessment, I am sure they didn't know what to do, when they breached the door to find a stuck Roomba.
  2. I drink the stuff at work, we all put a buck into a pot every week. that covers coffee, coffee creamer, sugar filters etc. The local cheapest place is 1.24 for a mug refill, so I pay less for just swinging into work semi early filling my mug and not being part of the morning rush. Millennials are all about social status, ooohhh look at me I buy startbucks every morning, well that's great, Ill watch my bank grow as you sip on your 5 dollar drink that will be gone by 9am
  3. My neighbor has this company, Besides the fact that she is not very up front when I offered to help her if she would show me information. a Sales and Finace contract. or log into financial information you have to look at a few things 1. American Credit Finance is apparently one of the worst companies to work with, they are not very informative or consumer friendly 2. if you loan is in "collections" or "default" read your finance contract, they may have a "default rate" at which you are paying a incredible amount of interest to their benefit. Marv may know more on auto finance with a secured loan, but from what I gathered about this company they can adjust the interest rate similar to a default rate on a credit card/ 3. as long as you continue to pay, they are winning, a defaulted and repossession leaves them with a car they will lose their asses on in auction, and a sell off of the debt to a collection agency for pennies on the dollar, They get to write it off, but they benefit more from receiving the payment on a regular basis
  4. Primerica is still in business? A friend of mine not super intelligent, but not a complete moron got tied into it. He works for his dad with the intention of when his dad retires he takes over the business. Had a post about how he can change my life with 30 minutes of time, so I had to hear it out as I never gave that company any time as I look at it as a,legal loopholed pyramid scheme, Listened to his spiel, and forced him to answer difficult questions, then I asked how he is fairing out, in his monthly payments, yeah stalled right there.
  5. Thanks Brazen, it's good you got a good hubby who takes care of his new children, as a parent I could never forget my children or trot them around a new gf. Etc I actually prefer to stay single. As being a single parent is time consuming. And I have a hard enough time balancing my time. She does the same thing new hubby time to showboat, she keeps me as a friend on Facebook and since I can be a vindictive prick. I pretend like nothing is wrong, I'll communicate and such like I'm calm and relaxed, and not make mention of everything. It's the calm before the storm
  6. I have a friend who's an artist, one of the top artists in the area. Always Booked Up For At Least 6 Months. I asked him a similar question. He responded with hell I'll tattoo a dead body if it will pay me!
  7. Panhandlers,, see the same guy every weekend at the same spot, always well kept, begging for change. Yet story goes that he works and can't cover his bills, ok if you can panhandle why can't you get a 2nd job work overtime whatever
  8. Are you going to use boost mobile as your provider? If so just order it
  9. My old work partners name was Quito, we called him Q, didn't John Travolta name is kid Jet or something?
  10. Tell them their kids are homely, or need a good scrubbing, change of clothes and a haircut, and the Facebook cops get after you, I just ignore it, I won't say beautiful or handsome just to be nice, why encourage such behaviorI got a nephew who ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Parents not much better either. Nephew did something stupid and parents mention it on Facebook. I mention on Facebook, that things like this will happen when you conceive children at Red Lobster. They didn't take that well. I think your giving a little bit more credit than deserved "Red Lobster"
  11. I'm often Called metro sexual by my friends yet, no interest in a crotch rub
  12. Tell them their kids are homely, or need a good scrubbing, change of clothes and a haircut, and the Facebook cops get after you, I just ignore it, I won't say beautiful or handsome just to be nice, why encourage such behavior
  13. I would doubt I qualify either and they said they need African American, from 18-35 kinda leaves me out
  14. This is an ungodly overwhelming cost these days, I swear some people spend more on their high school prom than a wedding I guess they figure it's their only chance before they get knocked up by some thug who bails on them so they are 23 in a trailer park with no teeth and failed dreams

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