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  1. What is the DOFD? What is the SOL in your state?
  2. That request for EE on the 5 accounts not yet at 6 months did not work. I had to wait until that "official dispute" was final and then used the same method online as noted above on two CO's that were now at the 6 month mark. Those were instantly deleted. I have successfully used this method for myself and the DW to instantly remove anything at the 6 month mark. She is now clean on TU and went from 720's to over 800. I have 3 out of the remaining 4 CO's coming up Nov. 1st. Getting those off with their $32k utilization hit should help me on TU. I need to start calling EX as I am getting into the time frame where (2) CA's and (6) CO's can be addressed.
  3. NFCU continues to be the best option for those who can get in Discover is nailing people for Tax Returns for a $200 secured card. (they suck) PSECU has a good one, you have to call for a paper app. FNBO has an excellent secured card for those who are in their foot print. They also offer it through their network... small banks nationally. It graduates as well. Good Oddballs are Affinity FCU and Apple FCU Many local and national CU's have secured cards.
  4. DW got their secured two years ago. They unsecured it at 10 months and doubled her 1k limit. Her score then was 600 or so. She recently got a $10k 2% cash back Biz card with a 740 EX FICO 09. They have been excellent so far. Everything seems to be FICO 09 with them for CC's and the score they give you monthly.
  5. This is not from MF but it is related... Americans’ love affair with pickup trucks might be derailing their retirement plans (They do often come with a hitch for pulling your new home)
  6. East Dundee
  7. A time machine: Go backwards for "B". Forward to have them age off.
  8. EQ is hideous scum, especially on the business side. We seem to have a split file with not much showing aside from some mystery derog that does not show on the report but that drags the score down. We must be missing 6-10 accounts. Wrong phone numbers, contact info and people associated with the biz. D&B and EX are correct and stellar. Who would even report to such a group??? They are actually still charging people for their monitoring service while their momentary delay drags on for 6 months.
  9. I just got a CLI on my Sync Amazon store card an hour ago - No HP. I have it that button many times in the last year (mostly denials) and never a hard pull. DW same deal for that card and for other Sync cards.
  10. Likely so but it came off. Subsequently, I maybe should have been more selective as I sent 5 more in at one time ranging from 3-21 to 5-21 and I do not have any answer as yet. At least the two big collections went away... $19K worth. We will see but by 5-21 I will be clean.
  11. So that means their removal date seems somewhat correct then? It seems to be 7 or so months after the emergency room visit.

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