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  1. Just logged in for the first time in 6 months... It is a feeding frenzy. Some are giving up perfectly good androids to reach for credit bliss.
  2. Have the app here and was wondering if you need to provide a SS if going for the store card and not filling out the PG section. It still asks for SS in "authorize signature" section. Any experience here? TY
  3. Ok, So I did get a response today from OAC. "This letter is in response to dispute pursuant to 15 U.S.C1692G of the FDCPA. We have identified you as the correct consumer..." They enclosed a copy of a statement from the radiologists office. Does this change anything aside from wording in the first sentence?
  4. Thank you. I will check the backdoor and see if I can get a report. If it is still there, I will send the letters. For the CA letter, I would use this lead sentence if I do not get anything from them in the next couple days correct? "This letter is being sent to you in response to your recent fraudulent verification of an unknown medical account on my (name of CRA) report" Thank you.
  5. Just received a response from TU. It came back "verified as accurate". The initial dispute letter was received on December 6th. So how long do I wait for a response from OAC (the CA)? Which letter should I send to the CA? Thank you.
  6. It's gone... Wife's account just switched over. They did it to me 2 months ago in switching me to Creditwise or whatever it is called. Daily EX pulls with extra scores and 3B pulls every 30 days. There is a dropdown that show the archived pulls but so far nothing there actually pulls up data.
  7. I have been using Elements aside from NFCU. The best push / pull ACH that I have though I wish they had instant verification of outside accounts. Check have been available instantly when I deposited using mobile app. They give a free monthly EQ FICO 08 and 2% checking... No way to save NFCU huh? That sucks.
  8. NFCU Flagship Signature VISA = $8,000 Had an "offer" after AR pull as Secured card graduated 2 weeks ago. Finally app'd, instant approval. 597 FICO 09 and 27 months payment history with secured card.
  9. Regardless of SOL, it would see that you can try for early exclusion. I can't recall which does what but there are threads out there on how to to approach each one. It is now past 7 years if that DOFD is correct. Is the law 7 years and four months? I think it is TU that lists all mine as due to come off in exactly 7 years. I bet you could get it off sooner than what is listed.
  10. Do you have any old reports saved that would show the OC on there after DOFD?
  11. Just wanted to add an update to this thread. I realized earlier today that I suddenly had Zero INQ's on either TU or EQ as I guess they both dropped off. I decided to just go for it... I app'd for the Flagship deciding that I would believe that "offer" I had showing was actually meant for me. Instant approval for $8k Pulled TU, FICO 09 which is 597 as of today (4) 4 year old collections, multiple nearly 5 year old CO's I have my third revolver and it is unsecured and my highest limit. NFCU's internal score at work I suppose.
  12. Same here... and that is a good thing! Now that I can bear looking at my FICO's anyway. Does that mean additional AR's?
  13. With NFCU a SSL works like the old Alliant loan. You pay it down to 8% and they payments are pushed out toward the end of the loan and you keep the same term. You can then autopay $2 per month or something if you want but it will report a positive payment history every month. Not sure of the effects on your FICO since you have a student loan but I gained 30 +/- points with my NFCU SSL doing that "trick". That said, paying on time wont hurt you either.
  14. Did you pay that secured loan down to 8%?

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