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  1. What if information has changed since? Perhaps a CRA has changed a balance for example.
  2. https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Card-Applications/4506-T-Form-for-Discover-Secured/td-p/5775238
  3. I read on the other site that several new $200 secured card approvals are getting hit with T4506 requests to keep their accounts open. That is the last thing someone needs after scraping together $200 for a secured card to start rebuilding. I have one myself that graduated after 7 months but have an eye out for weirdness.
  4. Most of that $25K down payment went directly into a rabbit hole as soon as he drove off the lot. This pick'emup truck craze as part of the countryfication of America cannot be good for the long term financial health of the vulnerable working class. Nothing against trucks if you need one. I think it is crazy what these sell for.
  5. Perhaps some success here! I sent the above letter, CMRR to Jefferson 9 days ago and it looks as though it was deleted today @ Experian. Hopefully this follows at the other two. It resulted in a nice 24 point FICO 08 increase via Creditworks. I also attached a copy of the Verizon Arb agreement and added a sentence to the letter that stated that she was "officially providing the required 30 day notice for intent to arbitrate per Verizon customer agreement". Wish us luck on TU and EQ!
  6. Yes. And those EQ scores are more useless than Credit Karma's Vantage 3.0 scores. What you are getting from EX is the real deal. I am in the same boat where my "Fako" scores are lower that real FICO's.
  7. Or 57 new accounts in the last 24 months. As for UMB, I once applied for the "Lincoln Highway Card" from UMB but they wouldn't have me.
  8. I sent the CA letter in my Sept 24th post on that thread. I also disputed with the CRA's and listed the partial account number. Those CRA dispute's referenced my paper reports. It seems the CA removed the collection before the CRA's even did anything about my disputes.
  9. We are going to be dumping NFCU for our business checking. We are giving Chase a trial spin and just received 200 deposit slips. Never had those with NFCU, We had to print our own.
  10. I was locked out a year ago and have creditwise now. The format changed today there and I wonder if they are changing the software or something.
  11. My Wife was approved for an AMEX Gold card last month with a 629 EX FICO 08 and a NFCU $15k Flagship with a 665 TU FICO 09. Living vicariously.
  12. I sent them both CMRR and the CA wrote back immediately saying, sorry, we'll have it removed. AS of yesterday mine were all gone. EQ took a while though.
  13. Did you pay Comcast directly? If so, see pinned thread "Pay OC directly..." Just worked for me with dispute but also letter to CA.
  14. Thanks Hedge. What is a FF report? So anything with a late associated with it will get deleted? So my goal would be to get any account with a derog removed? None of the CO's will turn into "good paid accounts" after 7 years even if the show $0 balance right? I have many old paid accounts that we were able to clear, pay off etc. before it got really bad in early 2014 including selling our two "nice" cars in order to buy used cheap decent cars. I will at least have those paid CC's and Auto loans for a few years helping with age.
  15. Another development: The USAA CO has been reporting a $16k balance and has been updating monthly. The furnished me with a 1099-c coded as "G" which mean the are not going to be trying to collect on this debt. We have just finished taxes for last year and included it but it will end up not being a factor due to losses we have incurred and carry over. I wrote a CRRM letter containing the 1099-c stating that this has been filed with both my state and federal taxes and that according to a some case law examples this should be deleted or changed to reporting a zero blanace. The CRA's received letters on Monday and TU has already changed the reported balance to $0.00 from $16,008 . Looks like 9 points gained there. Hopefully the other two follow suit. Question: What happens to a zero balance account at 7.5 years? Does it get deleted or does it stay being a zero balance?

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