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  1. Just a thought about the morality of getting tradelines deleted because of minor errors in reporting. After my ordeal with the CRA's and Credit card companies I beacame hardened against any transgressions by them. They never say they are sorry. They can not take back any damages they have done to you, via higher interest rates and such. CRA's will hold on to any obviously erroneous (like a debt in your name dated 10 years before your birth) tradeline untill you force them to. The bankers will intentionally violate your rights. To them it is all math. 25 violations gets two bad accounts to start paying, if they have to pay Joe Shmoe 2,000 for non-pps they still come out ahead. This site when you break it down to nuts and bolts only helps level the playing field. No one advocates illegality only using the system to your advantage just as the banks and CC companies do.
  2. This is exactly what happened to me. I applied for a mortgage and lo and behold a unmentionable Bank called an account that had been in BK as a chargeoff. Keep your BK papers handy because I needed them to prove that the tradeline was fradulentto get the mortgage.
  3. Chase/Bankone. I cancelled it as soon as they bought out FNANB.
  4. Absolutely not. Just because they think or feel you owe money and that convinces them that they have the right to pull your report. Well it does not make it so. If you owe no money to them, asked for no credit from them or did not give them permission for whatever reason, then they have violated the FCRA. Just owing money unto itself is not a valid reason either. It must be a revolving type of account. For example. You default on your Car loan the lender can not pull your report. Default on your credit card and the lender can pull because it is open ended credit.
  5. Absolutely not a permissable purpose. This was explicitely barred by the 1996 rewrite. due in part to Spence v. TRW, INc.,92 F3rd 380 (6th circuit.1996) § 604. Permissible purposes of consumer reports [15 U.S.C. § 1681b] (a) In general. Subject to subsection ©, any consumer reporting agency may furnish a consumer report under the following circumstances and no other: (1) In response to the order of a court (2) In accordance with the written instructions of the consumer to whom it relates. (3) To a person which it has reason to believe (A) intends to use the information in connection with a credit transaction involving the consumer on whom the information is to be furnished and involving the extension of credit to, or review or collection of an account of, the consumer; or ( intends to use the information for employment purposes; or © intends to use the information in connection with the underwriting of insurance involving the consumer; or (D) intends to use the information in connection with a determination of the consumer's eligibility for a license or other benefit granted by a governmental instrumentality required by law to consider an applicant's financial responsibility or status; or (E) intends to use the information, as a potential investor or servicer, or current insurer, in connection with a valuation of, or an assessment of the credit or prepayment risks associated with, an existing credit obligation; or (F) otherwise has a legitimate business need for the information (i) in connection with a business transaction that is initiated by the consumer; or If you owe no money, and they must prove you do, and you did not give permission then he has violated this section.
  6. The legal requirement you are bound to is in your member agreement. Web site information is not legally enforcable, in this matter because they can not prove you read it. (Hint:erase your previous admissions to having read it) Read the disclosure(s)and agreements on printed material you responded to. When the card came in the mail it had enclosures with it. did any of that mention the $250. Timing is everything here. You need to show you had no idea about the 250 before you accepted it. A few years ago HH bank would not give you your credit limit until after you accepted the card. I found the credit limit to be inadequate. I immediately cancelled and they had to take back the annual fee they had imposed.
  7. Set me straight here. It says "$250 REFUNDABLE ACCEPTANCE FEE" REFUNDABLE Call or write them and find out the procedures for refunding your $250. You might find them a little more amiable. Where does it say this. How and when did you discover this trap. MOre detail=more help.
  8. Letters to the OCC may be nice for a paper trail, they are not worth a lot of effort. The OCC will do absolutely nothing. It is in their official motto, "We will find hold no faults against our banks" http://home.comcast.net/~bandoracer/wsb/ht...home.html-.html How can they get any more ignorant.
  9. Well you have different data being reported. Dispute the filing dates. One is right (maybe) one is wrong. Make them prove it. One says a county court the other says Municipal. After they respond, demand procedural request. Never admit to anything .
  10. Very good. BUT expect them to try to blow you off again. If they do ask them for their permisssable purpose in writing.
  11. To clarify, their is no obligation to give you a new free report. TU does it because it probably is easier for their system. Experian will only report on the dispute. This is bad because it is often inadequate and does not include other changes made to your report by the same creditor. I.e. you dispute late pay...they report that they removed the late pay but neglect to tell you that the creditor added a different late pay. I have seen Equifax do both methods of response.
  12. Ok Ozzyburger understand something clearly. They had no right to make an inquiry. NONE. You have a free 1,000 coming to you. Do you want it? Their mistake, and their attitude is not germane to the issue. Mistakes are not tolerated as an exscuse by the court for violating the law. Not for you or me or Tax collectors. You have nothing to fear, but the tax collector does. Let Bank One raise your rate and then can you sue for additional damages due to the carelss scoffing at the FCRA. dont waste time talking, start typing a complaint and sue.
  13. Until you know whether or not they actually do reinsert their is no answer to your question. Threats are thrown around easily by creditors, actions are another thing alltogether. If they reinsert then raise the issue for help. Munci98 gave you excellent advice in your original post. The ball is in their court and you must wait for your turn at bat.
  14. Do what Khizersoza has stated above, but the facts are a little lean here. SuperJunior we need a little more detail here. You could be talking about the most serious kinds of offenses and violations of the Fair Debt Collection Act, and the FCRA along with a host of other banking violations or they had cause to believe you skipped town (when you went to college) and are within their rights to attatch your account. Also remember that filing bk and then having it dismissed is still going on your report. No give backs allowed.
  15. Since the card was stolen, your signature will not be on any receipts. Discover will disappear the moment they know you are going to fight and make them prove that they; 1) Properly served you the first time.. If they can not the case will be tossed out by the court. They must have your signature for the summons or a process servers affadavit. 2) that you signed for the credit purchases. No sig, no judgement. With the dollar amount in question here, Discover will not invest a lot of lawyer time. Even they know they have to prove everything. They can have clerks draw up legal documents, even I have done that with no legal training (firstusacreditsuit.org) but going to the court means they must send a lawyer who charges hundreds of dollars an hour to represent them. They will not spend a lot of money chasing after what you supposedly owe them. The levy was the cheapest most aggravating thing they could do to you without having to face you in court. This is a major bluff!!! Make them blink and tell them by mail you will counter sue for false statements to the court. Then call your state attorney general and talk to their fraud unit. If Discover wants to tinkle in your cheerios, take a dump in their wheaties. I have been there with this company and I have made them blink.

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