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  1. In this case, I mean both ;-) I think your mindset is correct right now -- let this one go. It's a complicated case you have there dude, with wrongdoing it seems on both sides (thought the FUBAR/SNAFU was ultimately at their end). I recall on-time payment briefings being forced town my throat as early as MEPS, and multiple times in Basic Training Reception and down range. ---then again prior to three deployments. Most indicated that SSRA does not protect from lack of timely payments and not to trust others to make payments for ourselves. If you wanted a last laugh, this is an excellent press piece. Send me a private message on here or to my alias e-mail address - brint1212 'at' live 'dot' com. I'd enjoy touching base with you and glad you posted this for others to review / take note of BTW, been on both Bright Star (1 month) and MFO (one year). The later is the better mission, by far. I spent a year playing golf, scuba diving, traveling Israel and manning OP-3-11 (see Tiran Island on Wikipedia). 19D
  2. Good points and very informative for me. Thanks for the advise and info! I'm going to open at least one more TL.
  3. FWIW, my experience is identical to FahQca above. Immediate TU delete as annotated in this thread. EQ came back varified/validated and won't come off until 8/10. No reply yet from EX (been two weeks). Thank you to all others that weighted in on the FF query. I wish I was more aggressive with this.
  4. Got it. Thanks all! It DID stop reporting activity, over six months ago. So my assumption is correct, that it's not benefiting the FICO at this point at all. Time to pull out a new card elsewhere I suppose. I keep hearing that three revolving TL's is highly recommended on here. At one used and one unused, I'm apparently behind a bit -- and still dealing with a poor FICO due to back payment history in 2003-4. Arrgh!
  5. About a year ago, I "expanded" from one credit card to two. My main CC is aged 15 years. The newer card has never been used once. It has a $6,000 CL (AAFES "Military Star" -- basically for retail/gas). I'm wondering if it's doing anything positive for my report w/o any use?? The intent is to old off until I find a use for it, as the first purchase is 10% off. (waiting until I need a new MacBook, still probably two years out).
  6. My adivse: stick to your guns. If they propose you to re-dispute with the CRA's all over again, and that they will make references on your account to ignore any and all incoming disputes, you're playing with fire. I tried a GW (requesting removal of lates) to a bank executive, who responded by phone and agreed to do that. I drank the Koolaid, re-disputed and the bank found more lates than what I started with! If they just delete those for you, you're good to go. That's what I'd ask if they call -- just report no data for those months. I've seen stories of success on the internet regarding that. Good luck!!
  7. Glad the story had a good ending! USERRA does not protect from non payment. You had a compassionate lender, thankfully! TY for your service. My last tour was a year in Egypt (2008).
  8. TY. So, could a 7-year aged-off and PAID CO effect a mortgage rate? I also have a litany of lates from 2003-2004 that I am ashamed to still have to look at.
  9. To get this thread back on track, Sonic mentions in Post #16 on this thread that one CAN get deletions after "aging off." Can someone clarify what they mean by this? Are they hinting absolute deletion from a FF CR?!!? If this is the case, what is the process and protocol. Thanks! In my case, I've been successful (to start, with TU), deleting this thing six weeks prior to it's aging off. 19D
  10. JoeMonkey, let it fall off gracefully. Consider my situation from a disastrous 2003. I disputed a late on a particular loan via CRA's and suddenly, one 60-day late became a 60-day late and two (previously non-existent) 30-day lates! My last recourse was a GW to the bank's SVP of lending. He replied with a phone call upon receipt of letter, to inform that he'd place a note on my account for bank staff to ignore any and all new disputes regarding lates. So, I figured this was doing me a huge favor and wen on to dispute again, via CRA's. Weeks later (Jan 2009), I had created three times more of a problem than I originally had. Trust me, if you think you may have more, it just isn't worth it.
  11. Well, crap. Every time I log on here, I learn something new (and oftentimes discouraging)! I tried to 623 this one 2 or more years ago. It's a paid-off student loan through a private lender (Key Bank). Embarrassingly, it became a CO. I had the ball in my court when they were reporting it twice (OC and CA) with loads of innaccurate info on both. That was before I found CB and was going about this all rather cluelessly. Beli, the predicament you highlight is the predicament I plan to be dealing with in the very near future. I feel like I am SOL in the proverbial sense of the term. ...makes me want to dispute after it's already aging off the CR's in real time. I'm nuts.
  12. Awesome! I completely forgot about that option, which is only useful in situations exactly like this. I'll be curious what happens to the EX dispute on the same matter.

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