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  1. pacemaker67

    Words, Phrases and Other Stuff that Annoys Me

    I can't stand shortening words and adding a vowel and then an "ie" to the end. Here the word is "Baddie" rather than derogatory (or Derog or simply Bad). In my vintage stereo hobby an example is "Yammie" rather than Yamaha.
  2. pacemaker67

    Best Men's Wallets for Carrying ACTUAL CC's (and lots)

    This... The Costanza
  3. Just that there were issuers giving nice limits then even though some big banks were not doing so. I thought it was you anyway... I received some nice limits during and after the crash from oddball issuers.
  4. Weren't you the king of the oddball cards back in 2008-2009? Lifesprings Visa, Lincoln Highway etc.
  5. pacemaker67

    The Master FREE ($0.00) FICO Score Thread

    Elements FCU is now FICO® Score 5
  6. pacemaker67

    Got my LexisNexis report

    Thanks Hedge. Yes, I just received that report. It is full of jumbled addresses, mis-spelled etc. and DOES NOT include my address of the last 5 years. It is a complete disaster in terms of addresses. Is that the source of my denials in your opinion?
  7. pacemaker67

    Got my LexisNexis report

    Can you tell me what this is? IDS?
  8. pacemaker67

    Got my LexisNexis report

    Resurrecting and old thread. I just ordered my LexisNexis report as well. I have been denied three credit union memberships with a clean ChexSystems report and very few inquiries. Three certain secured cards are now unattainable unless I book a trip to sign up for membership in person. I am getting identification questions that I know I answer correctly but seem to be stopping me from being identified. One question that seems to have gotten me denied from Unify FCU was estimating the age of someone named "Keith" Gxxxxxxx. I have a very uncommon last name, maybe 90 of us in the US and have NEVER heard of any "Keith" with my last name. Other identity fails were for cars I have never owned but where the answer "none of the above" seemed to be deemed incorrect.
  9. pacemaker67

    Close to SOL, will a SSL poke the bears?

    Thank you Rocket. All letters are saved. I was saving them even during my hiding my head phase since I knew they may be needed at some point. I am in a stressful time right now awaiting SOL and dreading what might occur until then. So do you think waiting it out and then attacking with arbitration demands if they sue is the best idea? I have no idea how to draft such a suit or whatever would need to happen. As I have said, there are these two large collections but 9 other charge offs ranging from $512 - 16k (that one was 10k originally and still held by OA). No real action or collection placement has ever been taken by any of these except one... Upon your suggestion earlier in this thread or another, I started checking the local county court online for filings and just found that I had indeed been sued in 7-2015 by Cap1 with a default Judgement entered in 8-2015. I was never served and am 100% certain my Wife and kids did not receive anything as I would have certainly heard about it. And since I have never been served, I most certainly would have remembered that event. All this time I thought I had NOT been sued. That totaled 7.5k but had been an original balance of 5k or something. I can't believe I never thought to monitor local filings! They were quick to take action. I also found a settlement offer from earlier this year from their local attorney wanting to settle for 50%... I just filed it when I got it since I had no idea they had a freaking judgment against me.
  10. I am looking. The latest one and the original have the Arb language. I will try and find it tomorrow and report back.
  11. pacemaker67

    How Credit Unions Are Winning Over Millennials

    Browse this one... It seems they are definitely after the younger crowd. Andigo CU
  12. pacemaker67

    Patelco - great credit union

    I was a member for years... It seems that they must have closed my account and grabbed my 5 big ones for the effort. I never had any products with them. I think I joined right at the end of a big CB credit line frenzy maybe 10 years ago then never applied.
  13. pacemaker67

    Close to SOL, will a SSL poke the bears?

    That is likely the best way to do it. I will have a tense few months here since I began a bit early and have had my scores go up 100 points from the bottom. I don't need credit right now either, just some positive history is what I have been after.
  14. I guess you are right about that. It could also help those who do not show much taxable income but who have healthy cash accounts across several different institutions. Small business owners and the self employed could also potentially benefit without having to park money exclusively in the bank that you might be borrowing from. But at this point in time, in my situation of awaiting the expiration of SOL in 4 months time on several items, I would be freaked if anyone could just pull my DR and see all of my banking accounts... not that they are brimming with piles of cash...
  15. I wonder where it came from? Who wrote it... Could be a big private financial data grab disguised as way to help regular folk grab a piece of the new american dream. In my old career I was paid to find good deals but was indispensable for always trying to figure out what can go wrong. I might just be wearing that hat today and all is good with this.

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