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  1. Dude rest easy, I don't work there--so quit messaging me. So says the man who camped this thread for 4 hours last night. I know I know--just my irresistible charm. Also, why did you quote that post?
  2. I knew a girl who worked at Keurig call center (actually was a contractor--G something, I forget). She did nothing but Keurig customer service. Some of Keurig's models have a clear tank. In her years working there, she had three customers called up, extremely pissed due to some consequences of this design. You win $50 if you can guess why. No cheating. ...they assumed it was a separate tank that functioned as an aquarium. Killed their fish. Ok, now hands up if you are one of the three who called. I know you're here.
  3. Damn, that is like an instant classiness enhancer. Me Chinese Me make joke Me make pee pee In your Coke. EDIT: Sorry, is that too explicit for the thousands of toddlers that avidly read this site?
  4. Just can't stay away, sorry. Such a wonderful surrealist commentary on the American educational system. Please, let's keep this short bus of delusion rolling. What else do you honestly believe I said? Have you not yet deciphered the part where I claimed responsibility for 9/11 ? Or perhaps you could ask the non-methanol-drinking readership what their interpretation is. They may have noticed, perhaps, that I never said I was going to sue or that I threatened them with a lawsuit, but that I told them I was prepared to sue if they didn't investigate the matter like I had repeatedly asked. It's the difference, you see, between: - threatening to sue the instant a cashier hands you back a $5 instead of a $50 - first arguing with the cashier for twenty minutes and then in mentioning "Well, um, there's a video camera up there so you know I could probably sue you to get my money back, right?"
  5. Because I made a good 'offensive' (to whom, I really must wonder) joke? Or do you think Kasey is my sock puppet invented to confirm my story? (Though, I suppose he probably wouldn't) This is not that entertaining to me, I am just bored shitless waiting for issues to resolve and life to become bearable again and the router is dying whenever I try Netflix. If you preferred me whining in 10 page replies, I could go back to doing that. Or shut up. Whatever.
  6. Fascinating. The renaissance of ideogram-based communication.
  7. My life really is like that. Although the main thing I posted on here previously about, the medical bill drama, does not seem so terribly strange to my recollection.
  8. Did I accidentally stumble into a conference on professionalism here? chocolate.
  9. Hi. Could you check your PMs please? I saw it after the fact. But I have to tell you--you would go bang your head in the wall if you knew where I worked.Ouch. I really don't--Hope OP learned a lesson to cover his rear end on the Internet. He brought up anal...so probably not You see? Setup, it's all about the setup.
  10. I have to ask, is this some kind of odd haiku variant or something?
  11. The blending is subtle. I never said the humor was (although, I did take the effort to add some wordplay there. It's not a one-dimensional joke. It was a setup, you see, for someone to say "No thanks!") I can let this die if there's some kind of weird custom around here that the replies must continue so long as the OP replies or something.
  12. I prefer a subtle, piquant blend of serious and not, but it seems to be an acquired taste.
  13. That's because I was successfully given help a while back and no one has the time, patience, or in some cases reading comprehension skills, to actually notice. The peanut gallery decided to throw a slumber party (I guess that's the culture around here? Well, I've seen much worse. Certainly better than seeing people constantly complain about locks and bans and flame wars) so I don't see why I shouldn't have any fun. It's an interesting game to see if it's possible to rephrase/repeat an idea enough so that it actually penetrates into (certain) other people's cerebrums, so that the conversation can move forward. I still think it's theoretically possible. I appreciate your post, I do. That must have taken you some time to write. However, virtually every single word of it has been covered already. In this thread. And there is no more advice I can think to ask for at this time--the cogs are in motion and at this point I'm just enjoying the ride and possibly in a few months I'll have a story to tell. Essentially, I enjoy the irony of the mockery here enough to think it's worth provoking (in that limited sense a troll, sure), although I suppose there is still the theoretical possibility that an actual conversation about one of these topics could re-develop.

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