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  1. Congrats. Like HD sais, that score is EX FICO 09. I have the same offer right now but will hold off since I opened several accounts in the past couple months. One of those was a pre-qual for the Platinum Rewards card in May card which I accepted. That too was a HP and a $12,5k limit. Seems to be a thing. After being a member for 13 years, they are finally throwing pre-quals at me, back to back. I was always an Egyptian in their eyes. Look at Affinity FCU for their Visa Signature Card. No AF, 5% on Amazon and rotating 5% categories.
  2. I got the same card back in April. It is an excellent 2% card. The DW has the Biz version of the 2% card which is also great.
  3. Crystal Lake
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