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  1. On my Experian report it shows monthly payment of $109. I do have an auto pay set up for $2 per month to be safe but it has not ever reflected that repeated amount to my knowledge. Just a bunch of green OK's or dots. I suppose any analyst could figure it out but it did give me 25 points initially.
  2. It reports every single month. My Wife and I did it 16 months ago, paid it down to 8% the next day and it faithfully reports every single month. You also get that 92% right back into your account. Also: My daughter bought a car a year ago, paid that down to 8% right away and that also reports faithfully. Her next payment is February of 2022. She was going to pay cash but I had read the trick works with Auto loans so I talked her into trying it. That gave her a FICO boost and also works 100%, just like a SSL.
  3. Their secured credit card and SSL (share secured loan) combo is an excellent score boost. You can immediately pay the loan down to less that 9% and the next payment is due in years... (depending on amount and term). It reports every month! You get 92% of the money right back... it is a beautiful thing. Their Auto loans work the same way. Get a 100% loan, pay it down and the next payment is due years down the road.
  4. Do a search for "Verizon Jefferson Arbitration" here.
  5. That was when I first joined. I remember, when the big banks stopped lending, I think you were the one digging up new oddball cards. Lifesprings, Lincoln Highway Visa... cards like that. Am I remembering correctly? It seemed like you were adding nice lines when the world was coming apart.
  6. What do you folks think may happen here with lending? Could it get like 2008? Wondering about Mortgage, CC and Business lending.
  7. The bragging approval posts are useless. The ones that provide DP's (approved or not) are helpful but rare. Most are ego-maniacal, "look at me" posts that add nothing and attract 3 pages of meaningless congrats posts to affirm their superior self image for landing card X.
  8. I am in the same mode now, rebuilding and headed towards clean reports in a year (or less). I have gathered a several cards with no AF's in the last 6 months that may or may not grow (aside from my two NFCU cards). Some I use regularly (Amazon) and some just a small charge a month paying in full as I go. They are giving me a brand new history and though each added card lowers my AAoA, I have no choice. My AoAA will be coming down anyway when my old derogs go away. In short, I ignore the score fluctuations (EQ is the worst) as I know the general trend is higher.
  9. Might that not be poking the bear being so new and within SOL? If wanting to PFD it might be a better outcome before they serve him / her. In my case, I let them (CA's) hibernate and they never sued me.
  10. Meaning the SSL trick may not work for 10? Perhaps it would help being that those are paid right down before they report... ala NFCU.
  11. I don't know about the Plum. My Wife who is the minority owner of our company also had the Gold and Plat pop up as prequalified. She is at 652 with 6 months of history on the personal side. We do not need yet another Gold card and were not sure we wanted a Plat so we applied for the Marriott... denied in 5 minutes. Reason, not enough AMEX history and Derogs. She has (2) 6YO CO's and (2) 6YO CA's. No Hard Pull at least.
  12. Change it to suit your situation. The Verizon agreement has specific language about arb and that 30 day notice. It seemed Jefferson wanted noting to do with it. DW's CA was pretty large and came from Spring apparently not turning over phones. It worked like a charm for me (her) Good luck.

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